Stunning Clothing Optional Caribbean Beaches To Warm Your Skin

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The Caribbean islands are full of mystery, natural beauty, and a sense of tranquility. Some of these islands, however, let you bare more than the average tourist when it comes to walking along the sandy beaches.

In fact, there are many clothing-optional Caribbean beaches to visit to make the most of your tropical tour. 

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Caribbean Nude Cruise Tours

Most people encounter nudity on secluded beaches or officially designated nude areas. However, you can take a nude cruise tour around the various Caribbean islands without having to wear a shred of clothing. This is a great way to visit many beaches at once to find the one you want to explore more later on. 

In fact, The Captain Alan Clothing Optional Tour is one of the only tours of its kind. Once you board this boat, you can shed your cares, worries, and clothing to enjoy a beautiful trip.

This type of cruise is often advertised as a clothing-optional tour specifically for tourists who want to experience the Caribbean in a whole new way. 

Saint Martin (Sint Maarten)

topless woman on one of the nude beaches in the caribbean
Photo courtesy: maxwelld

This island hosts some of the best clothing optional Caribbean beaches, and is often associated with nudity because it is allowed in various forms on both sides. The French side is known as St. Martin, while the Dutch side is called “Sint Maarten.” However, you won’t need a passport to travel between the two if you’re strolling along the beach. 

Depending on which side of the island you’re on, you may be allowed to go topless or even fully nude. The French side allows topless behavior anywhere along the nude beach, while the Dutch side only allows the removal of tops within casinos. This is likely because the Dutch side sees more tourists than the French side. 

If you’re planning on visiting St. Martin to flash some skin and enjoy the Caribbean in the buff, the best time to go is between December and April.

However, this is also the busiest time of the year to visit this nude beach. You’ll experience mostly dry weather, with a few tropical storms possible to wash off your bare skin as you take in the scenery.  

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Orient Beach and Club Orient

orient beach is one of the many clothing optional beaches in the caribbean
Photo courtesy: Craig Stanfill Orient Beach, St. Martin.

The only officially nude beach in the Caribbean, Orient Bay Beach is home to Club Orient. Here, enjoying a tropical breeze in the buff is acceptable. In fact, many tourists travel to this spot exactly to work on their full-body tan and catch rays in places that don’t often see the sun. 

Nearby, you’ll find Pinel Island, another destination if you’re looking to enjoy the Caribbean naked. Most beaches, including this famous nude beach, are quieter during the week, so if you want to dip a toe in and try it out, avoid the crowds Monday through Friday. Club Orient suffered damage from Hurricane Irma and is reportedly closed until further notice.

The official clothing-optional beach of the Caribbean, Orient Beach is technically located on the French side of St. Martin and stretches two miles long. It’s a great spot for relaxing, especially because you can get a massage at one of the many beach bars.

There’s the Bikini Beach Bar and Kontiki Beach restaurant to choose from if you’re looking for a bit of food to eat as you bask in the naked glow of the Caribbean sun. 

Enjoying the Caribbean unclothed brings many tourists to Orient Beach. However, you can also visit to snorkel, swim, parasail, windsurf, and more. If you’re looking to let go of it all, bare your body and your soul, and enjoy some relaxation in a tropical paradise, Orient Bay should be at the top of your itinerary. 

Pinel Island

Pinel island nude beach, one of the top clothing optional Caribbean beaches
Photo courtesy: Mike McHolm

It takes a boat, kayak, or ferry to reach Pinel Island, where nudity is not officially allowed but tolerated. The ferry costs about $12 round trip for a single person and takes you to a splendidly tropical island where white sandy beaches invite you to relax. 

Most people who visit Pinel Island tend to move further north to expose themselves to the tropical elements. Nudity is discouraged at the southern end but you can still go topless without any issues. Pinel Island is a busier place than some of the other more secluded nudist spots on our list, but it’s well worth the trip. 

The ferry to Pinel Island runs every 30 minutes. There are two restaurants located on the island, so you don’t have to worry about bringing a picnic. If you kayak over to Pinel Island, just be sure to put your bathing suit back on once you decide to return. 

Petites Cayes

caribbean beach with sand, sea and rocks
Photo courtesy: Christine Warner

A natural nude beach among the stunning Caribbean islands, Petite Cayes requires a bit of a hike to get to. You’ll need about 30-45 minutes to make it to the beach, but once you do, all bets (and clothing) are off.

This clothing-optional beach in the Caribbean is great for weekday sunning as well as a secluded retreat from the stress of life. 

Petites Cayes is located near the Grand Cayes Reserve. The nude beach is rocky and surrounded by cacti, but white sands await at one of the two main beaches.

The first beach is about 1.5 miles in, while the second makes up the rest of the 2.7-mile stretch. It’s also more private, the perfect place to shed your threads and let loose. 

Happy Bay Beach

person walking on a nude beach in the caribbean
Photo courtesy: Richie Diesterheft

Known to some as the “Gay Beach” as it is friendly to the LGBTQ+ nation, Happy Bay Beach is split into two sides, with the right side favoring clothing-optional beachgoers. This beach is located just outside of Grand Case near many gourmet restaurants such as the Cool Huere Cafe. 

Happy Bay Beach is technically located on private property, but it is open to the public. Calm waters and secluded smaller beaches make this a popular spot to visit.

A shack on the beach will sometimes serve food and drinks. However, you should be aware that the wind can make a mess of things, especially if you’re not looking for a full-body sand scrub. All the same, a quick dip in the water can help keep you away from gusts. 

Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy Beach is one of the few nude beaches near the Dutch side of St. Martin, where clothing is always optional. You’ll find plenty of drinks, food, umbrellas, and beach chairs to make a day of it, though this beach is a bit more secluded than most. It is free to enter Cupecoy Beach. 

Tintamarre Island

a beautiful nude beach in the caribbean
Photo courtesy: maggieandcharles, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This remote island is located almost three miles away from St. Martin off the northeast shore. The island itself is no longer than 1.5 miles but is a popular tourist attraction. Though nudity is not allowed here officially, it is permitted within the secluded areas of the beach, as most of it is private. 

If you want to make a day trip of it, you can hire a boat tour to take you on a round trip. You’ll need to schedule the clothing-optional tour in advance and tickets cost about $130 per person. Tintamarre Island welcomes those who are topless or completely nude, though you’ll have to don at least some clothing before you reach land.  

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Nearby Nude-Friendly Beaches

These main naturist-friendly Caribbean getaways can help any traveler get more by wearing less. However, you can also visit the following beaches if you’re looking for more bare-naked fun:

  • Hawksbill Bay: This is the only nude-friendly island in Antigua. It’s divided into sections, with one reserved specifically for clothing-optional play. However, Hawksbill Bay doesn’t have any amenities, though you can stay at many hotels nearby. 
  • Seven Mile Beach: This beach, located in Negril, Jamaica, features topless bathing. The Grand Lido Negril incorporates secluded pools where baring it all is welcome. This fun and laid-back atmosphere also includes plenty of dining options to make a trip of it. 
  • Booby Beach: No, the name doesn’t come from the topless women who visit here. Instead, it’s named for the birds that inhabit the island. Booby Beach is also referred to as Gilligan’s Island by the locals, maybe because it has few amenities. 
  • Grand Saline Beach: Located on St. Barth’s Island, Grand Saline Beach is peaceful and features clear waters. Nude sunbathing is common, especially among European travelers. Eden Rock Hotel, located near this beach in St. Jean, allows topless sunbathing as well. 
  • Anasco Beach: One of the many Puerto Rican beaches, Anasco Beach is divided into clothing-required and clothing-optional areas. The north doesn’t require a shred of clothing to visit and offers secluded spots to relax in peace. There are many hotels nearby you can stay at, including the Rincon Beach Resort. 

When you’re visiting any kind of nudist-friendly beach, it’s important to understand what local customs demand of you. In some places, stripping down in front of families is a glaring sign of disrespect.

In other areas, swimming clothed on a nudist beach can offend the locals. If you’re not sure, ask your hotel concierge, as they can point you in the right direction. 

There are so many clothing-optional beaches to visit in the Caribbean. Which in-the-buff beach will you visit next? 

Family-Friendly Tropical Beaches

Unlike other parts of the world, the islands of the Caribbean consider nudity an act mostly done in the privacy of secluded beaches or officially designated areas. It’s not to say that nudity is banned, just that most naturists take the act seriously enough to respect others who may not wish to participate. 

If you are looking for a family-friendly beach to visit while in the Caribbean, there are many to choose from that do not allow nudity.

These include Maho Beach, Friar’s Bay Beach, Mullet Bay Beach, and Dawn Beach. Here, you can be sure that the other tourists and visitors won’t be strutting down the beach with only their birthday suits on.

Clothing Optional Caribbean Beaches: Tips and Advice

As you peruse the various clothing optional Caribbean beaches below, there is one thing you’ll find common among them. In most cases, when you visit a Caribbean beach, you will need to rent a chair and umbrella.

Most nude beaches will have these available to residents, but you will have to pay for the privilege of a place to sit on the beautiful beaches. 

However, if you are staying at a hotel nearby, you can get a card that allows you to rent two umbrellas and chairs without having to pay.

This can save you quite a bit of money over the entire trip, especially if you visit the beach every day. You can also use this card to purchase drinks, as the charges will automatically show up on your hotel bill once you leave. 

Final Tips on Clothing Optional Caribbean Beaches

The views you’ll gaze upon with a visit to the Caribbean are like none other. Even if you don’t get the chance to drop your duds and bask in the warm glow of the tropical sun au naturel, it’s an experience you’re sure to remember for years to come.

The next time you plan a trip to the Caribbean, try a new experience and add a nudist beach visit to your itinerary. 

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