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Nude Hiking: What are the Best Nude Hikes in the U.S.?

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We often picture relaxing and sunbathing with every inch of bare skin exposed when we think of going in the nude. However, letting the sun shine on places where it doesn’t normally can also mean enjoying fun activities outdoors. After all, why not enjoy things like hiking if you can connect with nature on a whole new level? 

If you love hiking, tackling the terrain in the buff can bring a whole new sense of adventure to the mix. But sometimes knowing the local laws and where naked hiking is acceptable can be difficult, especially for a topic most people blush at. 

That’s why we’ve put together this resource on where you can hike naked and still get the best view without having to worry about offending anyone or getting in trouble along the way. We’ll also direct you to places where you can camp and hike as you please to enjoy nature while going au naturel. 

What to Bring While Hiking Naked

Before we get into where you can try your hand at nude hiking, I’ll offer a little bit of advice as to how you should best prepare.

Here are a few items you should consider bringing on a naked hike:

  • Mineral Body Sunscreen: Protecting your skin will be a top priority while hiking naked. We love using mineral sunscreen as it’s less toxic than chemical-based sunscreens.
  • Face Sunscreen: I have sensitive skin, so I use a particular face sunscreen that’s mineral based. I love Paula’s Choice Tinted Face Sunscreen.
  • Sun Shirt: Even though you’re hiking naked, you still should bring a sunshirt to protect sensitive body parts like your shoulders, neck and chest when you’re hiking for hours in the direct sunlight. Don’t worry, you can hike with your sun shirt unbuttoned if you like. We like Columbia brand sun shirts.
  • A hiking backpack: You’re going to want drinks and snacks on your hike, right? I love hiking packs made by Osprey. Super comfortable and roomy!
  • Shorts or a sarong: If you need to get dressed quickly, you’ll be REALLY glad you have shorts or a sarong on you. Make sure never to leave your clothes locked up in the car!

Where to Try Nude Hiking in the U.S.

Here are the top spots where you can try taking it all off. Just be sure to watch your skin from sunburn!

Olive Dell Ranch

Olive Dell ranch is a great place for nude hiking

You’ll find Olive Dell Ranch near Colton, California. Complete with campsites and amenities to assist you after a long naked hike, this nudist attraction is close enough to Southern California and everything it offers that you can easily hike naked in the morning and shop clothed later that day. 

While nude hiking in the desert might not hit the sweet spot for everyone, it can also be done topless. This helps with regulating your body heat and providing minimal clothing to avoid sand getting into some private places. Olive Dell Ranch also offers Cafe Delicious for residents who come with a hungry belly as well as a desire to connect with nature au naturel. 

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Green Valley Nudist Camp 

In addition to several amenities within the community, Green Valley Nudist Camp offers hiking trails you could explore for weeks on end. Nude hikers greet you along the way as you experience this safe haven for all it has to offer. 

This nudist camp is run by a naturist community sympathetic to those who find it comforting to experience life in the buff. Green Valley also has a strict policy against photography and even screens guests before they are allowed to enter the premises. 

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

This Colorado destination requires clothing during the day but removes that restriction after dark. Most guests here are over 18 years old, but the majority of them enjoy naked hiking along the miles and miles of trails dotting the Colorado countryside. Plus, it’s free hiking at Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

In addition to nude hiking without a stitch on your skin, Colorado also gives you the chance to snowshoe and ski to your heart’s delight. While you may not want to participate in these winter activities fully unclothed, the crisp mountain air can do wonders. 

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Gymno-Vita Park 

Hiking alone can be refreshing and fun, but sometimes experiencing nature in pairs or with a group of close friends can make it all that more enjoyable. If this approach sounds good to you, check out Gymno-Vita Park in Alabama. 

Just outside of Birmingham, this park consists of 110 acres of natural landscapes just waiting to be explored. However, you should note that Gymno-Vita only allows couples and families to access their amenities, from hiking across lush landscapes to camping nearby after a long day’s adventures. 

The best part about Gymno-Vita Park is that the main facilities are located within the center of the property, with plenty of hiking to do in any direction. You can spend a single week exploring half of the property and then come back the next year to see what the other half has to offer. Gymno-Vita is also known for keeping its facilities clean and family-friendly. 

Pacific Crest Trail

This trail stretches from southern California through Oregon and Washington to end at the Canadian border. Pacific Crest Trail has 2,650-some miles that are plenty to keep most hikers busy as they make their way through recreational areas and national parks. The good news is that this trail is fairly secluded in most spots. 

Tanque Verde Falls

Just east of Tucson lies the Tanque Verde Falls, the upper portion of which is more or less sanctioned as a nudist area. Hikers are warned of this possibility before they set foot on the upper part of the trail, so you can be sure you’ll find similarly-minded folks when you get there. It might not be the Grand Canyon, but you can certainly hike the upper parts of Tanque Verde Falls naked. 

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Whispering Pines

Technically classified as a nudist resort, Whispering Pines, located in North Carolina, does offer a chance to get away from it all and rough it in the buff. Beyond the camp amenities and RV hookups lies 35 acres of land you can explore without a single stitch on. Plus, you can come back to camp for some smores and conversation after a long hike. 

Cascade Mountains

Park rangers that patrol the Cascade Mountains of Washington are familiar with nudism and tend to overlook your lack of clothing unless you’re making a scene. Speaking of which, scenery such as the North Cascades, Mount Rainier, and the Scenic Hot Springs all make this a worthwhile trip for nude recreation.

Appalachian Trail

Winding from Georgia all the way to Maine, the Appalachian Trail is popular for a variety of reasons, including the unspoken rule that you can hike certain parts of it naked. Because it is so long, there are various spots along the Appalachian Trail where you may or may not see another nude hiker for days. 

Southern California

In the aftermath of a recent battle between the BLM and the AANR, over 1 million acres of southern California land have been designated for nudist recreation. These areas include popular attractions such as Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and Palm Springs. If you want to enjoy the Californian sun and catch some rays in places the sun doesn’t normally shine, Southern California could be your next destination.  

National Hike Naked Day and Legal Naked Hiking Practices

Many people find out about naked hiking from National Hike Naked Day, also known as Nude Hiking Day, which is June 21st. It is also the summer solstice when days are the warmest and the sun shines the brightest. All in all, Naked Hiking Day is typically a perfect day to soak up the warmth with every exposed pore on your body. 

So what about the technicality of it all? Well, federal laws surrounding nude hiking in parks and forests do not exist. This includes federal land and lands held by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). 

That said, most local and state laws apply depending on where you’re hiking. If the U.S. Forest Service or any local law enforcement stops you, it’s most often because they received a complaint about lewd or unacceptable behavior. You can potentially be charged with indecent exposure, but being smart about how you hike naked can go a long way in avoiding these situations. 

One of the best ways you can test the nude hiking waters is to join local nudist clubs and ask around about where it may or may not be legal to hike naked. Chances are someone has come across amicable law enforcement while hiking nude or had an experience they can share about where the most secluded spots are. These often make the best naked hiking spots anyway. 

Tips for Naked Hikers

Hiking naked is more than just stripping down to your birthday suit for the fun of it. Many nude hikers consider it to be a way to embrace the individual, rather than dwell on the sexuality of it. After all, hiking without any clothing on pairs well with connecting with nature and getting back to your roots. 

If you want to try to hike naked but aren’t sure how to start, here are a few naked hiking tips to consider: 

  • If you’re stopped by local law enforcement, stay calm and cooperative. Have clothing with you that you can don should the situation call for it. As long as you keep a low profile and have done your homework about local laws, most stops are just about making contact. 
  • Never underestimate the power of planning ahead. Research areas where you can go hiking naked, like you’re doing by reading this article. Remote trails are good candidates for places you can hike naked. You can also take early morning hikes if you want to avoid too much contact. 
  • Hike in numbers and join the larger naked hikers community. You can find local nudist clubs by visiting the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and perusing their resources. They can also give you valuable insight you won’t find elsewhere. 
  • Prepare for a hike as if you were clothed, minus the pockets. Bring extra water, food, clothing, and sunscreen. Pack a first aid kit, hat, and a blanket or jacket. 
  • Hiking naked doesn’t mean you have to go barefoot. Invest in a solid pair of hiking boots for the hiking trail, because falling onto bare skin can feel a whole lot worse without the slight padding of clothing. 

You might be surprised to find there are more resources available to you than you first thought when it comes to nude hiking. All it takes is asking the right questions and conversing with like-minded people.  

Final Tips 

Hiking naked can be intimidating if you’re not sure where to go or how to do it legally. We hope this article has helped you to see that you can partake in bare-butt hiking as long as you’re smart about it and know the laws surrounding the practice. Then, all you have to do is focus on your hiking experience and connecting with nature. 

The good news is that most of your homework is done. All that’s left is to find a few friends or family members willing to join you on your naked hike and plan for the festivities. If you hike on the summer solstice, you may find you’ve become part of a larger community than you first thought. Happy hiking!

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