8 Sexy Swingers Resorts for Spicy Adult Fun

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Swingers resorts are an exciting place to meet open-minded, fun couples, whether you’re a swinger or just curious about the lifestyle.

My partner Leroy and I don’t consider ourselves swingers at all. When we go to swingers resorts, we do so for the lively conversation, sexy poolside games, the “playroom” (where we only have sex with each other), and the all-inclusive atmosphere.

These have been some of the most fun and exciting vacations we have ever been on. So whether you’re a swinger, simply curious, or are into voyeurism/exhibitionism, a swingers resort could be the perfect fit for you.

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Top Swingers Resorts to Try

When you’re seeking an adventurous getaway with your partner, swingers resorts can offer a unique experience. These resorts cater to open-minded adults who enjoy a less conventional vacation.

Before jumping in, remember that many swingers resorts are couples only. Make sure to read the fine print before booking your trip!

Desire Riviera Maya Resort

The upper jacuzzi area at Desire Maya Riviera
The upper jacuzzi area at Desire Maya Riviera

Desire Riviera Maya Resort is a couples-only swingers resort located on the pristine beaches of the Riviera Maya, just a short 20-minute shuttle ride from Cancun. We went to Desire Maya Riviera on a day pass while staying at Desire Pearl.

We found Desire Maya Riviera to be on the young and wild side. “Happy hour” meant nudity in the upstairs jacuzzi, “body shots”, and lots of sex on the nearby cabana beds.

This Desire resort is slightly larger than its nearby sister property Desire Pearl, with 114 rooms and suites. Plus, there’s a pool, restaurants and bars, and a clothing-optional beach. Couples can also partake in the R-rated “red room” at night.

You can enjoy nine different bars and restaurants at this all-inclusive, clothing-optional resort in Mexico. Plus, there are theme nights and dance parties every night.

If you want to relax, you can get a spa treatment, lounge on the beach or by the pool, and make new friends.

The only issue we found with Desire Riviera Maya is that it doesn’t have beach sports, which we found is an aspect we love.

Desire Pearl

Lounge beds at Desire Pearl

If Desire Riviera Maya is known as the “wild” resort, its sister resort, Desire Pearl, is known for being “relaxing.” Some couples will plan a visit to BOTH on a trip to the Yucatan. They’ll party it up at Desire Riviera Maya, then spend a few relaxing days at Desire Pearl.

We spent a few days at Desire Pearl, and our room featured a private hot tub and patio. It was a beautiful room! All rooms at this Desire resort have a private patio with sea views, perfect for relaxation and nude lounging.

Desire Pearl offers various restaurants, from casual buffets to Asian cuisine to elegant restaurants where dressing up is required. There’s even a nightclub where you can put on your sexy duds for a night out.

We loved the clothing-optional beach with relaxing cabanas. If you’re feeling extra sexy, you can book a spicy “couples massage” at the spa. The masseuses will touch you ANYWHERE you want, and we were shocked to fill out a waiver telling them where NOT to touch before our booking. We chose not to have anything sexy done, but we did have sex in the spa room after our massages.

We found Desire Pearl to have a slightly older clientele than Desire Riviera Maya, but that could also be just when we were there. These clubs change drastically depending on who is there at the time, and if any events are happening on-site.

Even though Desire Pearl is more relaxing than Desire Riviera Maya, there are still plenty of fun events. From daytime pool parties to theme nights, to live music, there’s always something happening at Desire Pearl.

Hedonism II

hedonism pools

Located on a beautiful white-sand beach in Jamaica, Hedonism II is known for its anything-goes spirit. This beachfront resort encourages you to explore your pleasures in a judgment-free zone. There’s both a nude side (where nudity is required) and a clothing-optional prude side, making this swingers resort appeal to all types of people.

We just LOVED our visit to Hedonism II. We stayed on the nude side of the resort near the nude pool and jacuzzi, which had “pool parties” and thumping music. Just below our room were lounge chairs and the beach.

Access to water sports makes Hedonism II stand out from the other swingers resorts on our list. Two scuba dives per day are included in your room rate: windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, Hobie cats, and snorkeling. We love water sports so this was a significant benefit for us.

The food was also top-notch. We LOVED the buffet, which offers healthy food and Jamaican favorites. Or you can choose from one of the other on-site restaurants, from a Japanese grill to a romantic high-end spot.

Sex abounds on the “nude side” of Hedonism II, and in the playroom at night. Both couples and singles are welcome at this swingers resort.

Temptation Resort Cancun

the exterior of temptation cancun resort

If you want to go a little more low-key, Temptation Resort in Cancun might be right up your alley. While not TECHNICALLY a swingers resort, plenty of open-minded people go there. Unlike the other resorts on our list, Temptation is topless-optional instead of clothing-optional. I found that I actually prefer clothing-optional as everyone has to be a little bit vulnerable.

Temptation resort is a bona fide party scene, with many young people and even bachelor’s parties. This high-energy crew loved daytime pool games and nighttime dancing to live music. We enjoyed the fabulous nightly entertainment, which included pole dancing, erotic outfits and dancing, and more.

Like the Desire resorts, Temptation has various food options, from a buffet to an aphrodisiac-focused restaurant. While we enjoyed our time at Temptation, we’d more likely pick one of the clothing-optional resorts on this list.

Sea Mountain Resort

the pool at sea mountain swingers resort

We’ve been to Sea Mountain Resort in Desert Hot Springs, the most of any on this list. This clothing-optional hot spot offers both rooms and day passes.

It’s much smaller than resorts like Hedonism II or the Desire Resorts. There’s one warm pool, one hot tub, and a small playroom. On weekends, this swingers resort offers food, and you’ll get a margarita when you arrive.

We love the laid-back atmosphere at Sea Mountain, which is a NUDE resort. No clothing is allowed anywhere near the pool areas. You can wear a towel or a robe, but that’s it.

All types of people go to Sea Mountain, from experienced swingers to people who are just sexually curious. We’ve had a lot of good conversations in the hot tub with so many different types of people on many subjects.

Since Sea Mountain is so small, it can be hit or miss, though. There have been times we’ve been there where there were only a few other couples. You’ll want to go during the late spring or early fall months for the largest crowds when the weather is warmest.

Secrets Hideaway Resort and Spa

The main pool and lounge chairs at Secrets resort and spa
Photo Credit: Secrets Resort and Spa

Secrets Hideaway Resort & Spa, located in Kissimmee, Florida, is a swingers resort with condos for rent or for sale, pools, nightlife, and bars. Unlike some of the other resorts on our list, this one does not have restaurants or an all-inclusive price. A restaurant on-site has a full menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There are 143 rooms you can rent at Secrets, each with a different theme, meaning you can change things up every time you head to this resort.

You’ll love the sexy dungeon complete with a chain web, spanking benches, glory hole, cages, and areas for shibari, massage, and electro play. The resort’s playroom offers five private rooms and large play space in the middle. The room is complete with sex swings, a spinning table in the middle, and various sex furniture for all the positions you can think of. 

Sounds like fun to us, although we have never been there. It’s definitely on our list for a future visit!

Guest reviews often highlight the resort’s vibrant and erotic ambiance. For instance, one guest review on Tripadvisor praises the clean and nice rooms, the fantastic new pool, and the DJs’ fun, including games and free shots. The social aspect of the resort is a significant draw, with themed parties and a group shower mentioned in another Tripadvisor review, painting a picture of an environment that’s both erotic and playful.

This swingers resort offers several playrooms and a nightclub. Check the calendar for events, which might make the place a little spicier.

Caliente Club Resort

Caliente Resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, is a well-known destination for those seeking a vibrant and clothing-optional vacation experience. Caliente doesn’t call itself a swingers resort per se, but plenty of swingers go there.

We haven’t been to Caliente either, so we’ll let guest reviews take center stage here. They paint a varied picture, with many visitors praising the resort’s amenities and atmosphere. For example, some guests highlight the resort’s cleanliness and the quality of its facilities. One reviewer on Yelp applauds the great pools and the resort’s overall cleanliness, as well as the wonderful nature walk that allows guests to explore the surrounding beauty.

On the other hand, some reviews point out areas where the resort may not meet everyone’s expectations. A review on Tripadvisor mentions that while the food was good and the drinks were cold, there were aspects of the resort’s policy that the guest did not agree with. Another reviewer on Birdeye provides a more balanced view, indicating that while some guests have had less than ideal experiences, others have found their stay enjoyable.

Like any resort, we do recommend reading reviews before you go.

What’s cool about Caliente is that it’s a true clothing-optional resort. The only place clothes are required is in the gym! You can eat at the restaurants, wander around the resort, or go to the nightclub completely naked. However, most guests wear resort or club attire.

The resort’s amenities include multiple pools, a spa, dining options, and various forms of entertainment. Guests can enjoy various activities, from lounging by the pool to participating in themed events.

Keep in mind that sex is only allowed in certain parts of the resort, and you must be a member to visit.

La Mirage Swingers Complex

Prefer European flair? La Mirage Swingers Complex in the Canary Islands offers discreet fun with its bungalows designed for adult entertainment and a vibrant nightlife. This resort caters specifically to couples interested in the swinger lifestyle.

We haven’t been to La Mirage yet, but guests seem to appreciate the resort’s privacy, cleanliness and various amenities that cater to the swinger lifestyle. According to reviews on travel sites like TripAdvisor, guests have lauded the complex for its clean and well-maintained bungalows, the friendly staff, and the enjoyable pool area, which is seen as a social hub for meeting other couples.

Amenities at La Mirage feature a heated outdoor pool, whirlpools, and playrooms. The complex also offers a bar with a happy hour, creating a relaxed environment for guests to mingle, as noted on Oyster. Including a mini-market adds a touch of convenience, allowing visitors to purchase essentials without leaving the comfort of the resort.

The bungalows at La Mirage have king-size beds, air conditioning, and private bathrooms with showers.

Understanding Swingers Resorts

the pool and cabanas at a swingers resort

When you think about swingers resorts, you’re likely conjuring up images of destinations where open-minded adults can explore sexual experiences with others, often in a vacation setting.

The Concept Explained

Swingers resorts cater primarily to couples interested in an alternative lifestyle where they engage in sexual activities with others. This could mean sharing partners or participating in group sex. Many of these resorts are couples-only, but some do allow singles. Keep in mind that you DO NOT have to engage in sex with other people to go to one of these resorts.

We have been to several and haven’t done any swinger activities. It’s completely fine to go and watch and meet people.

  • Resort Types:
    • Couples-only: Strictly for couples, providing a more controlled environment.
    • Singles inclusive: Open to singles, potentially offering more varied experiences.

Myths vs. Reality

There are numerous myths surrounding swingers resorts, yet not all you hear is true.

  • Myth: They’re hedonistic free-for-alls.
  • Reality: Resorts often have strict rules and etiquette to ensure comfort and safety for all guests.

  • Myth: Swingers resorts are seedy and unclean.
  • Reality: Many are upscale venues that provide luxury amenities and prioritize hygiene, like the event aimed at young couples and triads reported in Mashable.com’s article on a Jamaican sex resort.

Remember, your experience will be unique, and keeping an open mind while respecting boundaries is key.

Planning Your Visit

Visiting a swingers resort can be an adventurous way to spice things up. The key to a memorable getaway is in the planning — from selecting the perfect location to understanding the costs and knowing exactly what to bring.

Choosing the Right Resort

When deciding on a resort, think about the atmosphere you desire. Do you want a place that’s more relaxed or one that’s pulsing with nightly parties? Check out reviews on sites like Tripadvisor to get a sense of what to expect. Some resorts might lean towards a nudist experience, while others cater to those interested in a more sexually-charged environment. Review what’s offered to ensure the resort matches your interests.

Booking and Costs

Resort costs vary widely and can run anywhere from mid-range to luxury pricing. For example, resorts like the Desire Riviera Maya Resort can be pricier. Book in advance to snag the best deals and consider travel packages, which may include meals and activities. Explicitly ask what’s included in the price to avoid surprises.

For example, at Hedonism II, all-inclusive prices for a couple range from $500-$900 per night.

What to Pack to Visit a Swingers Resort


  • Valid ID and travel documents
  • Comfortable clothing and swimwear
  • Evening attire for themed nights


  • Costumes for parties or events
  • Personal care items, though some can be purchased on-site

Bring an open mind and respect for others’ boundaries. Remember, each resort will have its unique vibe and rules; packing accordingly will help ensure you enjoy your indulgent escape to the fullest.

Check out our full list of recommendations here.

Community and Lifestyle

people sitting outside eating on a patio

You’ll find unique communities focused on openness and exploration in exploring swingers resorts. These environments thrive on specific etiquette and an unwavering commitment to safety and consent.

Resort Etiquette

When you arrive at a swingers resort, understand that respect is paramount. Each resort, like Caliente Club & Resorts, has its own set of guidelines, but common rules include:

  • Dress Code: Attire may vary from clothing-optional to themed costumes for special events.
  • Behavior: Public areas require decorum; private areas are where consensual adult activities may occur.
  • Photography: It’s prohibited to take photographs at swingers resorts. Caliente Club does allow photos if a staff member is present.

Always familiarize yourself with the resort’s specific code of conduct.

Safety and Consent

Your safety and the principle of consent are of utmost importance. Here is what you need to know:

  • Communication: Always verbalize your boundaries and respect others. No means no, and silence is not consent.
  • Protection: Use barrier methods to ensure safe experiences. Resorts like Secrets Hideaway might provide these, but bringing your own is advisable.

Understanding and adhering to these principles ensures everyone’s experience is enjoyable and respectful.

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