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Michigan Nude Resorts for Going Naked in the Midwest

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If you enjoy landscapes that include prairie grass, lakes, and plains but love them even more when you have the freedom to go without clothes, then Turtle Lake Resort and similar establishments should top your list. For some of us, being able to relax without the constraints of clothing is crucial to a successful getaway, and Michigan nude resorts answer that need. 

Finding the Best Michigan Nude Resorts

Whether you’re planning to visit a beach area, spend time on hiking trails or at campsites, or simply enjoy that hard-earned rest, clothing optional resorts are your best bet if you prefer a naturist lifestyle.

Both first-timers and seasoned naturists who want to swim, dance naked, or just enjoy a relaxing atmosphere under the Midwest sun should carefully choose their destinations. 

This is because Michigan is home to some of the best nudist resorts and clothing optional facilities there are, all of which offer the freedom you’re seeking.

Some of these include premier establishments such as Turtle Lake Resort and Cherry Lane Nudist Resort, where there is something for everyone and the staff members treat guests like friends.

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Narrowing Down Your Choices for the Best Michigan Nude Resorts

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Finding a nudist campground or resort that has the perfect clubhouse, fire pit, and tiki bar does not have to be a grueling chore. Below are some top resorts you can consider and compare before making a final selection:

Turtle Lake Michigan Nude Resort

The outdoor pool at Turtle Lake nude resort in Michigan
The outdoor pool at Turtle Lake Resort

Turtle Lake Nudist Resort is in Union City, in the center of Michigan’s picturesque lakes, so rest assured, you will be surrounded by beauty at this popular location.  Turtle Lake is widely known as one of the Midwest’s finest facilities, where nudity is simply a way of life.

If you’re wondering what to do, you’ll be happy to know the resort is home to golfing, an enchanting lagoon, campground sites, fishing, tennis courts, volleyball, saunas and a hot tub. Several pools are also located on the grounds.

Most Michigan nude resorts feature various amenities, such as mini golf, volleyball courts, a clubhouse, and swimming pools, and Turtle Lake Resort is no different. This facility always has you covered–except when it comes to clothing! The resort has gone above and beyond to make sure you are happy and that you enjoy every activity or event in which you participate.

Turtle Lake is also renowned for its fun and exciting annual Music Fest event. Additionally, staff members schedule games and year-round activities for visitors of all ages.  This facility is arguably the most amenity-rich nudist resort in the Midwest, yet its property still features an unspoiled landscape and a free, peaceful atmosphere that appeals to everyone.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or want to join friends for an extended vacation where going naked is an option, Turtle Lake Resort won’t let you down. This establishment has earned its place on the favorites list among those who embrace the nudist lifestyle and is an excellent choice for virtually any nature lover.

Cherry Lane Nudist Resort

Whether you want to participate in a special event, soak in a hot tub, indulge in a weekend of golf, or merely enjoy some sun and fun at the pool, Cherry Lane Nudist Resort is a stalwart choice.

Attractions abound in this beautiful, 80-acre resort in south Michigan, including a campground site, hotel rooms, a pond, a party pool, scheduled events, ping-pong, volleyball, nature trails, and a fantastic nightlife and party atmosphere. 

This Michigan nude resort’s rentals and campground facilities are state-of-the-art quality. If you choose to rent a trailer, it comes equipped with dishes, pots and pans, silverware, a TV and radio, queen-size bed, microwave, stove, refrigerator and toilet.

Other amenities include a fantastic dance floor, picnic tables, golf carts for rent, a new, heated pool, as well as a standard pool, and extra campsites.

If you’re looking for an interesting event, consider scheduling your resort visit during Cherry Lane’s renowned volleyball tournament or one of its many other year-round events.  One of the best nudist resorts in Michigan, this facility will not disappoint.

Whispering Oaks Nudist Resort

The jacuzzi at a Michigan nude resort
The jacuzzi at Whispering Oaks

This naturist establishment is located in a beautiful, secluded area near Detroit, and offers patrons exceptional service and amenities. Whispering Oaks Nudist Resort provides that escape you are looking for, and combines quaint charm with top-notch units and engaging activities.

At the resort’s modern and impeccably clean clubhouse, you can join others on a spacious dance floor, play darts, enjoy a ping pong game or two, or simply relax and watch TV.

The property has a fire pit, picnic area, whirlpool, small private lake, heated swimming pool, and spa. The resort also boasts a waterslide and swimming rafts on site. 

Forest Hills Club

A stunning natural campground location and beautifully appointed rental cabins are the welcoming features at Forest Hills Club. Among all nudist resorts in the Midwest, this establishment is ideal for both first timers and seasoned nudists. Forest Hills Club offers fully equipped cabin rentals, nestled into an impressive, natural background.

The combination of this facility’s friendly atmosphere and its beautiful surroundings makes it a home run for anyone seeking a nude resort in Michigan that is peaceful and exciting at the same time. Forest Hills somehow manages to be both at virtually all times, making it an ideal destination for a weekend with friends or family.

The resort is home to picnic areas, a heated pool, a dog park, hiking trails, campsites, and a club pavilion where visitors can socialize. Additionally, staff members plan plenty of activities and games for those who wish to participate, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself no matter when you visit.

Nuance Naturist Bed and Breakfast

Located just North of Battle Creek in Southwest Michigan, Nuance Naturist Bed and Breakfast is a haven for anyone who embraces the nudist lifestyle.

This top-notch nude B&B in Michigan offers an impressive amenity list, as well as stunning, year-round views. The rooms and facilities combine old-world charm with modern conveniences, and planned activities are almost always available for visitors and guests.

This resort will beckon you to step outside into the surrounding wetlands and woodlands, if for nothing more than to enjoy the glorious views. Whether you want to bird watch, read, play games, explore, swim, or go on long nature walks, you can do so in Nuance’s wonderful, clothes-free environment.

Breakfast is a wonderful event visitors look forward to each day, and the polite and courteous staff members make it their mission to ensure you have a memorable vacation.

Spruce Hollow Campground

The pool and lounge chairs at Spruce Hollow nude resort in Michigan
Photo courtesy Spruce Hollow

In the event you’re looking for a nudist campground in Northern Michigan that’s open mid-May-December, Spruce Hollow Campground is waiting for you. However, it’s important to understand that this campground is private, and is designated as a ladies’ camp.

This does not mean that men can’t visit, it simply means that if they do, a female must accompany them or they won’t be admitted.

There is no charge for a day pass for ladies and they also qualify for camping discounts. Both long-term visitors and day pass patrons have access to the same sites and amenities. Therefore, whether you are planning a day trip or a week-long vacation, you’ll be satisfied.

The Spruce caters to both lifestyle and naturalist patrons, so it is a rather mixed club. Nevertheless, all guests have deep respect for one another, adding to the tranquil atmosphere of this private campground. Join other Spruce Hollow patrons who know how to give peace a chance!

Nude Resorts and Proper Etiquette

Whether you’re searching for a family-friendly resort like Turtle Lake or an adults-only, clothing-optional facility like Nuance, make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the establishment you visit. Each resort has a website where such information can be reviewed in the event you are unsure of a specific rule.

You can read our article about nude resort etiquette here.

Don’t Embarrass Your Friends–Or Yourself

If you plan to party with friends, make sure any guests you bring realize that if the night life and adult fun get out of control, it will make you look bad as a member. Getting drunk and doing wheelies on a golf cart will not bode well with the establishment’s owners or with other guests at the site.

Always be aware of other patrons and do not join a conversation or private event unless it is clear you are welcome. Avoiding situations that make others uncomfortable is the best way to enjoy a week or a night away with your friends or significant other.

So choose a great nudist resort, get yourself a day pass, book a weekend, or reserve several weeks in a clothing free paradise and find out exactly why these places are so much fun!

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