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Hedonism Resort Review: Should You Go to this Sexy Resort in Jamaica?

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At Hedonism resort in Jamaica, anything goes. I mean, anything.

My partner Leroy and I were on the nude side of the resort, hanging out in the pool, drinks in hand. It was “game time”, and a Jamaican man standing on the edge of the pool yelled: “Get ready for the car wash!” He then blasted the 1970s song “Car Wash” fro the poolside speakers.

We watched, mouths open, as women formed two naked lines in the edge of the pool, armed themselves with soap, and “washed” men as they walked through the lines. And they didn’t just use their hands.

Game time” on the nude side of Hedonism II resort is as spicy as you can imagine. Games are risque, you’ll witness poolside sex, and there’s partying into the wee hours of the night.

But Hedonism resort isn’t only for swingers or people with a wild side. Non-swingers also go, an many stay on the “prude side of the resort.”

In this Hedonism resort review, we’ll tell you all about our experience at this fun outdoor playground, and you can decide if you want to go, too!

What is Hedonism II?

Hedonism II is nestled next to the iconic Sandals resort on a gorgeous 7-mile beach in Negril, Jamaica. This place isn’t just another resort – it’s been a go-to destination for 37 years for those looking for something a bit different.

The resort is split into two areas: the “prude” side and the “nude” side. The “prude” side gives you the choice to wear as much or as little as you like, perfect for non-swingers or people simply curious about the lifestyle.

On the other hand, the “nude” side is exactly what it sounds like – no clothing allowed. It’s a total commitment to the free-spirited lifestyle, with a strict no-cameras policy to keep it private and comfortable for everyone. You can lounge on the chaises near the beach, walk along the water, or take a dip in the pool or hot tub.

Hedonism resort is all-inclusive, and you’ll have access to a variety of buffets, restaurants and top-shelf bars.

Arriving at Hedonism Resort

friendly staff wait to check you in at Hedonism II
Photo courtesy Hedonism resort

Getting to Hedonism II is no picnic. We landed in Montego Bay and caught a 90-minute shuttle across the island to get to Negril. The shuttle bounced through very poor neighborhoods and rough roads, but we arrived safety at Hedo.

Upon our arrival, staff gave us a tropical drink and walked us to our room, located on the nude side of the resort. When we were there in 2018, some construction was going on around the resort as they spruced up their facilities. As Hedonism has been around for decades, many of the buildings looked slightly run down, an issue the resort was actively trying to remedy.

The Rooms at Hedonism II

A bed and a hot tub with views of the sea at Hedonism resort
Photo courtesy Hedonism

There are 280 rooms at Hedonism, from oceanfront nude rooms to garden view prude rooms. If you want to spend a little more money, you can book a premium suite. These offer private terraces with views of the ocean or lush jungle, private hot tubs, flat screen TVs, rain shower, coffee maker, refrigerator, hair dryer, and a safety deposit box.

We found our room to be modern and clean, with a view of chaise lounges below and a little slice of sea. The rainfall shower was lovely and the bed comfortable.

Rooms range in price from around $500-$1,000 per night, depending on the type of room and time of year.

view of chaise lounges and the sea from a room at Hedonism II
This was the view from our room at Hedo

Book Your Room at Hedonism now.

Amenities at Hedonism II

hobie cats on the beach at Hedonism resort in Jamaica
We took full advantage of the water sports and took these Hobie cats out daily

Some of the highest points given in our Hedonism resort review are for the amenities. We’ve never seen so many awesome amenities included in the nightly rate.

Here’s a taste of what this clothing optional resort in Jamaica offers:

  • Up to two scuba dives per day for PADI-certified divers
  • Water sports, including hobie cat, windsurf gear, paddleboards, kayaks, sunfish sailing and snorkeling
  • Land sports, including tennis, shuffleboard, volleyball, table tennis and game rooms
  • Fitness center
  • Hot tubs, nude and prude side
  • Three freshwater pools
  • Swim-up pool bars, nude and prude side
  • Cascading plunge pools
  • Beachfront pool
  • Waterfall lagoon

We met one couple from South Dakota who aren’t into any of the “sexy stuff” at Hedonism; they just like the resort amenities and go to take advantage of the scuba diving program.

We thoroughly enjoyed the water sports offerings at Hedo. We took the hobi cats out faily and went windsurfing and snorkeling.

The Spa

We didn’t use the spa, but there is one on site if you want to treat yourself to a massage, facial, body scrub, wax, mani/pedi or haircut. These cost extra.

Food and Drink

Flame restaurant at Hedonism resort in Jamaica
Flame offers a romantic environment for a night out

Another thing we were blown away by at Hedonism resort was the food and drink. We just LOVED the daily buffet at the Terrace Restaurant full of fresh and healthy foods, including Jamaican specialities. Everyone gathered in a large room several times per day to eat and drink and at night, Hedonism staff members put on a raucous show on stage, which included sexy dancing, singing and a talent show.

If you don’t want to eat at the buffet all the time, Hedo also offers a variety of specialty restaurants, no reservations required. Here are some you can try:

  • Pastafari: Italian with a Jamaican accent
  • Harrysan: Japanese-style
  • Beach grills: the grill serves the standard grill options such as jerk chicken, grill cheese, nachos, grilled fish and more!
  • Flame: Flame features juicy tender steak entrees and gourmet pizzas, among other specialty items

Entertainment and Nightlife

man in a sexy outfit dancing at Hedonism II resort
Photo courtesy Hedonism resort

You’re in for a treat after the sun goes down at Hedonism resort. There’s a theme party every night, as well as a piano bar and live music.

We thoroughly enjoyed the foam party, where slippery people danced erotically while music blasted.

Here’s an example of some of the theme nights at Hedo:

  • Lawyer bros and prison hoes
  • Jamaica night
  • EDM glow rave
  • Fetish leather and lingerie
  • Casino night
  • Rockstar gala
  • Wild western

We didn’t bring outfits for the theme nights but went anyway to partake in the dancing and revelry. Some people packed large suitcases full of outfits for theme nights, so you can participate in any way you want.

There also a nightclub at Hedonism II, where you can drink top-shelf beverages and dance the night away.

The Sexy Side of Hedonism II in Jamaica

beds shown in the playroom at Hedonism II resort
Photo of the playroom courtesy Hedonism resort

Hedonism resort is a great place to explore your sexuality – either with your partner or on your own. Hedo does allow both singles and couples, unlike other sexy resorts we’ve been to. However, single males are ONLY invited into the playroom if invited by a couple.

And yes, public sex happens at Hedonism resort. However, if you don’t want to see sex, you don’t have to. Sex is only allowed in certain parts of the resort.

Here’s where:

The Nude Side

Sexy stuff happens all the time over on the nude side of Hedonism II. There will be couples having sex by the pool, on the chaise lounges, and in the poolside playroom called the “Happening Hut”. There are daily “sexy games,” which can either be playful or overtly sexual. One person told us about one game where the women were blind-folded and had to identify their husbands by their…..male parts. Other games included a wet T-shirt contest, or the car wash I told you about earlier.

The Main Playroom

The other location where sex happens at Hedonism II is in the playroom. The playroom is open 10pm-3am daily, and is staffed by the friendly Playroom Hostess. Guests on a day or night pass are not allowed in the playroom, which is full of beds, towels, and condoms.

Sex isn’t allowed anywhere else, so you can make your trip to Hedonism what you desire.

What Does Hedonism II Cost?

In our Hedonism resort review, it’s important that we talk about the price! Going to Hedo won’t be a cheap vacation, but in terms of all-inclusive resorts, we think you’ll get value for the money.

Room Costs:

The price of rooms changes throughout the year, and based on what type of room you get. We’ve seen prices as low as $490 and as high as $970.

Keep in mind that Hedonism does run a lot of “sexy specials”, so keep your eye on those for a cheaper rate.

Guest Passes:

Another way to experience Hedonism II is to purchase a guest pass. Here are the rates for those:

Day Pass Rates:

  • $150.00 per couple
  • $200.00 per single male
  • $80.00 per single female

Day Pass time: 10:30am – 6:00pm.

Night Pass Rates:

  • $170.00 per couple
  • $200.00 per single male
  • $90.00 per single female

Night Pass time: 6:00pm – 2:00am.

There are special rates for holidays and events.

Overall Cost vs Experience

We went to Hedonism II on a press trip, so we didn’t foot the bill for the resort. That being said, I would pay the $500 per night for a room. I’d probably check the calendar first to see if there was a special event happening to make the resort busier. It’s a long trek and it would be unfortunate to pay a ton of money for a dead scene.

To assess whether the overall cost is justified, we need to consider personal experiences. One visitor found tremendous value, calling it possibly the best vacation of their life, which suggests the price can be worth it if the resort’s offerings align well with our expectations.

Conversely, some guests may not find the resort to provide enough value for the money spent, indicating that experiences can vary significantly. As one review mentioned, it was “not value for money”, reminding us it’s crucial to consider what’s most important to us when evaluating the cost against the experience.

For those new to the Hedonism II experience, suggestions to “know before you go” underscore the importance of research to align expectations with what’s offered.

Our Experience at Hedonism II

man walks on a boardwalk at Hedonism II resort
Walking to our room on a boardwalk through the jungle

We had a great time at Hedonism and can’t wait to go back. We thought the resort was beautiful, with a jungle and Caribbean feel. We loved the beach, the crystal clear warm water, the water sports and the excitement of the nude side of the resort.

The food was top-notch, as was the entertainment.

We also loved the people. There’s such a non-judgmental vibe about the place. There were no other errors in the text provided. feeling at Hedonism Resort. You can talk to anyone about anything, no holds barred.

You can choose to play with other couples or just explore your sexuality with your partner, maybe dabbling in exhibitionism or voyeurism.

Or you don’t have do any of that, instead opting to scuba dive daily and enjoy the restaurants and bars.

Should You Go to Hedonism II?

According to reviews, both non-swingers and singles feel welcome and have their place at the resort, adding to its inclusive atmosphere despite what one might expect given its reputation for being a swinger’s hotspot. The recurring theme here: go with an open mind, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

For any first-timers, it can be a mix of nerves and excitement. We noticed many, like us, aren’t swingers and have no wish to join that scene, and that’s okay! The environment doesn’t pressure anyone to participate in anything they’re not comfortable with.

Now for some advice:

  • Do Your Research: Read up on experiences from solo female travelers as well as single males to set accurate expectations.
  • Pack Accordingly: Bring an open mind and the essentials for themed nights.
  • Connect with Others: Consider joining online forums or social media groups to get to know folks before arriving.

At Hedonism II, we found it’s all about the experience we make it. Have fun, respect others, and who knows, we might fall in love with Hedo and keep coming back for more!

We hope you enjoyed this Hedonism resort review. If you went to Hedonism, let us know what you thought in the comments!

Want to try out Hedonism II resort?

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