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Temptation Resort Review: What I Thought of This Topless Optional Resort

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If you’re looking for a fun, sexy and playful vacation, look no further than Temptation Cancun resort. This candy-colored topless-optional resort is located on a white-sand beach right in Cancun, close to the airport and the sparkling blue Caribbean sea.

We visited Temptation Cancun resort for several nights, and while I’m not sure if I’d choose to go back, it was a fun experience and perfect for some couples and singles.

In this Temptation resort review, I’ll tell you what to expect if you visit, and who might love this resort best.

The sexy pool at Temptation cancun resort surrounded by chaise lounges
The sexy pool at Temptation

Temptation Cancun Resort is an all-inclusive playground for both couples and singles. It offers several topless-optional areas, including the sexy pool, jacuzzis and beach. This can be fun and sexy for couples looking to explore their wild side, and I’m sure single guys enjoy it, too.

Personally, I’m not as big of a fan of topless optional resorts as I feel the women give something up and are vulnerable, while the men get to keep their swim trunks on. I actually prefer full nudity, as everyone is in the same boat with vulnerability. However, I do understand not everyone is ready for nudity and topless optional is a stepping stone to more adventurous activities.

That being said, Temptation Cancun Resort is fun, friendly, playful….and LOUD. Even in our room several stories up, we could hear clubbing-style music, people on the microphone, and loud cheering going on throughout the day, morning and deep into the night.

While there were couples wandering around the resort, there were also hordes of single young men looking to party. The scene reminded me more of a frat party than a relaxing resort, which is totally fine if that’s what you are going for. There is a less-frequented quiet pool if you need a break from the incessant music.

Every night, there’s a “theme night”, with performances, live DJs and bands, and plenty of dancing. We had a great time going dancing on one of those nights!

Overall, this Cancun resort is a playful party scene where you can drop your top (and your inhibitions), which is fun if you’re in the right mood.

Temptation Resort Review: The Amenities

A whimsical room at Temptation resort
A room at Temptation

Temptation resort offers tons of cool amenities, 428 trendy rooms and suites, and lots of activities. Here is the rundown of what you’ll find at this adult only resort.

  1. Accommodations: The resort offers a variety of room types, including Deluxe rooms, Jacuzzi Suites, and Oceanfront Suites. All rooms come with a flat-screen TV, minibar, coffee maker, and free Wi-Fi. We had a normal room that looked down on the pool area.
  2. Dining: Temptation Resort offers seven international restaurants including the She Restaurant, which serves international cuisine with a Latin twist, and the Flame Restaurant, which specializes in grilled meats and seafood. There is also a 24-hour snack bar and room service available.
  3. Activities: The resort offers a wide range of activities, including pool volleyball, yoga, water aerobics, and dance classes. There is also a fitness center and a spa offering a variety of treatments. The pool games are very fun and entertaining and worth an afternoon either of voyeurism or participation.
  4. Entertainment: Temptation Resort is known for its entertainment and nightlife, with live music, theme parties, and nightly shows. Guests can also participate in activities like body painting, pole dancing lessons, and karaoke.
  5. Pools and Beach: The resort has two swimming pools, including the Sexy Pool, which is the main social area of the resort, and the Quiet Pool, which is a more relaxed environment. There is also a private beach where guests can enjoy water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding. We actually took a windsurfing board and Hobie cat out and really enjoyed the view!
  6. Topless Optional: The resort has a topless-optional policy in certain areas, including the pools, jacuzzi and beach, which is a great way for couples and singles to explore their more liberated sides.

What I liked about Temptation Cancun Resort

While I’m not particularly into clubbing and visited Temptation resort on a travel writing assignment, I have a few things I really loved about this resort.

Sea flirt restaurant at Temptation
Sea Flirt restaurant at Temptation resort

The People

I really did enjoy the people I met. I’m always into meeting other open-minded people who are secure with their bodies and attitude. We met some really cool people here and had a rollicking fun time, which was my favorite part about this resort.

One night, in the Tower jacuzzi which offers stunning views of Cancun, the beach and the Caribbean sea, we had a blast interacting with other couples, some of which were getting naughty and trying to get naked. Unfortunately, the staff caught on and told the women to put their bottoms back on.

We also had a great time dancing, mingling and chatting with couples during our stay at this all-inclusive resort.

The Watersports

My partner Leroy and I aren’t really the type to enjoy sitting by a pool and drinking alcohol all day long. That’s why we particularly loved that there were several water sports to choose from, and most days, we were the only people partaking.

We were able to enjoy paddleboarding, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing on the Hobie cats out in the warm turquoise water. I particularly loved looking back at the resort from the sea, where we could still hear the loud clubbing music as we played in the water.

A beer never tastes better than after exercise, and we were sure to get out there every day.

The Food

Temptation Cancun Resort has a variety of food options and I really enjoyed the great food offered here. There are so many types and styles of restaurants to choose from, all with a different vibe and dress code. We visited one called She that has a sultry dance show and upscale vibe for the dinner crowd, meant to titillate the senses and get couples sexually aroused.

Sutra offers Asian-fusion cuisine, Amores offers Latin food, and Sea Flirt has stunning views of the sea. Those are just a few of the restaurants at Temptation Cancun resort.

A coffee shop called Caffeine offers coffee drinks morning, noon and night.

Keep in mind that some of the restaurants are upscale and require reservations and a dress code. If you’re a guy, make sure you bring long pants and a collared shirt.

Rooftop Pool and Jacuzzi

The beautiful Sky Bar at Temptation Cancun Resort
The beautiful Sky Bar at Temptation Cancun Resort

There’s nothing better than watching the sunset from a rooftop pool at Temptation Cancun. This deck high above the sea is stunning with both a pool, hot tub and sky bar. Waiters walk up to the jacuzzi and offer drinks while you soak and mingle with fellow guests.

This was one of my very favorite spots to hang out at this adults only resort.

The Location

Temptation Cancun resort is really easy to get to. It’s located in the hotel zone and only 25 minutes from Cancun International Airport. That makes it way more accessible than The Original Group’s other resorts, Desire Maya Riviera and Desire Pearl, which are located toward Playa de Carmen and Puerto Morelos.

Would you rather go on a Temptation Cruise? Check out our full review of the Temptation Caribbean Cruise.

What I Didn’t Like about Temptation Cancun Resort

With this Temptation Cancun resort review, it wouldn’t be fair to not go over some of the negatives so you can decide if the experience is right for you.

The Noise

When I visited this Cancun resort, I couldn’t get over just how loud it was. Booming music played all day long and well into the night. Even though our room was many stories up, we could hear the club music going bright and early with our coffee. For us, that was just too much loud music and partying, and not entirely our “scene.” However, I know some people go for that particular party scene, and if you’re one of those, you will like Temptation Cancun just fine.

Hordes of Single Men

This is just personal preference, but I prefer a more couples environment when I’m in a sexy place. I feel like men who have women at their sides are typically more well-behaved, where the men in Temptation Cancun acted more like wild animals. Drunk, ogling half-naked women, parading around in large groups.

I’m sure Temptation Cancun Resort is a scintillating place to go as a single male, but seeing all those guys wandering around unattended isn’t really my scene.

Hot Tub Closing Early

Another thing I didn’t like about Temptation Cancun resort is that the hot tub shuts down really early – at 7pm! This is hard because during the day, it’s usually too hot to enjoy the hot tub and right when the weather starts to cool down, you are forced to get out.

I talked to Temptation Cancun staff about this, and they said they close the hot tub down because people get too rowdy and sexy as the night goes on. They don’t want any swinging activity in the hot tub as this isn’t a swingers resort, only a topless optional resort.

To prevent people from misbehaving, they close the hot tub down early.

Beach had seaweed and a funny smell

There’s a problem that often affects the beaches from Cancun down on south, which is lots of seaweed washing ashore. The locals try to remove the seaweed most days, but it gives off a bad odor and simply looks bad.

When we were doing water sports, we also noticed a faint sewage smell coming from the water. We were very careful not to get any water in our mouths and also noticed the ground felt soft and sludgy.

What Are the Rooms Like at Temptation Cancun resort?

a white table and outdoor jacuzzi at Temptation resort
One of the jacuzzi rooms at Temptation

In this section of my Temptation resort review, I’ll tell you more about the rooms. The rooms are whimsical and playful, with bright colors and lots of white. The entire hotel was remodeled in 2017, and the colors remind me a bit of those Valentine’s Day candy hearts. Unfortunately, our room smelled a little bit moldy, but we did have a pleasant stay.

There are a variety of rooms and price points at Temptation Cancun. You can choose from a garden view or ocean view room on the cheaper end. On the higher end, there are suites, jacuzzi rooms and even penthouses.

The jacuzzi rooms looked really fun to me as they have an outdoor jacuzzi for two that overlooks the resort and the Caribbean sea.

Temptation Cancun’s rooms also come with 24-hour room service.

The Tower at Temptation Resort

If you’re looking for a more exclusive experience, you can book a room at The Tower at Temptation, which is a large 7-story skyscraper that dominates this Cancun resort.

The Tower rooms come with exclusive amenities, such as private check-in and SKY 3.5 on the rooftop, which has its very own bar and jacuzzi areas.

Other perks include an exclusive menu, free calls to the U.S. and Canada, adult TV channels and an exclusive topless sundeck for sunbathing with a little more privacy.

These rooms are more expensive than others at Temptation Cancun resort, but do lend a more upscale feel and vibe to your vacation.

The “Boobs Cruise” that Launches Right Next to Temptation Cancun

The Boobs Cruise isn’t affiliated with Temptation Cancun resort, but it’s literally right next door, so many hotel guests head over and hop on one of these fun cruises.

This topless-optional cruise is aboard a luxury catamaran that runs every Monday and Friday as long as enough people sign up. The cruise needs a minimum of 25 people and max capacity is 125. Most people who join the Boobs Cruise find out about it on the Temptation Forum.

The catamaran stops at a morning snorkeling destination, stops for lunch, and then motors over to a beautiful swimming area where you can go skinny-dipping – no swimsuit required!

The Boobs cruise costs $150 per person, and is a great addition to your Cancun resort trip.

Should You Go to Temptation in Cancun?

people dressed as pirates during a theme night at Temptation cancun resort
A theme night at Temptation resort

I think Temptation Cancun resort is perfect for people looking for a party hotel with lots of fun people, drinks, food and events. You might even meet like-minded, life-long friends at this Cancun resort.

This all-inclusive resort has everything you need for a more liberated getaway. It’s honestly hard to imagine going to a resort that’s NOT topless optionalor even clothing optional. As I said in the beginning of this piece, I do prefer clothing optional resorts like Desire Maya Riviera, Desire Pearl or Hedomism. It just adds another layer of fun and naughty.

We had a pleasant stay at this Cancun resort and would recommend it for a particular type of person. If you’re more into quiet hotel stays, this probably isn’t for you.

We hope you have a great time at Temptation Cancun resort! Please leave a comment below and tell us how you liked it. The more reviews the better for people figuring out if they want to go.

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