The Top 19 European Nude Beaches for Daring to Go Bare  

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If you’re planning a naked vacation, and a nude beach is a priority on your getaway list, you are not alone. Men and women from all over the world search for European nude beaches on which to enjoy the glorious freedom of shedding constrictive apparel.

Whether you’re looking for an unofficial nudist beach or simply want to enjoy free body culture to any degree that’s allowed, one or more of the following nude beaches in Europe will have the exact atmosphere for which you are looking.

Buhne 16, Sylt Island, Germany

sylt island is one of many european nude beaches
Image: by Andreas Koppe

Buhne 16 in Sylt, Germany, is regarded by many as the birthplace of nudism. This nude beach in Europe was the first of its kind in the country, and is still famous for the laid-back atmosphere that first drew visitors in the 1920s.

This soft sand beach boasts impressive dunes, calm waters, and friendly people. Situated on Sylt Island’s western shore, it’s one of the best nude beaches in Europe, as well as Germany’s oldest official nude beach.

Europe is home to many beaches, but locals and tourists still flock to Buhne 16 for its history and inviting atmosphere. 

My Nude Beach Must-Have Items List!

Even though you do take everything off at a nude beach, you’ll definitely want to have a few “beach items” to make your stay more comfortable. Here is what I always bring to a nude beach.

  • A Turkish towel. These quick-drying, super comfortable and absorbent towels are my very favorite
  • A sun hat. Even though I love feeling sun on my skin, I also love keeping it out of my eyes. A sun hat for us is a MUST.
  • Mineral sunscreen. As nudists, we have to make sure we do NOT damage our skin if we want to do this for the long haul. Mineral sunscreen is better for your body and the environment.
  • Face sunscreen for sensitive skin. I just LOVE this face sunscreen, which is light and easy to apply
  • Beach chairs. Beach chairs that are easy to pack and carry are definitely essential for nudists!
  • Soft-sided cooler. If you want to bring snacks and lunch to the beach, we recommended a soft-sided cooler
  • Portable beach umbrella. Beach umbrellas are super popular for nudists. They keep you out of the hottest rays of the day
  • Sarong. If for some reason you need to cover up quickly, a sarong will do the trick
  • Insulated water bottle. You can bring cold drinks like iced tea to the beach with an insulated water bottle

Red Beach, Crete

Red Beach is not just one of the top European nude beaches, but rather an iconic naturist beach that boasts a fascinating history and breathtaking scenery, including its famous red sandstone cliffs.

This beautiful sunny island beach can be a bit unpredictable, however, depending on your preferences. This is because this beach often has significantly fewer nude sunbathers than it does at other times, which is largely due to the ever-changing groups of tourists passing through.

One week there may be a substantial number of patrons sunbathing in the nude, but the next week you may find most patrons fully clothed. For this reason, if you prefer nude beaches in Europe where you’re primarily surrounded by fellow nudists, simply visit this lovely shore earlier or later in the season. 

Bellevue Beach, Denmark

Bellevue Beach is a stalwart choice if you’re looking for a friendly, tolerant area in which to soak up the sun in northern Europe. This Denmark nudist beach in Europe is definitely a young person’s party beach, so if you’re in a spring break frame of mind, you couldn’t make a better choice.

This naturist resort ranks high among all of Europe’s official nude beaches, due to its carefree atmosphere, tolerance for diversified lifestyles, and freshwater showers.

Additionally, it’s only a short ride from Klampenborg Station in the center of town, so it’s also high on the list for convenience among various nudist beaches. Little infrastructure is present in this location, but lifeguards are on duty most of the year. 

Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera

Other European nude beaches have nothing on Playa de Ses Illetes, which is renowned for its fine golden sand, calm azure waters, and, of course, nude sunbathing.

Located a bit south of Ibiza in Formentera, you’ll be impressed with this beautiful shore and its unexpected vista of picturesque scenery.

A popular destination among people of all ages, it’s the perfect place to ditch those tan lines and take a swim in crystal clear waters.

However, it’s important to know that the area is somewhat obscure. There’s no airport nearby, and you’ll need a taxi, bus, or ferry to reach Playa de Ses Illetes. Its remote location means there are no super-convenient hotels nearby, but here are some options within striking distance.

Plage de Tahiti, St. Tropez

French European nude beach with crystal clear water
photo: by Baie de Morlaix Tourisme

Surrounded by pine trees, at Pampelonne Beach’s northern end is the Plage de Tahiti Beach, distinguished by its shallow water, gentle lapping waves, and lovely pontoon.

One of France’s best nude beaches, it draws famous visitors and celebrities. An attractive, unpaved road leads to the pine forest, and the area’s diversified topography makes it a terrific naturist beach.

Once a clothing-optional beach, Tahiti Beach has had its tussles with police, but nude sunbathing prevailed, and it’s now an official nudist beach. Unlike many nude beaches, the Plage de Tahiti is a secluded paradise, yet manages to offer luxurious amenities, such as bars, restaurants, rentable loungers, and other services to please even the most discerning of travelers. 

Playa El Torn, Tarragona

If you’re looking for a nude beach near Barcelona, Playa El Torn is an excellent choice. It’s a particularly good option if you’re searching for a nudist beach with a wild and isolated atmosphere. It boasts this ambiance because it’s surrounded by luscious shrubbery and rugged hills.

However, it’s a protected beach, and therefore, is regularly patrolled and cleaned. It has one of the longest beach areas in Tarragona, and the shore features both powdery sand and tiny pebbles. The green hills that surround this cozy bay beach make it one of Spain’s most beautiful, panoramic areas for nude sunbathing.

The closest hotel is actually a nudist camp, but other hotel options in the vicinity can be found here.

Cap d’Agde Beach, Agde, France

A nudist beach in France, one of the top European nude beaches
Image: by sofianeb

Cap d’Agde isn’t merely a beach, it’s a whole town. This naturist resort is also affectionately called the “Naked City,” and is one of the best European nude beaches. It’s home to nightclubs, restaurants, shops, banks, hair salons, boutiques, a bustling marina, and many other establishments.

The nude beach section of this resort town is also referred to as the Naturist Quarter. Its powdery white sand, clean water, and distinct nude section also add to its popularity.

No one here is ever shy about shedding their clothes. This beach is easy to get to from virtually any location, but beware, it’s known as a big swinger scene!  

Filaki Beach Crete, Greece

Crete has some of the best nudist beaches in the world, but only a handful boast the official nudist beach label like Filaki does. This designated nudist area is just a short walk from Vritomartis naturist resort, and it’s known for its outstanding beauty.

A secluded beach, featuring powdery sand and crystal clear water, Filaki Beach offers a broad range of amenities, such as a snack bar, umbrellas, sun beds, and picnic tables.

Crete’s only official nude beach and a top choice among European travelers, this destination is a failsafe choice. 

Agesta Nude Beach, Stockholm, Sweeden

Ågesta is one of the European nude beaches officially designated and maintained by Naturistföreningen EOS. This ensures good basic facilities and proper cleaning and maintenance. Because it is designated as a nudist beach, footwear and sun hats are the only attire considered acceptable. Wearing more than that is frowned upon, so be prepared to strip off completely when visiting this lovely, unique nude beach.

There is also a recreational section at nearby Lake Magelungen, featuring a good-sized lawn and a small area of white sand. In this section, you’ll be pleased to find public bathrooms, showers, a barbecue area, and picnic benches.

If you’re the daring type, try skinny dipping at the southern tip of the lake, where the water temperature is quite cool. Agesta is primarily open from May through September, since nude bathing is a bit chilly the rest of the year! 

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Paradise Beach was the first beach in Mykonos, Greece to become a designated nudist area and is one of the most popular beaches on the island.

However, because it is one of the unofficial European nude beaches, it is not required that patrons go without clothing. You will definitely feel comfortable au naturel on this lovely shore, though.

Featuring various public beach amenities, including a swim-up bar, Paradise Beach boasts a great party atmosphere. It’s perfect for spring breakers, mature couples searching for a good time, and everyone in between. Whether you’re looking for a beach on which to go topless, fully clothed, or completely bare, Paradise Beach is the place for you. 

Playa de los Muertos Beach, Almeria

Sand and rocks at a popular nude beach in Almeria
by JuanMercader

Don’t let the literal translation “Beach of the Dead” scare you away. That is just a leftover phrase from the pirate era, where both sailors and pirates sometimes washed up on shore after gruesome battles.

In today’s modern age, this area is simply one of the best nudist beaches in Spain. Found on a secluded edge of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, its black sand beaches surround astonishingly clear water and a peaceful, friendly atmosphere that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Approximately an hour from Almería, this beach is convenient and easy to reach. If you stay in the coastal villages of nearby Carboneras or Agua Amarga, you’ll only be approximately 15 minutes from Playa de los Muertos. 

Montalivet Naturist Beach in Montalivet, France

one of the top european nude beaches in France
Photo: by Clem Rutter, Rochester, Kent.

Montalivet naturist beach is situated in Vendays-Montalivet, approximately an hour north of Bordeaux. The majority of the French Atlantic Ocean is frequently regarded as clothing optional because of the naturist villages of Euronaty and CHM Monta. However, many people claim that Montalivet Beach was where European nude beaches were born, and therefore has special historical significance.

Montalivet is technically part of the CHM Monta campsite, but you can enter for free by walking through Montalivet village. The nude beach itself has some unique amenities, such as the option of taking surfing classes or joining impromptu volleyball teams.

Just be aware that your own transportation is usually necessary, except in the heart of summer, when bus service runs from Bordeaux to Montalivet. 

Ahlbeck Beach, Germany

Ahlbeck naturist beach is a string of beautiful beaches featuring soft sand, lively patrons, and impressive scenery. Because Ahlbeck and the seaside resort after which it takes its name are near the German-Poland border, you’ll see large signs in both Polish and German, designating where the main beach is for nudists and where the public beaches begin. Just don’t get them confused and take a skinny dip in the wrong place!

The island of Usedom is renowned for lovely nature parks, and, of course, its spectacular Baltic shoreline. This has made Ahlbecht one of Germany’s most popular naturist beaches. Calm, shallow waves, low grassy dunes, and fine powdery sand are the characteristics that made this sun-drenched nudist beach famous.

The Piscinas Beach, Costa Verde, Italy

Piscinas Beach is located on the western coast of Sardinia and is part of the coastal area of Costa Verde. At this great nude beach, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful stretches of sand on the Romagna Riviera.

Just a short stroll takes you to an outstanding pine forest, and other nearby places of interest include San Pietro Island, Iglesias, Beggerru, and Cala Domestica. Part of the Natural Reserve of the Bassona, Piscinas Beach is one of the best naturist resorts for those who love panoramic scenery and seclusion.

On this beach, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, you will truly feel the essence of Lido di Dante and can enjoy communing with nature 

Valata Beach, Croatia

If you can only visit one nude beach in Croatia, consider Valalta Beach. Once considered an unofficial nude beach, it’s now an extremely popular destination among European naturists. This may have more than a little to do with the spectacular Adriatic sea by which its white sand beach is surrounded.

Featuring Istria’s largest shoreline and boasting a convenient location only 10 minutes north of Rovinj, this beach seems to have the best of both worlds. One of the biggest advantages of this sandy beach destination is that its part of the Valalta Naturist Campsite, so there is essentially no apparel transition necessary after a day of fun in the sun. 

Acquarilli Beach, Tuscany, Italy

Acquarilli Beach in Tuscany, Italy, is perhaps one of the most unspoiled, untouched nude beaches on the planet. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean foliage and breathtaking views, this secluded shoreline is sure to be paradise for those in search of a nude beach that hasn’t been ruined by man’s touch.

Spring is one of the best times to visit this outstanding location if you enjoy seeing the Mediterranean landscape in full bloom. The beach is also well known for its tranquil, quiet atmosphere. This is partly because to reach the area, you must wind down a steep track flanked by a sort of rock wall.

The view from the promontory’s top peak is nothing short of spectacular. Any nude beach fan will find this location ideal. 

EL Trenc Beach, Mallorca, Spain

one of the top european nude beaches in spain

Situated on the southern coast of Mallorca, El Trenc is sometimes overlooked by traditional sun-worshipers, but this may be why an endless stream of nude beach enthusiasts visit this area each year. Approximately a 40-minute drive from Palma, El Trenc is an outstanding nude beach that rivals far more famous nudist destinations.

The shallow emerald sea by which it is surrounded, and its fine white sand make it the stuff of which postcards and paintings are made. The beach’s nude area is located right in the center, and convenient parking is found just behind the sand dunes.

Showers, kiosks, several restaurants, and lifeguard services are some surprising amenities that are on or near this quiet, unspoiled nude beach. 

Myrtiotissa Beach, Corfu, Greece

Located on the west coast of the island of Corfu, Myrtiotissa Beach is safe, isolated, and beautiful. In the 1960s, it had the distinction of being the only beach on Corfu where nudity was tolerated. Although there were unofficial European nude beaches here and there, Myrtiotissa Beach was an official naturist beach.

Separated from the more cosmopolitan area of Glyfada by a thin, high rock wall, it’s difficult to see the beach from the water. Although a small beach, it is one of Corfu’s cleanest and safest. It is unspoiled to the point that there are no restaurants, apartments or hotels close by, but this has helped to preserve its natural beauty. 

Zandvoort Beach, Netherlands

Naturism is very popular in the Netherlands and nudist beaches abound in this country. If this is your destination, it may be virtually impossible to pick just one beach. However, Zandvoort Beach is a terrific option. Located very close to Amsterdam, it features six bars, all of which serve both food and drinks, and when the sun goes down, a party atmosphere is almost guaranteed.

Like other European nude beaches, this one is clean, safe, and features both wide and narrow sections, all of which boast powdery sand and gentle waves.

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