Where to Get Naked in Spain: The Best Beaches, Resorts and Retreats

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Many romantics think of Spain as a place to find love. Naturists know that when it comes to Spanish beaches, their way of life is more accepted than perhaps any other destination in the world. You might even say the best nudist beaches are in Spain.

Spanish culture, when compared to American culture, is much more accepting of nudity. While naturists treat their way of life with respect, the community expects them to be respectful of those around them who prefer to wear clothes as well. It’s a mutual understanding that works out for everyone. 

Along the Spanish coast, there are many nude beaches, most of them unofficial. However, you can find several local spots to bare it all as you take in the temperate conditions. 

With so many spots to take life in au naturel, you might think that going naked in Spain would be an acceptable option. However, that’s not always the case. 

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Going Naked in Spain: Laws About Public Nudity

Spanish law does not include anything outlawing public nudity. However, there is a fine line between baring your birthday suit as you’re walking around in the city and taking in the sun on a nude beach. 

When it comes to being naked in Spain, it’s all about understanding cultural expectations around public nudity. Some places welcome nudity while others set the tone that clothes are required. Be sure to read between the lines if you’re not sure if bare skin is allowed. 

Even on the beach, nudity shouldn’t be assumed to be welcomed. There are official nude beaches that allow the practice of enjoying the water with no clothes on, but not all beaches are completely open to full nudity. 

You may also find adult-only beaches listed in your travel guide. While it might be easy to assume that this means specific things are happening at those nudist beaches, this is not the case. Adults-only isn’t something that implies sexual intent, though Spanish law steps in if things go south. 

The main reason Spaniards strip down is to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of their native lands. Naturists who join them in this pleasure are welcome to shed their clothes for the cause. 

Catalonia Province

one of the best places to get naked in spain
Cala Boadella in Spain. Photo: Fèlix González

We count at least seven beaches you should visit when going naked in Spain just in the Catalonia Province. From nudist-friendly beaches that cater directly to tourists to local spots that offer more secluded surroundings, Catalonia Province is a prime area for naturist beach-goers. 

Both Cala Boadella and L’illa Roja are busiest during the high season. These two clothing-optional beaches in Spain offer beautiful views that can take your breath away while walking naked along the sands. Take part in nude sunbathing as you drink in crystal clear waters and golden sand.

If you’re looking to explore the Costa Brava region, check out L’illa Roja. The high cliffs make this a popular spot for the locals to visit when they need to get away and shed more than just their worries.  

There are plenty of unofficial nude beaches in Catalonia Province as well. Platja de la Murtra, located between Barcelona and Girona, is one of them.

Platja Naturista del Torn and Playa Naturista La Sabinosa invite locals and tourists to explore the Spanish coastline. These beautiful nudist beaches won’t judge your bare skin. 

Finally, you should definitely add Mar Bella Beach and Sant Sebastià Beach to your Spain bucket list. Sant Sebastià Beach is located near Barcelona and features modern attractions alongside one of the region’s oldest beaches. 

Sant Sebastià Beach is about a kilometer in length and invites beach-goers from all walks of life to enjoy a clothing-optional experience. The nude beach itself features a dedicated area for those who enjoy life au naturel on golden sand. 

In addition, you can also visit a sports club closer to civilization that features amphibious wheelchairs, ice cream stalls, and indoor swimming pools. 

Mar Bella Beach isn’t quite as modernly equipped. However, it offers many a college student access to a judgment-free zone where anything goes, including your clothes. 

The atmosphere of Mar Bella Beach is family-friendly, with the occasional nudist wandering away from the dedicated area. All the same, you can take kayak tours, visit the local cafes nearby, or even shower after a day in the sun. Lifeguards are also on duty in case of emergency. 

Check out the map for places to stay in Catalonia Province in Spain:

Valencia Province

altea nude beach is a great place to get naked in spain

Narrowing down the amazing sights of Valencia Province when going naked in Spain is difficult, but we’ll focus on three main nudist-friendly beaches you can visit to strip down to your bare skin. The first is the naturist beach of Altea, which is about a kilometer long and narrow. 

Couples love to visit Altea’s naturist beach to bare it all and enjoy a day together making memories. The same could be said for Platja dels Tossals, which is another clothing-optional beach in this province. 

Compared to the naturist beach in Altea, Platja dels Tossals commands a large area that’s covered in beautiful sand and natural naked bodies. The dunes in the background set the tone for a sandy adventure ready to be experienced. 

The best part about Platja dels Tossals is that certain spots are more popular than others. While this can make it difficult to manage when it’s busy, there are also secluded spots you can visit to get away from it all, au naturel. Platja dels Tossals also offers local nearby restaurants and free parking. 

Last but not least in Valencia Province is Platja Raco del Conill. If you’re looking for a beach with water as transparent as your invisible garments, this is the spot. Platja Raco del Conill is a perfect place for snorkeling or enjoying an ice-cold drink at the summer bar. There are also restroom facilities and plenty of coves to explore as well.  

Check out the below map for places to stay in Valencia Province.

Andalucia Province

The most famous nude beach in Spain can be found in Andalucia Province. Known as Vera Playa, this beach is also part of a larger area that welcomes the naturist way of life. Because who doesn’t want to stroll along a seven-kilometer beach without a stitch of clothing on?

Surrounding Vera Playa are several clothing-optional hotels and restaurants you can visit. This beach is popular during the high season but features shopping and cafes to help you experience the Spanish way of life. 

Vera Playa is also part of a naturist village with the same name so it’s a fantastic place if you want to go naked in Spain. However, there are many other beaches in this province to explore in the buff. 

For example, Playa De Los Muertos is a wide beach welcome to those wanting to strip down to their birthday suit. It’s not a beach easily accessible by the main road, but trekking in can be rewarding when you take off your sweaty clothing. However, there are no facilities available nearby, so you’ll truly be going au naturel should nature call. 

In addition to Playa De Los Muertos, both Playa de Cabopino and Playa Nudista Benalnatura offer naturists yet another beach to frequent in the buff. Nudity is obligatory at Playa Nudista Benalnatura and both beaches offer restrooms. 

The final beach we’ll highlight in Andalucia Province is Playa Ocio, which is a 10-minute walk from Plaza Major. Most of the visitors who come to this beach live in or near Malaga. If you’re looking for a secluded spot to strip down to bare skin, Playa Ocio is your destination. 

Check out accommodations in the nudist-friendly Vera Playa:

Balearic Islands

Es trenc nude beach for going naked in spain
Es Trenc beach. Photo: Cayetano

Though we could spend more time on nude beaches in the Balearic Islands, there are two we want to highlight for you. The first is Es Trenc and the second is Aguas Blancas. 

Es Trenc is a two-kilometer-long white sandy beach complete with waves so green you’d think they were precious gems. Smack dab in the middle of the beach is a nudist-friendly section that caters to those who enjoy life with less on. 

What’s great about Es Trenc is that you don’t have to worry about commerce building up around this gem of a beach. The no-development zone keeps the beach the way it is, specifically as part of the nature reserve it calls home.

Es Trenc is one of the more popular destinations on Mallorca Island, but you’d better pack an umbrella as there’s no shade to shelter you from the sun. 

Alternatively, you can visit Aguas Blancas. The shallow waters of this beach don’t offer much in the way of deep-sea swimming, but you can easily go early in the day to relax and let your pores breathe. Once the sun starts to fall, you’ll want to exit Aguas Blancas quickly as the rising cliffs block any more nourishing sunlight. 

Check out places to stay near Es Trenc nude beach in Spain:

Canary Islands

corralejo nude beach in spain
Corralejo Beach. Photo: Alistair Young

To list all the amazing beaches in the Canary Islands would probably take another post entirely, but we’ll do justice to the best of them. The first on our list is Corralejo Beach, located in northern Fuerteventura. This beach is surrounded by other, smaller beaches, as well as high winds that can make relaxing a bit challenging sometimes.

Should you experience any wind, you can visit Puerto Tazacorte instead. This beach features black sand and is located near the Puerto Tazacorte harbor. It’s a favorite spot among both locals and tourists. 

Playa de Caleta del Congrio and Playa del Pozo are next on our list. These two naturist beaches charge an entrance fee but don’t have any facilities to speak of. If you want to experience Playa del Pozo without paying, you’ll be subject to a 45-minute hike, so bring your hiking boots. Playa del Pozo is the eighth beach of the Papagayo beaches, while Playa de Caleta del Congrio is located in south Lanzarote. 

Surfers love Playa de la Tejita, which is a long sandy beach that rarely gets crowded. In contrast, Playa del Inglés is one of the more popular destinations in Gran Canaria. Hundreds of naturists, many of them tourists, visit this clothing-optional beach each day. Some even frequent the gay-friendly zone near the seventh snack hut. 

Playa del Inglés is located in Maspalomas, along with several resorts, including Artika Natura and Magnolias Natura. Any Maspalomas beach destinations are sure to dazzle you in their natural beauty as you experience them in the nude. 

Finally, Playa de La Cantería is well known for its yellow sand and volcanic rocks. The beach itself is less than a kilometer in length but is best for surfing between November and February. Swimming is not necessarily advised, as the rip currents of Playa de La Cantería can prove deadly. However, nudists are welcome in the western part of the beach, where relaxing in the buff is common. 

Use this map to book your stay in the Canary Islands:

Playa de Ses Illetes

This nudist-friendly beach is located on the island of Formentera, which is only reachable by boat. There are several naturist beaches along the island, one of which is the Playa de Ses Illetes. 

The name of this beach comes from the cluster of six tiny islands just off the coast. This clothing-optional beach is busiest during the high season but the commitment of a boat ride can deter some tourists. 

Siete Playas

Located in the Basque Province, Siete Playas welcomes naturists wanting to experience Spain with every inch of their bare skin. There are no facilities at this naturist-friendly beach, but you can visit a beach bar nearby to use the restroom. 

Many Spaniards love Siete Playas for the beautiful sights it offers. You can easily access the beach via stairs at one end. 

Torimbia Beach

This family-friendly nudist beach is located in the Asturias Province. It’s busiest on the weekends when kids are out of school, but you can easily visit during the week for a more relaxed setting. 

This clothing-friendly beach offers lifeguards, restroom facilities, and a bar. Come enjoy all that Spain has to offer with a few days spent in the sun on Torimbia Beach—no clothes required! 

Bascuas Beach

If the Galicia Province is on your itinerary for going naked in Spain, don’t forget to visit Bascuas Beach. Locals often refer to this spot as the most beautiful location in the area. Visit during low tide to get the most out of Bascuas Beach in beautiful Spain.  

Visiting Nude Beaches in Spain

When is the best time to visit Spain? Many people will tell you anytime is the best time, but this isn’t always true if you’re a naturist looking for a spot to be one with your natural surroundings. 

The northern part of Spain doesn’t enjoy the tropical seasons of the southern half. Summer months are warm but you’ll find a lot of clouds and rain in the other months. If you want to visit at peak sun times for topless sunbathing or to tan your bare backside, July and August are your best bet. 

However, you may find that everyone else wants to visit Spain during these two months. In that case, you can plan to visit the southern tip as well, which is hot during the summer. It’s best to visit southern Spain in the spring or autumn months to get the best experience, clothes or no clothes. 

Make the Most of Your Naked Vacation

If you’re not familiar with the geography of Spain, all this talk of provinces and such can be confusing. However, provinces are similar to states in the U.S., so you can easily think of them as regions. 

The best part about many of the coastal regions is that there are multiple beaches within that region that you can visit. If you travel to one beach and find it’s too busy or not right for your tastes, you can easily drive down the road a bit to another clothing-optional beach. 

Final Tips on Where to Get Naked in Spain

Knowing where to get naked in Spain is easy if you know where to go. With so many of the best nudist beaches out there, it’s nearly impossible not to find a sunny spot where you can be in the buff. 

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in figuring out where you can enjoy the Spanish sun in your birthday suit. Let your skin drink in the sunlight as you enjoy all that Spain has to offer, no clothes required. 

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