The author in Jamaica

Hi, I’m Kristin! One of my favorite things is nude recreation, whether that’s a nude beach, hot springs or resort. There’s something so freeing about shedding clothes. We lose inhibitions, become more open and honest, and connect well with others around us. When we drop the pretense in the form of clothing, our relationships with each other shift and become more authentic.

I’ve traveled all over seeking out these nude destinations. Some of my favorite places are Harbin Hot Springs in California and Breitenbush in Oregon. I also love nude beaches like Little Beach in Maui and Blacks Beach in San Diego.

Whether you’re an experienced nudist or looking to try getting naked in public for the first time, this site is for you.

I hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Being nude with a partner can help spice up a relationship and increase your compassion toward your body.

Have fun with it, and remember – nobody is REALLY looking. 😉