Glen Eden Sun Club Review: What It’s Like at this Nudist Resort

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Glen Eden Sun Club is set in the beautiful Temescal Valley, just one hour from the Pacific Ocean in Southern California and near the towns of Lake Elsinore and Temescal. We first visited Glen Eden when traveling through the area in our campervan, as we love staying in nudist resorts with access to campsites, hot showers, hot tubs, pools, dining and more. It feels like luxury after life on the road.

There are many amenities to choose from at this nudist resort, including tennis, pickleball, water aerobics, activities, a gym, dog park, hiking trails, laundry facilities, frisbee golf, ping pong tables, a cafe and more.

Glen Eden is a member-only resort, but you can visit three times per year as a non-member. However, their memberships are quite affordable so if you think you’ll visit often, you might want to sign up.

What It’s Like at Glen Eden Sun Club

Hiking trails looking down on Glen Eden
Hiking trails looking down on Glen Eden

This sprawling 154-acre resort is nestled in the desert foothills, at the base of Cleveland National Forest. There are 54 full-hookup RV sites and dry camping that are either close to the action of the pools and tennis courts or off the beaten path. You can also book a park-model mobile home or a trailer to stay in.

The setup here is like a combination RV park and mobile home park, with clean circular streets and golf carts whizzing about. Golf carts seem to be the way most people like to get around at Glen Eden Sun Club.

The central area is lovely and clean, with a large outdoor swimming pool, indoor pool, water volleyball pool, hot tub and a warm conversation pool. There are hot showers to rinse off before going in any of the pools.

You can lounge around the pools, or play tennis or pickleball nearby.

We particularly liked the hiking trails. There are some that go up to the top of a small desert hill and give you beautiful views of the area. This is the only nude resort we’ve found so far with such beautiful trails.

Since we were there during the week, there weren’t any nighttime activities happening, but this nude resort typically schedules fun social gatherings during weekend nights.

A quick glance at Glen Eden’s calendar shows dancing every Friday and Saturday nights with DJS or live bands. There are other nighttime activities like karaoke, card games and dance lessons.

There’s also a huge clubhouse at Glen Eden, which hosts dancing, dance lessons and karaoke.

Wondering what to bring to a nude resort? Check out our nude resort packing list here!

The Vibe at Glen Eden Sun Club

heated pool at Glen Eden nudist camp

When we visited during the week, the vibe was very relaxed. The place was mostly empty save for a variety of older nude men and some couples. We were definitely the youngest people there (we are in our early 40s and early 50s). This nudist camp might get busier on weekends, which we’ll have to try in the future.

The only thing I didn’t like about Glen Eden was the sheer number of older men wandering around who kept trying to engage in conversation with me, a younger naked woman. There were comments when I was walking into the hot tub, comments when I’d just showered, etc. I didn’t enjoy this and wish the commentary would stop unless I made some sort of motion that I was interested in speaking with them.

The couples we encountered were of retirement age, and we wondered if the place had a younger vibe on weekends or possibly during the warmer months. We visited in fall when it wasn’t quite warm enough during the day to spend too much time nude, especially to me. It might be best to visit on a day in the 80s or during the late spring or summer months.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Glen Eden?

woman doing yoga in dry camping spot at Glen Eden Sun Club
This is our dry camping spot at Glen Eden. Super beautiful!

Lots of RVers and snowbirds call Glen Eden Sun Club home. People traveling to Southern California during the winter months get a rate between $500-$600 per month for a full-hookup site with all the fabulous amenities.

If you’re coming for just a few days and want a full-hookup RV site, it will run you between $32-$36 per night, depending on if you want a deluxe site and if you’re a member or not. Remember you’ll need to pay gate fees (facility use) per person on top of the camping fee, which is between $13-$34, depending on if you’re a member, under 30, a veteran, etc.

Dry camping at Glen Eden Sun Club is way cheaper, between $13-$16 per night, which is what we did. Some of the dry camping spots are close to the pools, but we chose to park further away on a dirt side road for extra privacy. We loved camping near the trees with our own little private enclave where I could do naked yoga on warm afternoons should I choose.

Rental accommodations include park models, duplexes or trailer for your stay at this nudist resort. These range from $60-$135 per night and include the grounds fees.

First-timers get a half-price coupon which you should definitely take advantage of if you’re trying Glen Eden sun club for the first time.

If you plan on visiting Glen Eden sun club often, you should consider a membership. You can see the fees here.

What Happens When You Arrive at Glen Eden Sun Club?

Tennis courts at Glen Eden sun club
Some tennis courts at Glen Eden Sun Club

First time visitors to this California nudist resort will park at the front gate and go into the main office. You’ll need to fill out some paperwork, and someone will show up to give you a tour of the property. You must take your clothes off and be nude for this tour, although you can wear a towel around your body should you choose.

The pool areas are nude only, while the rest of the resort is clothing optional. No swimsuits of any kind are allowed in any of the pools.

Here is what Glen Eden says about being a nudist resort:

“Glen Eden is a nudist club. We encourage you to explore the world of social nudism here and shed any anxiety you may have about being nude along with your clothes. Of course, if it’s chilly or if you’d like to minimize sun exposure, we understand if you cover up. The exception being when entering the pools and hot tub areas, which are designated for nude use only.”

Once your tour is complete you are free to roam around as you wish.

Etiquette for Visiting Glen Eden Sun Club

First time visitors should be aware that there is etiquette protocols to follow at a nude resort like Glen Eden. Here are some things to keep in mind for acceptable behavior:

  • Photography is not permitted at nudist resorts like Glen Eden. In fact, the main office has little stickers you can put over your phone’s cameras. Please do this if you plan on bringing your phone poolside as cameras make nudists uncomfortable
  • Prolonged staring is looked down upon at nudist facilities. Of course, everyone glances quickly at one another which is common and normal. Just don’t stare and make people uncomfortable
  • Please shower before you enter any of the pools or spa. Luckily, Glen Eden provides clean, hot showers near all the pool areas. Don’t skip this step!
  • There are no campfires allowed at Glen Eden due to the nude resorts proximity to the Cleveland National Forest and a stand of old-growth oak trees
  • You can bring dogs to Glen Eden, just keep them on a leash, or they can run freely at the dog park
  • Bring a towel with you when you’re wandering around naked. It’s polite nudist etiquette to place a towel down before sitting on any surface at a nude resort

Questions About Visiting Glen Eden Sun Club?

We’ll try our best to answer some questions about visiting this nude resort in Southern California.

Is it easy to get to Glen Eden?

Yes, it is super easy! Glen Eden is just over the mountains from Dana Point and San Clemente. It’s typically easy to get a reservation, just call before you arrive.

Can you visit Glen Eden sun club year-round?

Yes, the weather in Southern California is nice year-round. But check the weather forecast first, as sometimes, it can be rainy in winter. I’d say spring-fall are the best times to visit Southern California, but if you’re staying in a warm RV or one of the rental units, you’ll be just fine even in winter. The hot pools and hot showers will keep you warm!

What is the age group at Glen Eden?

When we were there, pretty much everyone was of retirement age. This might change on weekends or during the warmer summer days, so we’re not sure how to comment on this one. We did stay for about 4 days and most people we encountered were over 65, with the gender balance definitely on the side of single men.

Is Glen Eden lifestyle friendly?

No, this is NOT a swingers resort. This is a nudist resort, which is very different. Sexual activity is frowned upon at nudist resorts aside from holding hands or a brief hug or kiss. There are very clear guidelines about this on Glen Eden’s website.

Can I bring my dog or cat?

Yes, pets are allowed at Glen Eden sun club. There’s even a dog park where you can throw a ball or frisbee for your pooch.

Are people friendly at Glen Eden?

Yes, people are super friendly. One thing we have noticed about nudist resorts is that they are the friendliest people we have ever met. Everyone wants to talk and meet each other, which isn’t always the most relaxing if you’re looking for a silent retreat in the hot tub. Be aware that people will try to make eye contact and talk to you.

Should You Visit Glen Eden Sun Club?

We do recommend that visitors try out Glen Eden Sun Club. There is something for everyone here, whether you like hiking, pickle ball or tennis. We love that there’s a feeling of community this place, and a focus on staying healthy and fit.

One thing we didn’t like though was that several people were smoking outside their RV which wafted over into our dry camping area. We ended up moving to be by ourselves. We hate the smell of cigarette smoke and wish people would stay in the smoking area. That is my only complaint about Glen Eden other than the older nude men talking to me without any indication from me that I wanted to chat.

Overall, this is a very clean, wonderful resort with fabulous amenities offered. I’d highly recommend you check them out!

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    2. If you enjoy nude hiking and plenty of private camping areas, please try De Anza Springs resort in Jacumba, CA. It’s about an hour east of San Diego. Fantastic high desert scenery and over 500 acres to explore! My boyfriend and I are members and enjoy itas much as we can.

  2. From what I read you can’t hike nude at some point on the trails. My favorite activity is hiking nude (preferably solo) so that’s why De Anza is a better fit for me.

  3. If you enjoy nude hiking and plenty of private camping areas, please try De Anza Springs resort in Jacumba, CA. It’s about an hour east of San Diego. Fantastic high desert scenery and over 500 acres to explore! My boyfriend and I are members and enjoy itas much as we can.

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