11 Gorgeous Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico

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There’s nothing like the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean to get you in the mood for shedding every bit of stress in your body. At some of the resorts in Mexico, however, you can shed more than that. In fact, many nudist resorts welcome and even require full-on nudity. 

While other resort destinations may offer a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere, the same naturist resorts in Mexico are a bit different.

There are certain places you can go to get away from it all, including your clothing. All you have to do is search “best clothing-optional resorts Mexico.” However, some of the resort destinations are more X-rated than they are relaxing. 

It’s all about what you’re looking for in a nudist resort and what the social norm is. Most of the nudist resorts that cater to baring it all with a sexual undertone make the community well aware of their presence. If you don’t want to engage in that type of activity, simply avoid those spots for a more relaxing stay. 

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Desire Pearl

Photo courtesy: Desire Pearl

Formerly called the Ceiba del Mar, Desire Pearl is a separate resort from its sister property, the Desire Resort & Spa. However, Desire Resorts are known for letting nudity take its natural course, at least in certain designated areas. 

For example, sexual relations are only allowed in the whirlpool and Sin Room. The Sin Room offers plenty of memorable experiences for willing couples. Plus, there are also foam parties where clothing is not required, as well as stripper nights to set the mood. 

Besides enjoying the eye candy in front of you, Desire Pearl lets you experience the white sand nude beaches of Puerto Morelos. It’s much quieter than the Desire Resort & Spa, but nevertheless, guests should be aware of the atmosphere before booking a room. 

Speaking of rooms, the Desire Pearl offers villa-style rooms that are a bit more upscale than some other clothing optional resorts in Mexico. From balconies to patios, these rooms offer flat-screen TVs, free wifi, and plenty of modern amenities. The rooms are also large and airy to welcome you to paradise.

Hidden Beach Resort

Travel about an hour south of Cancun to visit the Hidden Beach Resort. This adults-only au naturel resort features the Moonlight Lounge and a judgment-free atmosphere. In fact, most of the guests are older couples who just want to relax. 

Compared to the other nude resorts on our list, the Hidden Beach Resort is a bit more low-key than most. However, the majority of guests travel around exposed from head to toe to the restaurant, beach, and pool. However, towels are required when sitting down, but they are provided by the hotel when necessary.  

Most suites at the Hidden Beach Resort are king-sized rooms with hot tubs to boot. Singles are welcome in addition to couples, and there is nightly entertainment to enjoy if nothing else strikes your fancy. However, it’s not the only clothing-optional resort located in Mexico, as there are many other resorts to choose from.

Desire Resort & Spa, Riviera Maya

Desire Maya Riviera

Mexico is often associated with curvy, bare bodies and a romantic undertone. However, at the Desire Maya Riviera Resort & Spa, the gloves are off, along with everything else. The overtly sexual atmosphere of this resort isn’t for everyone, but it can certainly give you a unique look at Mexico during your stay. 

From the X-rated pool parties to risque nightly entertainment, clothing-optional hardly describes this nudist scene. The resort itself is geared specifically toward nudist couples who want to take part in the atmosphere, including the Sin Room where round beds and straps set the tone. 

Desire Resort & Spa is located in Riviera Maya near the Cancun airport outside Puerto Morelos. It offers four restaurants to choose from, a fitness center with almost every muscle in the human body on view, and tons of other amenities. Stripping down here means you’ll settle for smaller rooms than other hotels, but nothing says Mexico like Desire Resort & Spa.

Temptation Cancun Resort

Temptation Resort in Cancun

It’s topless-optional in Cancun at the Temptation Cancun Resort. This all-inclusive resort hosts events like the Miss Temptation competition, as well as sexy Temptation Idol karaoke. The white and red color schemes are sure to get your blood boiling as you slip out of your clothes and into a new mood. 

Temptation Resort caters specifically to adults 21 years of age and older. There are themed swimming pools, though the larger theme is “bare it all.” Singles and couples are welcome to enjoy the clothing-optional swimming pools and nightly live shows that get up close and personal. 

In addition to these events, couples can also enjoy the on-site aphrodisiac restaurant, seven jacuzzis, and three swimming pools. There is also a small clothing-optional beach with sunbeds and plenty of games and contests to pass the time. 

Or click here to read our full review of Temptation Cancun.

Casablanca Guest House 

Camaron Beach sits just outside the Casablanca Guest House, a popular destination in Mexico near Huatulco. The guest house features several rooms with salted infinity pools, kitchens, gardens, and a shared lounge. 

The atmosphere at the Casablanca Guest House clothing optional resort is comfortable and casual. Rooms are air-conditioned and feature kitchenettes, large balconies, and cozy beds.

The Starlink internet (and view) are free with your stay. Plus, this clothing-optional resort is just a 10-15 minute walk from the nearest full-nude beach, Zipotle Beach on Oaxaca.

Playa Sonrisa

Photo courtesy: Playa Sonrisa

Costa Maya hosts this clothing-optional naturist resort built only for couples. Enjoy some free time with your loved one as you both gaze across the tropical scenery without a shred of clothing on. There are palm trees to admire, docks with shaded lounge chairs to relax on, and plenty of local pastimes to enjoy. 

Unlike many other hotel restaurants, Playa Sonrisa’s onsite restaurant is affordable and tasty. The expansive nude beach area is perfect for moonlight walks with your lover. This clothing-optional resort is located near Belize in Xcalak, where you can scuba dive, kayak, and play Nekkid Bocce. You can also snorkel at the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. 

Intima Resort

Also located in Tulum, this upscale au naturel resort called Intima Resort includes penthouses and apartments well-suited to some private time away. The free-form pool is the centerpiece of this resort, which is clothing-optional. 

Eat at the Passions Restaurant and then relax with a massage right inside the hotel. Some rooms even include full kitchens, private plunge pools, and jacuzzis to enjoy as you look over lush jungle views. 

When “Topless” Doesn’t Mean “Nudity Allowed”

It’s easy to assume that “topless” translates to full-on nudity when in Mexico. However, this is not always the case. Before you even book your hotel room, you’ll need to make sure that you understand what types of nudity are allowed at which locations. 

The more important thing to note is that some locations in Mexico have changed their policies. For example, El Dorado Seaside Suites no longer allow full nudity. These rules may even change before you show up. Just be sure to check first before you drop your drawers to avoid any unnecessary drama. 

Alternative to Full Clothing-Optional Resorts in Mexico

These resorts may not allow full nudity, but they don’t require anything above the waist if you’re swimming or sunbathing. 

Breathless Resorts

Take a turn swimming or sunbathing under the Mexican sky at Breathless Resorts, located near Cabo San Lucas and Cancun. Get that tan you’ve been wanting without having to worry about exposure. 

Hard Rock Riviera Maya

The Hard Rock at Riviera Maya has an adults-only pool where sunbathing topless is the norm. 

Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso 

Though swimming or sunbathing topless on the beach might be tempting, it’s only allowed in the topless pool at Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso. 

Check out the Melody Maker Resort, the Grand Oasis Sens Resort, the Platinum Yucatan Princess All Suites Resort, and the Valentin Imperial Maya for other topless locations, including rules and restrictions. 


Tulum, Mexico hides the gorgeous eco-friendly Azulik resort. While the resort itself isn’t clothing optional, the private beach is.

This resort is more about relaxing and enjoying the scenery than partying or hooking up. 

In fact, you won’t find a single TV, telephone, or air conditioning unit on the resort grounds. These modern troubles will slip from your mind as you slip out of your clothing to enjoy the Mayan jungle and Caribbean Sea. Immerse yourself in nature and shed those worries as you disrobe. 

Though Azulik offers somewhat rustic accommodations, the seaside spa can work wonders. Experts there use Mayan-themed purification rituals and organic ingredients to bring you back down to Earth even as you are in a state of nature.

Click here to check out Azulik.

Check the Weather Before Going Au Naturel

Mexico is a tropical destination like Hawaii, Jamaica, and other locations near the Equator. As such, certain times of the year are better for going buck-naked than others. If not for the cost, it’s due to the type of weather you’ll encounter that could make going topless a chilly endeavor. 

The best time to visit Mexico (especially if you’re going clothing-optional) is during the summer months, from May to October. Fares are cheaper during this time (get the best deals on Expedia.com) and you won’t have as many tourists to deal with. The climate is more tropical and can be wetter during these times, but it’s all the better if you want to go au naturel. 

The busiest times to visit Mexico are often December through April. Most people want to get away from the snow and icy temperatures that cover the nation to visit places like Riviera Maya. Plus, it’s a lot easier to strip down if you’re not in negative-degree weather. 

Final Tips

Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Mexico can often bring with it a whole other view as well. There are many clothing-optional resorts in Mexico, and some of them offer adult entertainment.

If you’re looking to spice up your Mexican adventure in a new way, check out these nudist resorts before you leave. 

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