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Bare Essentials: Your Comprehensive Nude Resort Packing List

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You might think that going to a nude resort means you don’t have to bring anything, but we’ve found the complete opposite to be true.

We’ve been to several nudist resorts and there are many items we just can’t live without.

Here is your nude resort packing list, which we hope comes in handy when you’re traveling in the buff!

Our Nude Resort Packing List

nude resort packing list


Yes, you will be spending a lot of time naked at a nude resort, but there are a few pieces of clothing you will want to have. Here are our suggestions.

Workout clothes

While some people enjoy exercising in the buff, that’s something I do not enjoy at nude resorts. Especially being a woman, I like wearing a comfortable sports bra when I’m jumping around or lifting weights.

Also, some nude resorts have hiking trails and we typically prefer wearing sun clothes during the heat of the day.

Clothes for theme nights and restaurants

You’ll also want an outfit for theme nights, restaurants and dances. Some people wear slinky lingerie, and others wear dresses and casual button-up shirts. Or you can go completely naked at these events and in the restaurants as well!

Depending on the time of year, nude resorts can get chilly at night so we’d recommend adding a light jacket or

Pool wear

Nude resorts typically don’t allow clothing or bathing suits of any type, but you can wear a sarong while you’re walking around or lounging in the sun.

Mineral Body Sunscreen

While plenty of people sunbathe and get very tan at nude resorts, we choose to protect our skin so that it doesn’t prematurely age.

This can either mean lounging around in the shade or putting on a hefty dose of sunscreen. We prefer mineral sunscreen as it’s better for the body and environment.


While shoes are not necessary at a nude resort, it is important to bring a pair of sandals or flip-flops for walking around the resort and to protect the feet from hot surfaces.

Even though they are ugly, we both own a pair of crocs and find these really come in handy at nude resorts. They are easy to slip off and on and also protect your toes from stubbing.

It is also recommended to bring a pair of athletic shoes for participating in sports activities, such as tennis, volleyball, pickleball or hiking.

Turkish Towel

We are obsessed with our Turkish towels as they are comfortable, quick-drying and really absorbent.

They can also double as a shower towel and a sarong if you don’t want to bring so many items.


While lounging by the pool or on the beach, a good book can be a great way to relax and unwind. I love my Kindle as it’s easy to read in the sun and can store thousands of books. Plus, if you run out of a book it’s easy to just purchase another one on Amazon!

Ear Buds

I am also obsessed with my Apple AirPods. These are great for their noise-canceling properties, and make it really easy to listen to a podcast or your own music when lounging poolside. They are also great for any walks or hikes you might take in the nude resort.

A Soft Sided Cooler

If you want to bring snacks and lunch to the pool, we recommended a soft-sided cooler as part of your nude resort packing list. These can keep your own drinks and snacks cool for hours, and also gives you a spot to store your utensils, plates and other essential items for a nude resort.

A Sun Hat

A sun hat is definitely an essential item that needs to be on your nude resort packing list. Nobody wants to sit by the pool with the sun in their eyes. Plus, wearing a fashionable sun hat protects the delicate skin of your face, which reduces the chances of premature aging.

Both Leory and I ALWAYS wear a sun hat during the peak hours of the day.

An Insulated Water Bottle

I love my insulated water bottle by Hydroflask as it can keep a drink cold for hours. Add some ice and pack a bottle of lemonade or ice tea for your poolside lounging. Or, you can simply have ice water on a hot day, which is refreshing and healthy.

A Yoga Mat

I love doing yoga at a nude resort, either at my campsite or in the gym. You can also bring a yoga mat to the pool and use it either for simple stretching, lounging or a light yoga session. Some nude resorts even offer classes! I wouldn’t go anywhere without my yoga mat, and it’s definitely on my nude resort packing list.

Overall, these optional items can enhance your nudist vacation and make it even more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for entertainment, snacks, or accessories, be sure to pack what you need to make your stay comfortable and fun.

Check out some of our favorite nude resorts:

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