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Mira Vista Resort Review: What it’s Like at this Tucson Getaway

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(cover photo courtesy Paul Quesnell)

Mira Vista Resort is a beautiful nudist facility located right by Saguaro National Park north. The grounds are meticulously maintained, with natural desert landscaping, historic charm and plenty of hang-out spots.

Mira Vista offers condos for rent, several RV parking spots with full hookups, and a full service restaurant. On weekends, you can enjoy the bar.

We’ve been to Mira Vista Resort several times and have found it to be the cleanest, most up-to-date, and most expensive nudist resort on our list.

If you’re looking for a more luxury clothing optional resort, Mira Vista is definitely for you.

What It’s Like at Mira Vista Resort

If you’ve never been to Mira Vista Resort in Tucson, Arizona, you are definitely in for a treat. If you’re a first-time visitor, you can take advantage of the 1/2 off coupon this nude resort offers.

After you call and make your reservation, the front office will give you a code so you can get in the front gate. You’ll then park and walk to the office to go over the rules and either get keys to your condo, a day pass, or a slip for a campsite.

Mira Vista Resort has plenty to explore, with 4 pools, dozens of lounge chairs both in sun and under a shade structure, 4 pickleball courts, a cantina bar, restaurant, massage and an indoor gym.

We love the two hot tubs; one is a smaller, hotter tub under a gazebo, and the 40′ conversation pool is heated to a pleasant temperature with a long bench seat and powerful jets.

As we’ve only been here in winter, we haven’t really gotten to enjoy the two swimming pools, but they’d be lovely on a hot spring or summer day.

What We Love about Mira Vista Resort

There are so many things we love about Mira vista resort. Here’s a rundown:


Mira Vista Resort is really easy to access, just off the I-10 on the northwest side of Tucson. You only have to drive a few miles to get to the entrance of this nudist resort in Arizona. It’s located in an idyllic setting, in the middle of the Sonoran desert. You can drive just 10-15 minutes and be within Saguaro National Park, a beautiful place for a botanical garden walk or a strenuous hike.

Mira Vista is just 20 minutes or so from downtown Tucson if you like exploring the restaurant and bar scene. Plus, there are plenty of grocery stores and gas stations nearby if you need access to amenities during your stay.

Old West Character

Mira Vista Resort is immaculately landscaped and decorated, and while some of the buildings are old, they have a fun historic charm. You’ll find a gorgeous deck overlooking Sombrero Peak, old-school wagon wheels, water fountains and a historic lodge. There’s a lot of history surrounding this resort and property, which you can read about here.

Friendly People

Like most nude resorts, Mira vista is full of very friendly people. Each time we’ve gone into the hot tub we’ve ended up having an interesting conversation with another couple. We are guessing the conversation pool also gets busy and talkative, but we’ve only been to Mira Vista on slower days in winter. I have a feeling that due to the price point this nudist resort in Tucson, AZ attracts a higher-end crowd.

Fitness Center

I love the indoor fitness center at Mira Vista resort. No matter the weather, you can go inside to exercise on the cardio machines, or lift weights, or do yoga/stretch on one of the mats. This heated fitness center also has a television. You might find people working out naked in this fitness center, but you can choose to wear clothes if you wish.

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RV Camping

RV camping at Mira Vista Resort
Photo courtesy Paul Quesnell

Since we mostly travel around in our campervan, we love Mira vista resort’s option to use one of the campsites. There aren’t very many, maybe 6 or 7, but they are full hookup sites not far from the main pool area. We like that we can easily plug into the electrical system to run a space heater inside our van. Winters in Tucson can be quite chilly!

The Pools

The two hot tubs are my favorite part of this clothing optional resort. I love the hotter hot tub and the larger conversation pool, which is just the right temperature to linger in for hours. I like going out during cool nights to soak in one of the warmer pools. There’s so much peace at the secluded Mira vista resort that you don’t hear the rushing of cars as you relax in the pools.

What We Don’t Like about Mira Vista resort

There aren’t many things we don’t like about this clothing-optional resort, but there are a couple!


It seems like a lot of residents here smoke cigarettes, which is really gross for the healthier crowd. We’ve walked by people sitting outside their condos smoking, or smoking near the pools. It’s disgusting and we wish there was a designated smoking area for people to go light up, far from the pools or areas that non-smokers might frequent.


This hasn’t happened often, but sometimes people don’t manage their dogs well at this resort. We had one couple ask if their dog could come into the hot tub area, and when some people weren’t comfortable with that, they just tied their dog up outside and it barked the entire time, which wasn’t relaxing. It would be nice if there was a designated area for dogs.

Other Amenities at Mira Vista Resort

Since we travel in our campervan, we usually don’t take advantage of the food and drink when we visit a clothing-optional resort. Nor do we stay in the rooms. Here is some info about that:


If you’re traveling through the area, you can book a room at Mira vista resort. There are 14 guest rooms in historic Southwest adobe buildings sprinkled throughout the resort. You can also rent out several of the privately-owned casitas as this clothing-optional resort.

Rates for rooms and casitas are around $150-$350 per night, depending on the time of week and whether or not you’re a member.

RV sites rent for $40 per night, plus fees associated with using the resort.


There is a full service restaurant at Mira Visa Resort which we’ve never eaten at before. But if you don’t feel like cooking or driving, it’s nice to know there’s food on site. The only downsize is that the Desert Cafe is only open Friday-Sunday. You’ll be out of luck if you’re coming during the week!

The Best Time to Visit Mira Vista Resort

You can visit this nude resort throughout the entire year given that it’s in Tucson, AZ. You might be surprised that Tucson does get cold in winter given it’s elevation. Sometimes, temperatures can dip into the 30s at night! However, you’ll still find sunny and warm days in winter.

The best time to visit this Arizona nude resort is probably spring and fall. Arizona temperatures are delightful during those times of year.

You could also visit in summer, but be prepared for temperatures in the 90s and 100s. That could be okay as long as you spend lots of time in the pool and in the shade, and if you have an air-conditioned room or RV.

Is Mira vista Resort Clothing Optional?

Mira vista resort is clothing optional, which means you can wear clothes anywhere on the property except for the pool areas, which are completely nude.

But you can wear clothes in the gym, walking around on the property and in the restaurant and bar if you like. You will find naked people in all these facilities as well.

Our Overall Review of Mira Vista Resort

We hope this Mira Vista Resort review helps you decide whether you should make a trip to this beautiful clothing optional resort in Tucson az. We always have a great time here and encounter friendly people. We love that this resort is so close to nature. The sunset and sunrise are stunning, and the sunset is especially nice to view from the deck overlooking Sombrero Peak.

While this resort is more expensive than others we’ve tried, it shows in the way the property is kept up and the amenities offered. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you try this peaceful resort.

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