The Top 9 Nude Resorts in California

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Sunbathing topless in the state known for sunny weather and a historical gold rush can help you enjoy life au naturel. From the beautiful sandy beaches along the coast to secluded spots begging you to explore, there are plenty of nude resorts in California where you can take it all off.

Seeing everything there is to see in California would take a lifetime. However, with many Cali clothing-optional resorts listed below, you can see and feel more than you ever thought possible. Plus, you can come as you are without any shame. 

Glen Eden Nudist Resort

heated pool at Glen Eden nudist camp
The hot conversation pool at Glen Eden

For many people, the nudist way of life is something they transitioned into, rather than adopted on a whim. If you’re looking for this approach to the clothing-optional life, you might give Glen Eden Sun Club resort a visit. 

Glen Eden features welcoming and inclusive members who enjoy life with the bare necessities. This nudist resort in California is family-friendly, so feel free to visit Glen Eden with your little ones if you want to gain a new experience. 

This California nudist resort features both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as an on-site chapel. You can also bring your dog to the Glen Eden dog park to meet other dog parents and make friends. 

Glen Eden nude resort is also home to the Western Nudist Research Library, as well as a bookstore. You can also take classes in two art studios on the property. 

These Glen Eden art studios teach drawing, clay, painting, and needlework. Glen Eden is located in the Temescal Valley and gives every visitor a look into the naturist way of life. 

Desert Sun Resort

The patio and pool at Desert Sun Nude Resort
The patio and pool at Desert Sun Nude Resort

Sometimes the architecture of California can be as amazing as the attractions. If you’re looking for a Mediterranean-style nudist resort, Desert Sun Resort should be at the top of your list. 

This nudist-friendly resort is adults-only, meaning families should probably look elsewhere if they want to experience life au naturel together. It’s nothing against families when resorts state this; it’s just more of a consideration to avoid the less-desirable consequences of having children around. 

Desert Sun is located about a mile away from Palm Springs International Airport. The resort itself is over 25 years old and was built on a historic nudist site. 

Normandy Hotel, a famous clothing-optional resort built by Errol Flynn, called this location home back in 1943. Now, the Desert Sun Resort offers modern accommodations to nudists from all walks of life. 

Desert Sun features two whirlpool hot tubs, tennis courts, a full spa, and three year-round heated pools. You can also visit the on-site restaurant if you’re feeling hungry or drive to Palm Springs for more food options. 

Nude Resort Essentials: Our Top Picks

Here are a few of our favorite things to bring to nude resorts! Don’t forget your packable sunhat and Kindle!

Laguna del Sol 

Near Sacramento, you’ll find over 200 acres of family-friendly clothing-optional fun at Laguna del Sol. This nudist-friendly location opened in 1961 and has been offering the local and tourist naturist community plenty to enjoy naked in California.

Located in Wilton, California, Laguna del Sol hosts several events throughout the year. One of the largest is the “Rockets and Sprockets” car and motorcycle show that yes, you guessed it, doesn’t require a stitch of clothing among all that hot metal. 

There are plenty of other things to do at Laguna del Sol, including paddle boats, a running trail, and a rope swing. The nearby 25-acre lake is called Lake Archie and offers somewhere to take a cool dip should the mood take you. 

You can also eat all three meals at the local Lakeside Inn. It’s a great place to stop among all the activities planned at Laguna del Sol. 

Sea Mountain Inn

Sea Mountain’s pool area

This adults-only nudist resort spices things up a bit without getting too out of hand. Nude sunbathing is possible among the heated, mineral water spring pools and hot tubs.

You can also enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages while visiting Sea Mountain Inn. This nudist resort is located in Desert Hot Springs and features a lifestyle-friendly retreat you can take advantage of without anything but your birthday suit. 

Sea Mountain Inn hosts singles as well as couples who are looking for a sexy and exciting experience. Lingerie dances every night are sure to spice things up a bit since you have next-to-nothing on. 

The rooms are spacious and modern, with French doors that give the entire experience an elevated touch. Come visit Sea Mountain Inn to relax and connect in the buff. 

Lupin Lodge

Located in Los Gatos, California, the Lupin Lodge is often considered one of the oldest nudist resorts in America. It was established in 1935 and continues to show visitors the naturist way of life in the San Francisco Bay area. 

Unlike some of the other nudist resorts on our list, Lupin Lodge focuses solely on offering a healing place for those who want to get away but feel uncomfortable about shedding their clothing, too. There are plenty of meditative areas to take advantage of, so you can be comfortable in the nude and find inner peace. 

Lupin Lodge is woman-owned and operated, which is unique among nudist resorts. Visit this naturist resort to see the beautiful Santa Cruz redwoods and experience all that California has to offer. 

Family-friendly and welcoming to newcomers, Lupin Lodge offers overnight camping as well as RV hookups. There’s weekend entertainment, hiking trails, volleyball, tennis, and a swimming pool to enjoy, as well as a restaurant to get a bite to eat. 

Olive Dell Ranch 

The nature trail at Olive Dell Ranch nude resort in California
The nature trail at Olive Dell Ranch

Not too far from Los Angeles sits Olive Dell Ranch. This family-friendly luxury nude resort asks that you leave everything at the door, including your clothing. 

Staying at the Olive Dell Ranch either means renting a cabin, setting up your RV, or pitching a tent at one of the many campsites. Amenities include tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a sauna, all clothing-optional. 

Activities at Olive Dell Ranch bring everyone together, even if they don’t have anything on. You can participate in book exchanges, dancing, movie nights, bingo, and cornhole. 

Sequoians Nude Recreation

Sequoians nude resort in California
Sequoians nude resort

More of a social club than a nudist resort, Sequoians Nude Recreation is located in Castro Valley. It’s also home to family-friendly entertainment and plenty of welcoming smiles to help you shed your clothes and join in. 

Amenities at Sequoians Nude Recreation include a patio firepit, lawn games, and hiking trails where baring it all is completely welcome. There’s also a children’s area, co-ed showers, a heated pool, and a hot tub.  

If you’re looking for a picturesque family nudist resort, Sequioans should be at the top of your list. The surrounding trees just make this location feel more like a secluded getaway than anything else. 

Tortuga del Sol 

This gay men’s clothing-optional resort features studios and suites complete with kitchenettes and full-size kitchens. Enjoy watching a few DVDs as you soak in the heated pool and jacuzzis. 

Tortuga del Sol is located in Palm Springs and features southwestern decor to set the mood. Get away from the stress of living with this nudist resort that believes you should own the skin you’re in. 

Freedom Acres Swinger Resort

This nudist-friendly resort is located in San Bernardino and features a rowdier crowd than most clothing-optional hot spots. If you’re not convinced, come check out one of the many pool and foam parties to see what it’s like at nudist-friendly Freedom Acres Swinger Resort

The Best Time to Visit Nude Resorts in California

Us visiting Glen Eden in October

It’s common knowledge that California is one of the sunniest places in the nation. That’s pretty crazy considering dreary Seattle to the north, but it’s a haven for folks who can’t soak up enough Vitamin D. 

If you’re looking to nourish every pore on your body with sunshine, there are plenty of nude resorts to visit in California. The catch is knowing when to visit them. 

The truth is that in California, it’s sunny pretty much all year round. Certain parts of the state experience seasonal weather patterns, but nothing like the drastic weather changes you’d see further east in Colorado. 

Northern California experiences more weather, though southern California can also vary greatly in weather patterns as well. All the same, many of the main resort and spa areas are open year-round to accommodate visitors.

Palm Springs

The pool at Sea Mountain Inn in Palm Springs

One of the calmest and most popular nudist resort spots in California is Palm Springs. Warm weather and sunshine reign free in Palm Springs for most of the year, though it does rain some between December and February. 

The best time to visit California, specifically Palm Springs, would be between May and October. However, that’s the same time when a lot of tourists are sure to visit as well. 

Visiting California between May and the late summer months is a good idea for Palm Springs and other areas of the state as well. For example, coastal regions are calmer during this time, whereas later months and earlier in the year bring chilly winds and skin-prickling cold. 

You’ll also find wind and lower temperatures in San Francisco during the late autumn and winter months. However, Los Angeles and San Diego stay sunny throughout the year with temperatures hovering above 85 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time, perfect for visiting nudist resorts.

With so much amazing weather and sunshine, it’s not hard to figure out why baring it all in California is a popular pastime. Book your flight to Palm Springs to see what you’re missing.

Laws About Nudity in California 

You’ve probably heard of a few foreign countries that allow their residents to stroll down the beach nude. However, California is not one of those places where assuming you can strip down to your birthday suit gets you very far. 

Indeed, the U.S. doesn’t have any real law against nudity. At the same time, that doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all, especially in places where children often visit. 

Therefore, California state and county laws dictate where you can and can’t get naked. Before you start undressing, it’s a good idea to look into the local regulations first. 

For example, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties have strict anti-nudity laws. If you encounter an official and you don’t have a single stitch of clothing on, you’re likely to be fined or at least given a talking-to, even if you are on the beach. 

The unspoken law, at least on the beach, is that if you’re away from the main crowd of beach-goers, you might be able to get away with nudity. Again, it’s more about being respectful in your nudity than anything else. 

If you ever get stopped or asked to put on clothing, it’s in your best interest to comply. Things can get out of hand pretty quickly, and indecent exposure is a real charge. 

Other Nudist Destinations in California

Besides nude resorts, California is home to many other areas where nudity is welcome. These clothing-optional spots are often centered around hiking, but that’s not always the case. 

Here’s a list of the many places you can visit without clothing when you’re in California:

  • Angeles National Forest
  • Los Padres National Forest
  • High Sierra
  • Rodman Mountains Wilderness
  • Anza Borrego State Park 
  • Upper and Lower Bear Creek
  • Kern River

Again, be respectful of not only the natural area you’re in but also the people around you. Whether they’re naked or not, everyone can have a chance to enjoy the California sunshine as they wish. 

Final Tips on Nudist Resorts in California

Getting naked in California certainly seems like a great way to soak up some rays. However, you should know the local laws so you don’t end up getting into trouble for taking it all off. 

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in finding places where you can experience California au naturel. It’s certainly an experience of a lifetime and a perfect spot for your next nude vacation.

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