The 5 Best Nude Beaches in Texas

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Beach areas in Texas don’t always come to mind first where sunbathing without your duds is concerned.

However, the Longhorn State is actually the proud home of some of the most unique nude beaches in the country. 

Here’s our list of the best nude beaches in Texas to shed your clothes…and your inhibitions!


If you’re heading to a nude beach, here are some items you’ll want to have!

  1. A Turkish towel. These quick-drying, super comfortable and absorbent towels are my very favorite
  2. A sun hat. Even though I love feeling sun on my skin, I also love keeping it out of my eyes. A sun hat for us is a MUST.
  3. Mineral sunscreen. As nudists, we have to make sure we do NOT damage our skin if we want to do this for the long haul. Mineral sunscreen is better for your body and the environment.
  4. Face sunscreen for sensitive skin. I just LOVE this face sunscreen, which is light and easy to apply
  5. Beach chairs. Beach chairs that are easy to pack and carry are definitely essential for nudists!
  6. Soft-sided cooler. If you want to bring snacks and lunch to the beach, we recommended a soft-sided cooler
  7. Portable beach umbrella. Beach umbrellas are super popular for nudists. They keep you out of the hottest rays of the day
  8. Sarong. If for some reason you need to cover up quickly, a sarong will do the trick
  9. Insulated water bottle. You can bring cold drinks like iced tea to the beach with an insulated water bottle

You Can Leave Your Hat On

It’s true: there are no laws prohibiting women from going topless in Texas. Therefore, at any public beach in this great state, women can’t be ticketed if they have their bottoms on. 

Nude beaches are not as plentiful in Texas as they are in states like Hawaii and California, though.

This means you’re risking a ticket for disorderly conduct if you dare to go bare in the wrong place and somebody objects. 

Make sure you know the rules before you decide to take everything off but your hat.

The Best Nude Beaches in Texas Where You Can Bare It All

Illegal nudity laws don’t apply to the following beaches except concerning those who intentionally expose themselves in parking lots, restaurants, or other places in the county where clothing is mandatory. 

In other words, as long as you avoid giving a public display where it’s clearly unwelcome, you won’t be run off to California or Mexico, or otherwise excommunicated. 

It’s just a matter of common sense, so check out these fantastic options for nude beaches and see that “other side” of Texas:

Emerald Lake Naturist Resort

lake and nude beach in texas
Photo courtesy Emerald Lake
  • Location: Houston Texas
  • Type: Lakefront beach at a nudist resort

If naturism is your thing, but you can’t decide on a location, head to Houston and ditch your clothes for some naked summer fun at Emerald Lake Naturist Resort.

Among all Texas beaches where nude sunbathing is allowed, this famous resort is one of the most unique, and is a great place to feel the water and the sun on every part of your body.

The resort is located approximately 29 miles north of Houston and is Houston’s only nude beach, albeit at a nude resort.

It offers a year-round naturist experience, as well as exceptional facilities, such as campsites with direct waterfront views, paddle boarding, kayaking, spa services, picnic areas, a game room, and a state-of-the-art clubhouse. 

You can watch some entertaining animal life here too, such as colorful birds, turtles, and other wild but friendly creatures. Of course, nude sunbathing can also be enjoyed in the peaceful surroundings of this 21 acre RV park beach. 

There’s always a crowd, yet you never feel crowded at Emerald Lake.

That’s because this community of beach lovers typically embrace a laid back attitude, making it a great place to swim, soak up the sun, and enjoy interacting with others. 

If fishing is your thing, you’ll be pleased to discover that no licenses from the town are necessary to engage in this activity at Emerald Lake.

Learn more about Emerald Lake Naturist Resort.

Hippie Hollow Park – Austin’s Best-Kept Secret

hippie hollow nude beach in Texas
Photo: Chloe Mun, Travis County Parks Department
  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Type: Lakeside beach

Hippie Hollow Park also makes the list of the best nudist beaches in Texas.

Located on the east side of Lake Travis, Hippie Hollow has an unspoiled landscape and a true retro ambiance.

This is because Lake Travis has changed little since the country’s actual hippie heyday. With Austin’s scorching summers, there’s no better option than the nudist beach at Hippie Hollow.

This hidden Austin landmark is a 30-minute ride from downtown Austin, and visitors are welcomed rain or shine. 

One of the most picturesque nude beaches in the country, Hippie Hollow park features a multitude of small coves, which descend from a half-mile long paved trail that leads to the western side of the park. 

Surrounding green hills and aqua water will make any visitor feel as if he or she is in a little slice of paradise.

A small pebble beach is the favored section of Hippie Hollow among nudist beach fans. Interestingly, it has remained one of the most popular nude beach areas in Texas, despite the fact that there is no sand. 

You’ll need to do your sun worshiping from a floatable device on the water, or bring a blanket to ensure you’re comfortable.

What to Keep in Mind when Visiting Hippie Hollow

Although public toplessness is legal in Texas, wait until you are at the lake before ditching all your clothing.

Most parks don’t allow you to live a nudist’s life within viewing distance of common areas, so you’re better off waiting until you’re on the shore and a bit more out of sight before shedding your attire.

Be aware that laws about photo taking are very strict at parks like Hippie Hollow, so ask permission before taking anyone’s picture. 

Try to arrive early, because this park quickly reaches capacity, and when this happens, the Hollow will close for the rest of the day.

Learn more about Hippie Hollow State Beach.

Bolivar-McFaddin Nude Beach in Texas

Stretch of sand and beach, part of which is one of many nude beaches in Texas
Photo courtesy Visit Port Arthur
  • Location: Port Arthur, Texas
  • Type: Sandy beach on the Gulf

Mentioning nude beaches without bringing up Bolivar-McFaddin Beach just wouldn’t be right. Located on a beautiful stretch of the Bolivar Peninsula, McFaddin is a place where naturism thrives. 

If you are intent on shedding your clothes at McFaddin Beach, there are a few things you need to know.

For example, if you miss the sign warning you about the terrain, pay attention or you may find yourself trapped on trails too difficult to navigate. 

One of the most remote beaches in the country, McFaddin is surrounded by an extremely beautiful but rugged landscape.

The bottom line is, any nudist heading to this area needs to do it in a four-wheel-drive.

Alternatively, if you have the money, renting a four-wheel-drive to access the beach is also an option.

An Interesting Gray Area about Bolivar-McFaddin

Although nudity is common at McFaddin Beach, it’s essential to understand that this area is not specifically designated as a nude beach. Rather, it’s in a bit of a gray area where the laws are concerned.

That doesn’t mean that baring your lower half is something you must forgo when you visit McFaddin. This is because of its unique location.

The surrounding topography makes it virtually impossible for anyone to stumble on to this beach, and there are no residential areas in that part of the county.  

Therefore, although it is not specifically a nudists beach, this great section of the coast with its rocky shoreline is so far off the beaten path that you can get away with it.

Just make sure to cover your bottom half if one of those official ranger trucks happens to spin by. It’s also a good idea to bring a cooler or knapsack with some supplies for the day.

If you want to travel light, though, you do have one option for purchasing snack foods, ice, and gasoline, and this is the one tiny store in the nearby town of High Island.

Learn more about McFaddin Beach here.

UFO South Padre Island, one of the funkiest Nude Beaches in Texas

  • Location: Padre Island
  • Type: Unsanctioned nude beach

If you’ve put your plans for a classic resort vacation in California on hold in lieu of something a little less mainstream and a bit quirkier, head to UFO Beach at Padre Island National Seashore. 

This nude beach, with its extraterrestrial-inspired name, is in a class by itself, and probably doesn’t fit any exact category. Rest assured, this is a good thing. 

It’s somewhat amusing that the name came from a flying saucer-shaped buoy that once washed up on its shore. The year this happened, a travel blogger took a picture and the rest is history. 

The most famous spot you’ve never heard of, UFO Beach made the top 10 on the Traveler’s Digest Ten Best Nude Beaches list, even though its status as a nude beach is unofficial.

The area is well known as a naturalistic sunbather’s paradise, though, and town officials are highly tolerant of nude sun worshiping in the beach’s secluded areas.

About 20 miles from Brownsville, this is another beach that requires four-wheel-drive vehicles–or a willingness to hike–to reach Beach Access Number Six, which is where the action is.

Just keep in mind that the road terminates at South Padre Sand Dunes, so be ready to hike or four-wheel-drive it from there.

The beach is particularly popular with college partygoers, so if you are planning an outing for spring break, forget California and Florida, and head to South Padre Island, where beach parties come to life.

Learn more about UFO Beach.

What about Barton Springs?

While some people claim Barton Springs is a nude beach in Texas, upon further research, it’s frowned upon to go au naturel here. This family-friendly swimming hole near Austin is beautiful – lined with shady trees and flat rocks.

We have heard of reports that some people go topless here, but that might be able all you can do in Barton Springs.

Even though nudity is illegal at Barton Springs in Austin, some people have dared to go bare in the wee hours of the morning or at night.

Go naked at your own risk.

The Best Little Nude Beach in Texas

Nude beaches in Texas rival those found in Hawaii and Florida, but some naked sunbathing enthusiasts do their best to keep these hidden gems a secret from other nudist beach fans in the USA. 

Therefore, if you find clothing an encumbrance, but you live in Texas or want to visit this great part of the country, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

Maybe you’re exploring the coast for a direct access island beach or searching for a more secluded spot.

Perhaps you simply prefer limestone cliffs and a rocky shoreline, and any nudist beach with those characteristics will do. Whatever your pleasure, the best little nude beach in Texas awaits.

Don’t Mess with Texas  

When visiting nude beaches in Texas, remember that merely because it’s okay to bare it all, there’s still a code of behavior that should always be followed. Beware of an “anything goes” mindset that may get you into trouble.

Always try to be alert to those around you and avoid intentionally exposing yourself to someone in a way that may be offensive if it’s clear that person is not interested.

Touching others is always prohibited and prolonged staring can be considered harassment.

Also remember that in most areas you’re swimming or sunbathing at your own risk, so familiarize yourself with safety precautions and each facility’s rules and regulations.

Ultimately, if going au naturel is your thing in this life, you can’t go wrong at any of the fantastic beaches mentioned above. 

Plan your trip to Texas with our interactive map:

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