Sea Mountain Resort Review: What Really Happens at This Lifestyle Hotel?

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Sea Mountain resort is nestled in the north end of Desert Hot Springs, in a nondescript building in a residential neighborhood. You’d never guess what goes on behind closed doors here, as everything is contained behind a wall, like a mini compound.

This building looks shabby on the outside, but don’t let that deter you from trying out Sea Mountain nude resort. We’ve been several times, although unfortunately, not during the “high season”, which is during the late spring and summer months.

We’ve only been to Sea Mountain during the winter, when it’s less desirable to be wandering around outside nude. However, there’s still fun to be had on chilly, dark nights.

What is Sea Mountain nude resort and Spa?

lounge chairs surrounding the pool at Sea mountain nude resort
Photo courtesy Sea Mountain

Sea mountain nude resort has two locations: one in Desert Hot Springs and a newly opened venue in Las Vegas, which we haven’t been to yet.

This is a “lifestyle” friendly facility, which means it attracts lots of different types of people, from full-on swingers, to swinger-curious, to people solely into voyeurism and exhibitionism. There’s also a fair dose of people just there looking to learn: to connect with others who are sexually open-minded and to enjoy being nude.

Sometimes you will see sexual activity here, but other times, it’s simply a lot of talking in the hot tub, heated pool and sauna.

This California nude resort is based on a courtyard design, with well-appointed rooms surrounding a kidney-shaped heated pool, dozens of chaise loungers, an outdoor BBQing area, hot tub and central “playroom.”

Low music reverberates throughout the Sea Mountain Inn, where you can also choose to get a variety of spa services, such as massage.

Here are some of the amenities offered at this nude resort:

  • A 24 hour Lifestyle Lounge facing the pools
  • Complimentary beverages such as sodas, mixers, hard alcohol and coffee
  • A snack bar with treats such as cookies, chips, popcorn, and sometimes, hot dinners such as fried rice, fried chicken and hot dogs
  • 24 hour heated mineral springs swimming pool and spas
  • A sauna
  • An “asian” zen vibe with art and statue
  • Free private parking
  • Lockers
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Free wifi
  • A fun ambiance

How to Visit Sea Mountain Nude resort

Buddhist art at Sea mountain resort
Photo courtesy Sea Mountain Inn

There are a couple of different ways you can go to Sea Mountain spa. You can book one of the 15 luxurious rooms for a hefty price tag, typically ranging between $500-$800 per night, depending on the season. We have never stayed in the guest rooms but have been inside, and found them to be comfortable rooms with huge King beds with Four Season mattresses, relaxing decor, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom and a mini fridge.

Your room package also includes a free breakfast and unlimited coffee and tea.

The other way to visit this nude resort in the Palm Springs area is to book a day or night pass. The day passes go from 10:30-5:30pm, and the night passes start at 2pm and go until 10pm on weekdays and 2am on weekends. We’ve only done the night pass but have met some couples who do a day pass, which is especially good on Sundays when people typically drive back home after a visit to the pool.

You can also pay an extra fee on top of the day pass to stay through the night.

If booking a room directly at this lifestyle luxury destination is too expensive for you, there are plenty of other options in the area.

Some people told us they often just book a nearby Airbnb, and others book rooms at cheaper mineral spas nearby, such as Miracle Hot Springs Resort and Desert Hot Springs Spa. We’ve actually gone to Desert Hot Springs spa hotel and loved the variety of outdoor mineral pools.

If you have an RV, there are many RV parks in Desert Hot Springs where you could park for the night and then drive over the Sea Mountain for a day or night pass.

If you’re flying in, the closest airport is Palm Springs International Airport, about a 40-minute drive away.

Use our custom map to book your stay at Sea Mountain or another hotel or VRBO:

What To Expect When You Arrive at Sea Mountain Nude Resort

man and woman smiling at each other at Sea Mountain resort
Photo courtesy Sea Mountain Resort

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have a reservation before visiting Sea Mountain Inn. You’ll need to place this reservation over the phone, and once you arrive, you’ll park in the free parking area, walk up to the front door and ring a bell.

The attendant will ask for your information over a speaker, and you’ll have to wait until someone opens the door for you. Typically, a topless female employee wearing a robe will greet you at the front door, say “welcome home!” and walk you into the main office, where you’ll be offered a free margarita.

Then, you’ll have to sign a couple waivers – including a COVID waiver – and the staff member will hand you a towel and ask if you’d like to rent a robe. If you don’t want a margarita, you can mix yourself a drink or go non-alcoholic.

If it’s your first time at Sea Mountain nude resort, the attendant will quickly give you a tour of the grounds so you know what to expect. Friendly nude people will most likely smile, wave and say hello.

One of my favorite things about this nude resort and spa is just how friendly everyone is.

Keep in mind that this is a NUDE RESORT. You are not allowed to wear clothes on the property except for when you are arriving and leaving. You can walk around with a towel or a robe on, though, which is what people do during chilly nights.

Wondering what to bring to a nude resort? Check out our nude resort packing list here!

What Really Happens at Sea Mountain Resort?

We’ve been to Sea Mountain Inn about five times, and each time, something different has happened at this luxury lifestyle destination. As I said above, we’ve only been in wintertime which is when the resort is the least populated.

We talked to couples once who said summertime this place is going crazy, with 100-150 couples packed throughout the property. Sometimes, the hot tub is so full there is standing room only.

However, during the cold winter nights, it’s dark around 5pm and gets pretty cold, around 50-60 degrees. People typically huddle in the hot tub or the sauna, or hang out in the central dance hall/playroom. In winter, hardly anyone is utilizing the lounge chairs.

What happens at Sea Mountain depends largely on the crowd. Sometimes you’ll have groups of experienced swingers who connect pretty quickly and head to the playroom to uh….play. Or they might get to know each other and then go up to someone’s room for their sexual adventures.

Here is some of what I’ve seen at Sea mountain nude resort:

  • Lap dances happening in the hot tub
  • Naked pole dancing in the main dance area
  • Orgies on the middle, round bed
  • Couples having sex next to each other
  • Girls making out in the outdoor spa
  • Lots of drinking and playful energy, laughing and talking
  • Lots of pot smoking. We’ve seen people sitting in the nude spa with a bong next to them, or holding vape pens, or even joints. Marijuana use seems prevalent at this nude resort spa
  • Topless and naked dancing in the playroom area
  • Fireworks next to the nude spa
  • A lingerie content happening around the center playroom and spa
  • A DJ playing a bunch of fun beats on a Saturday night

Whatever your desire, you could probably make it happen at Sea mountain nude resort depending on who is there and the tine of year. If you just like to watch, that could definitely happen if people are getting it on in public. If you’d like to participate, you’ll most likely make some open-minded friends.

What I like best about Sea Mountain

a bed inside the playroom at Sea Mountain resort
The playroom at Sea Mountain. Photo courtesy Sea Mountain Inn

There’s a lot to like about Sea Mountain nude resort. Here are some of the main positives:

  • Female-centric staff. I like that the employees are all women. They are typically quite friendly, and sometimes wander around offering water and margaritas to those using the nude pools.
  • Couples and single females only. I feel way more comfortable at a resort that only allows couples and single females. Single men can often be creepy (sorry, men, I know not all of you are like this). Couples-only ensures the men will be well-behaved (typically)
  • It’s intimate. Sea mountain nude resort is a pretty small facility, which means you’ll keep running into the same people over and over again, whether you’re in the nude pools, sauna or playroom. You’ll establish rapport with people and make good friendships. Everyone we’ve met so far has been super kind and welcoming.
  • Mineral water pool and spa. Desert Hot Springs sits right on top of a geothermal mineral hot springs. Many resorts tap into this water to fill their spas and pools. I love knowing that the water I’m soaking in at Sea Mountain is chock full of minerals.
  • Easy to book. I’ve never had any issues getting ahold of the front desk to make a reservation, even a last-minute reservation. The office employees are always kind and helpful.
  • Close to a lot of attractions. I love that this nude resort and spa is located in Desert Hot Springs right next to Palm Springs, so there’s a lot to do in the area. You can explore Palm Springs, take tram up San Jacinto mountain, or road trip to Joshua Tree.
  • Good weather. The weather near Sea mountain nude resort is typically quite good, even in winter. In daytime, sun shines down onto the pool and chaise loungers. We’ve heard spring, summer and fall are the best times to visit because the warm weather extends into the evenings.

What Can Be Improved at Sea Mountain Inn

lounge chairs surrounding a pool at Sea Mountain nude resort and spa
The pool area at Sea Mountain Inn

Like any facility, there’s some work that could be done to make this a better place, especially during the chillier winter months. Here’s what I think could be improved:

  • Restoration to the grounds: Some of the grounds are falling into disrepair. The cushions on the chaise lounges look very worn out, and parts of the building are starting to look run down. The facility could use a facelift to make it feel more luxurious. (*Sea Mountain told me that they are putting a lot of effort into the grounds, to be completed by Spring 2023)
  • Cameras all over the facility: Some people (including us), might feel uncomfortable that there are cameras perched EVERYWHERE throughout this facility. We’ve seen them near the hot tub, pool, and on the walls surrounding the property. I have no idea what they are doing with these videos but it’s definitely something we don’t like (*Sea Mountain told me none of these cameras record. They are for deterrence only and the all-female staff uses them to make sure nobody is sneaking into the resort)
  • Too cold in winter: I think this nude resort could definitely up the ante when it comes to keeping people warm and encouraging people to come in winter. There would need to be heat lamps or a fire pit sprinkled throughout the property, giving people places to hang out. We often get tired of just sitting in the mineral hot tub for hours and hours, feeling our skin turn pruney. It would be nice if there were more outdoor, warm places for people to hang out. The outdoor hot tub also doesn’t tend to be hot enough during the winter months, and the pool could also use extra heating. (Sea Mountain told me if the pool or hot tub doesn’t seem hot enough, just ask and they will turn it up)
  • More consistent food offerings: Sometimes we’ve been to sea mountain nude resort and spa where they’ve had a full spread of food in the office for dinner. This typically happens on a Saturday night when the resort is doing a special event.
  • Better meal delivery options: Often when you are at Sea Mountain nude resort and spa, you don’t want to leave the property to have to find food. This takes up a huge amount of time and requires driving somewhere to a restaurant. There aren’t many good restaurants in Desert Hot Springs except for a spattering of Mexican restaurants. Sea Mountain does pass around a menu where you can get Italian takeout, but we’ve heard the restaurant isn’t very good. Imagine being able to order high-end food and wine, delivered straight to your room? That would give this resort a more luxurious feel.
  • Changing price points. Sometimes I feel I won’t know what I’m going to pay when I show up at Sea Mountain. One couple told me rooms are $500 in winter, another couple paid $600. It seems people pay various day pass rates and can even talk down the staff to get a discount. It would be nice if the website reflected true rates.
  • Expensive. I’ve been in the rooms at Sea Mountain nude resort, and they are nice, but I don’t really think they are worth the price compared to other hotel rooms I’ve seen in that price range. I also think the night pass of $150 for a Saturday in winter is pretty steep, especially because sometimes, there are just 5 couples there. (Sea Mountain told me the price for a room for two people in winter is $249 -399. However, the couples we personally spoke to said the room was $600, so who knows.)

Frequently Asked Questions about Sea mountain nude resort

Here are some answers to your burning questions about this nude resort:

What does “lifestyle” mean?

The “lifestyle” generally refers to people who are swingers. Swingers engage in a variety of activities, from 100% swapping sexual partners with other couples to simply engaging in touching.

Do I have to be nude at Sea Mountain?

Yes, you have to be nude when in the pool areas or hanging out on the resort grounds. You can wear clothes in your own room if you like.

Will I witness sexual activity at this nude resort?

Yes, you will most likely witness some form of sexual activity here, but it largely revolves around the crowd, time of year, and night. Don’t be disappointed if you show up mid-week in winter to see nothing happening, as it’s the slow time of year for this nude resort and spa.

When should I visit Sea Mountain?

The best time to visit a nude resort is when the weather is WARM. I think being naked in anything under 70 degrees is tough. Choose a weekend when the weather forecast is nice, as you’ll find the most couples this way. We’ve heard summer is the busiest, with 100-150 couples crammed into the resort. If want a more peaceful first-time experience, go in winter.

What is the weather like?

The Desert hot springs area has wonderful spring-like weather for 8 or 9 months out of the year, with summer much hotter with daytime temperatures pushing 100.

During winter, daytime highs are typically between 60-70 with nighttime lowers hovering around 50. When the sun sets, prepare to be chilly in winter unless you are in the mineral spa or sauna.

Should You Visit Sea Mountain Inn in Desert Hot Springs?

If you are interested in the lifestyle or just being nude around other friendly, open-minded people, Sea Mountain nude resort is for you. Don’t be surprised by the high price tag to get into this resort, whether you’re staying in a room or purchasing the day pass.

You’ll find a fun ambiance, friendly people, a nude pool and nude hot tub, plus wonderful outdoor space to hang out. If it’s warm enough, you’ll enjoy lying down on one of the comfortable chaise loungers to watch people frolicking in the pool.

If you are really into the lifestyle and visit in winter, you might be disappointed by the lack of people at this resort. During cold days and nights, sometimes only 4-5 other couples show up. This can work well or not so well, depending on the couple.

Whatever you do, remember to have fun, smile and enjoy yourself! We definitely have and will continue to do so in the future. We might even see you there 🙂

Are you ready to head to Sea Mountain?

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