Nude Resorts in Colorado: 8 Spots to Bare it All

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The state of Colorado is known for many things. From the majestic mountains that rise proudly in the west to the vast farmland of the east, Colorado is a state of many attractions. Some of them require clothing and some of them don’t. 

Many people travel to Colorado to play and have fun. If you’re looking for a way to uncover it all and bask in the hot springs au naturel, you’ll find many hot springs and nude resorts in Colorado. Before you walk stark naked into a state park, be sure to do your research and find out where you’re welcome in the buff. 

Check out our interactive map to see the locations of the resorts and hot springs and plan your trip!

Are There Nude Resorts in Colorado?

Yes, there are full-on clothes-off resorts in Colorado you can visit. Many of them regulate proper conduct in and around the resort to preserve a respectable environment. While some of these nude resorts in Colorado welcome families, it can be a good idea to scope out the scenery before introducing your children to the human body in all shapes and sizes. 

Colorado hosts several clothing optional hot springs throughout the state. If you search “hot springs in Colorado,” you’re sure to find plenty of places to relax in a hot tub or bathing suit. Finding a clothing-optional facility, however, can be tricky.

Mountain Air Ranch is one of the true nude resorts in Colorado resort complete with naked locals who enjoy the trails surrounding this scenic ranch. It’s one of the full on nudist communities that permits skinny dipping and allows you to play paddle tennis in the nude. Quite an item to add to your Colorado bucket list!

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Relax in the Buff with Colorado Hot Springs 

Many of the nude resorts in Colorado below require reservations. You’ll find most of these clothing-optional resorts are located near the western slope in the northern San Luis Valley. In some cases, you can be thousands of feet above sea level and still skinny dip in some of the most iconic Colorado hot spring locations. 

Some of the most well-known clothing-optional adventure spots include Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Dakota Hot Springs, Desert Reef Hot Springs, and Valley View Hot Springs.

Though the Rocky Mountains loom above you in these clothing-optional spots, there are plenty of outdoor soaking areas to enjoy when you visit Colorado.

Conundrum Hot Springs

conundrum hot springs is a nude spot in Colorado
Conundrum Hot Springs. Photo: wanderstruck

Locals love the Conundrum Hot Springs, located at an impressive 11,000+ feet above sea level. If the mountain air doesn’t have you gasping, it could be the nudist resort that takes you off-guard. It’s a favorite of both those who live there year-round and visitors who frequent these clothing-optional hot springs. 

The town of Aspen, Colorado sits just northeast of the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, which is where Conundrum Hot Springs is located. Unlike other hot springs that make it easy to access their relaxing pools, Conundrum requires you to hike to its location. Once you make it to the clothing-optional hot springs, however, you’re sure to drop your duds and enjoy the views as you soak it all in. 

With recent events, Conundrum Hot Springs has put a new permitting system into effect for camping. Check the local rules and regulations before you pack a bag of essentials (that may or may not include clothing) and make the trip.  

Wondering what to bring to a nude resort? Check out our nude resort packing list here!

Dakota Hot Springs

What’s so special about Tuesdays? Well, in Dakota Hot Springs, clothing is required on that day alone. You might take this as an oddity in the city, but in a nude resort that welcomes you to take it all off, it’s the only day of the week you can’t show up without any skivvies on. 

Located near Penrose, Colorado, Dakota Hot Springs is a family-friendly environment, as long as you and your children are comfortable viewing the human body in its most natural form. To keep everything on the up and up, there are rules and regulations to abide by as you move about the resort. 

Those expecting to show up and show out should first book a reservation at the hot springs resort. Camping is allowed, but there are no hook-ups to speak of. Pets are allowed in the campgrounds but leave them (and your clothing) before entering the hot springs. 

Desert Reef Hot Springs

a beautiful hot springs at one of the nude resorts in Colorado
Photo courtesy Desert Reef Hot Springs

Located in the lesser-known town of Florence just an hour outside of Colorado Springs, the Desert Reef Hot Springs is an 18 and over getaway where every item of clothing goes away. Management ensures the safety and security of all guests while in the hot springs, no matter the shape or size of their birthday suits.

This nude resort in Colorado doesn’t allow overnight camping or parking, nor are recording devices allowed in the pool area. 

This clothing-optional soak spot allows nudity most times of the day. However, Desert Reef Hot Springs is not a free-for-all, at least for the men folk. Males who want to enter the in-the-buff resort must pay a membership fee or have a female partner vouch for them. Unlike some of the other au naturel resorts in Colorado, Desert Reef Hot Springs is an 18-or-older facility when it comes to clothing-optional soaks. 

“Don’t be a creep,” says the rules and regulations of this resort that welcome those without a stitch on. “Nobody wants to see you make out, please refrain from any intimate touch in the pools.”

The Desert Reef Hot Springs are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and you’ll be required to don clothing in the hot spring on Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. In the last three hours of the night before the weekend, you can strip down to soak and relax. 

Indian Hot Springs

the underground caves at Indian hot springs nude resort in colorado
Photo courtesy Indian hot springs

Adult-only caves for men and women don’t require you to wear a single stitch at the Indian Hot Springs, except for on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. As part of the many attractions of Idaho Springs, Indian Hot Springs offers resort amenities for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Denver, Colorado. 

The only place within Indian Hot Springs where you’re allowed to drop trow is the adult-only caves. This family-friendly resort in Colorado features an indoor swimming pool where bathing suits are required. You can rent a private hot spring pool or tub by the hour for some alone time if you’d like. 

If you’d like to stay for a while, there are lodge rooms, campsites, and cabins that you can rent nightly at this clothing-optional spot. A few nights away with nothing on but your birthday suit can truly give you a new perspective on life. 

Mountain Air Ranch

This truly nude resort in Colorado was established back in 1935 and continues the tradition of enjoying nature in the state of nature. For nearly 90 years, this mountain resort permits visitors to hike, swim, and congregate with nothing on. You’ll find Mountain Air Ranch located just outside of Littleton. 

Tops are optional, as are bottoms, at the Bikini Bar and Grill. There’s even an exercise area outside that lets you sweat away the pounds as you breathe in the fresh mountain air from every single pore. Have you ever wanted to play ping pong without a single item of clothing on? 

Believe it or not, Mountain Air Ranch offers discounts for families. Teach your kids about body positivity and confidence while visiting the clubhouse and community kitchen. There’s even an ice cream parlor where you won’t have to worry about chocolate stains if your kid has nothing to get it on. 

This is one of the very best nude resorts in Colorado.

Orient Land Trust and Valley View Hot Springs

valley view hot springs in Colorado
Photo courtesy: @ali_is_outdoors

What’s not to like about a nonprofit that promotes nudity and being secure in your own skin as you let the natural hot springs take away your worries? Orient Land Trust is home to Valley View Hot Springs, located in Moffat, Colorado. Visit these all-natural ponds with the family to shed every ounce of care (and clothing). 

You might have heard of Orient Land Trust because of its large colony of bats. However, Valley View Hot Springs offers year-round camping and welcomes you to bring your pets on the journey. Admission is limited, so be sure to check with management before you make the trip. 

To fully enjoy this naturist open space and Valley View Hot Springs, you can visit the all-natural ponds, with no clothing required. Take in the awesome views of Colorado mountain territory while soaking every inch of skin you own. 

Orvis Hot Springs

orvis hot springs in colorado
Photo courtesy Joe Grasso

Nestled at the base of the San Juan Mountains just down the road from Telluride, you’ll find the Orvis Hot Springs. This collection of 10 pools and ponds welcomes visitors who want to relax nude while taking in the scenic views. 

Within the hot springs and sauna, visitors are welcome to bare it all. However, within the main building, management asks that you wear a towel or robe until you reach your destination. Once you reach the Orvis Hot Springs, you’re welcome to enjoy and rejuvenate the skin you’re in. 

The Orvis Hot Springs allows 24-hour fully nude access to the natural lithium water if you’ve booked a room. You can opt to stay in the campground itself or reserve a room complete with custom furniture. There’s also a community kitchen where “no shirt, no service” rules don’t apply. 

Depending on the time of year you visit, the Orvis Hot Springs are anywhere from 65 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s also a team of massage therapists ready to ease your pains. If you’re looking for a Colorado nude resort that welcomes all body types, Orvis Hot Springs could be your clothing-optional destination. 

Strawberry Hot Springs

Looking to get away au naturel and maybe even do a little skiing? Strawberry Hot Springs is located near Steamboat Springs and hosts a handful of spring-fed pools complete with the natural scenic beauty of Colorado. Clothing is optional after dark, but you’ll have to be at least 18 years old to join in the bare-naked repose. 

Before traveling to Steamboat’s Strawberry Hot Springs, sometimes called Strawberry Park Hot Springs, be sure to make a reservation. You’ll also need one to enter the pool. Reserve a two-hour window after dark for a clothing-optional soak amidst the mountain air. 

Note that this nude resort in Colorado doesn’t allow dogs or alcohol on the property or near the hot springs. You’ll pay for your stay with cash only. However, you can choose to lodge in rustic cabins, covered wagons, or even a train caboose. Strawberry Park Hot Springs also offers watsu therapy in a private pool for even more R&R. 

Keep it Clean in the Colorado Springs

In many ways, walking into a nudist resort in Colorado with every inch of skin exposed requires the same respect as hiking clothed through a nature preserve or national forest. Take the time to enjoy some rest and relaxation while still respecting others around you. Act with an air of etiquette even as you air out your nether regions. 

The majority of nudist resorts in Colorado come with an understanding. You’re there to relax in the state of nature without being judged or harassed.

When you visit the hot springs in Colorado, treat your fellow man and woman with the same respect you have for the natural surroundings that make personal time among the forest and soaking pools the experience it is.  

Final Tips

The next time you visit Colorado to hike the Rocky Mountains or visit the bustling city of Denver, add a nude resort to your itinerary. Strip it all down to become one with the natural wonders this beautiful state has to offer. See it all in the Centennial State with the most popular nudist resorts in Colorado.

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