Oregon Nude Beaches: Where to Get Naked in Oregon in Summer

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If you’re looking to bare it all and get naked in Oregon, we’ve rounded up the best Oregon nude beaches and hot springs.

Oregon only has TWO official nude beaches, which is why we also added clothing-optional hot springs to this list. We want to give you options!

We’ve personally been to both nude beaches and a couple of the hot springs. If you live in Oregon you’ll know this: you can really only go to Oregon nude beaches in summer or an off-season heat wave.

Here are the best nude beaches in Oregon!

Oregon’s Only Two Official Nude Beaches

Collins Beach

Located on the Columbia River of Sauvie Island, Collins Beach is a sandy, clothing-optional beach that attracts nudists looking to soak up some sun on a balmy Oregon day. As you explore the one-mile-long beach, you’ll find that the clothing-optional section starts about 0.25 miles after Reeder Road becomes gravel.

The beach is open from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, allowing you plenty of time to relax, unwind, and socialize with fellow beachgoers. The only issue with Collins Beach on Sauvie Island is that it gets REALLY CROWDED. We’ve even gone on a weekday and found dozens upon dozens of cars crammed into the parking lot.

Some people even like to boat up to Collins Beach and hang out in their boat on the buff.

This long sandy beach is wonderful for walks, or laying out on your towel in the sand while sipping cold drinks. This beach is just a short drive from Portland, making it extra convenient.

Rooster Rock State Park

The entrance of the nude part of Rooster Rock State Park, one of the two Oregon nude beaches
Photo: Goob62

Not too far from Portland, you’ll find another clothing-optional beach at Rooster Rock State Park in the Columbia River Gorge. This nude beach offers a refreshing escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. However, you sometimes have to trek through deep swaths of mud and brown water to get to the beach areas.

At Rooster Rock State Park, you’ll find several sections of the nude beach. Some are more gay and LGBTQ-friendly areas, while others are more attractive to couples and singles. We’ve often seen gay men wandering through the woods at Rooster Rock State Park, looking for other men. Which is totally fine, it’s just whatever you are looking for.

The clothing-optional park of Rooster Rock State Park is located at the north end of the parking area. However, you’ll need to wait until you walk past the “Clothing Optional Area” sign before you can strip naked.

Rooster Rock state park has both clothed and clothing-optional areas, so make sure you adhere to the rules.

A lot of people come to Rooster Rock to really party. You’ll sometimes hear loud music and see people drinking, smoking pot and partying. Sometimes, power boats pull up and people hang out nude on their boats.

Rooster Rock has a small sandy beach where you can wade way out into the shallow water, the perfect place to cool off during a hot day in Oregon.

Oregon’s Clothing Optional Natural Hot Springs

Since Oregon only has two official nude beaches, we decided to add some clothing-optional hot springs to this list if you want to get naked during other times of year in the Beaver State.

Umpqua Hot Springs

woman sitting in umpqua hot springs in oregon
Photo: Alphawanderlust

Nestled along the North Umpqua River near Roseburg, Oregon, Umpqua Hot Springs offers cozy and very Oregon-esque views of the surrounding forests. You can choose between multiple pools to soak in, with varying temperatures to suit your preference.

While nudity is allowed, please be aware of other visitors who may be present and respect their comfort levels. To reach the springs, you’ll need to hike a short distance on a steep trail, so be prepared for a mini-adventure.

This clothing-optional area requires a day-use fee of $5, so be sure to bring cash and leave it in the little envelope at the trailhead.

We haven’t personally been to this hot springs before, but would like to try it at some point!

Breitenbush Hot Springs

Breitenbush Hot Springs is one of our very favorite places to visit in Oregon. This beautiful spot off Highway 22 in the Cascade Range offers clothing-optional soaking in tranquil, natural surroundings. There are multiple geothermal soaking pools, a steam sauna, and even a cold plunge pool. We love both the meadow pools and the spiral pools.

What’s lovely about Breitenbush is that three vegetarian meals are served every day, but you have to bring your own coffee. You can choose to stay in cabins, tents, the lodge or your own vehicle.

This clothing optional area suffered damage during recent wildfires, but the resort is slowly building back up again and is a wonderful place to spend a day or many.

Cougar Hot Springs

People hanging out in Cougar hot springs in oregon
Photo: mustardgreen

Also known as Terwilliger Hot Springs, Cougar Hot Springs is a series of five cascading pools that are clothing-optional. The pools’ temperatures range from a warm 85°F to a steamy 112°F, providing you with the perfect opportunity to shed your clothes and comfortably soak in nature’s bathtub.

I went to these hot springs when I was in college, and it was a significant hike down a trail into the woods, which was gorgeous, but be prepared to walk. You won’t want to bring heavy coolers on this one!

Bagby Hot Springs

A hot tub filled with water at a clothing optional hot springs in Oregon
Photo: david_silverman

Nestled deep in the Mount Hood National Forest, Bagby Hot Springs offers an off-the-grid soaking experience for those looking to connect with nature. Bagby did close down because of wildfires, but is expected to reopen in 2023.

You’ll need to hike into this clothing-optional area down a 1.4-mile trail, so make sure you’re up for walking and not carrying too much stuff.

The lower bathhouse is home to three cozy log tubs and a spacious 6 ft. round tub – it’s a fantastic spot for a communal soak. Up top, you’ll find another 6 ft. round tub, sitting out on an open deck, perfect for catching some rays. When you’re done, Bagby asks that you empty your tub and refill it halfway. This will help the water cool down in time for the next bather.

Just a heads up, Bathhouse #2 is currently off-limits due to safety concerns. It’s showing some serious signs of wear and tear, so we’ve closed it to make sure everyone stays safe.

What to Bring to an Oregon Nude Beach

When planning a day at one of Oregon’s nude beaches like Collins Beach, there are a few essential items you should pack in your beach bag. Knowing what to bring along will enhance your experience and help you feel comfortable during your time there.

My Nude Beach Must-Have Items List!

Even though you do take everything off at a nude beach, you’ll definitely want to have a few “beach items” to make your stay more comfortable. Here is what I always bring to a nude beach.

  • A Turkish towel. These quick-drying, super comfortable and absorbent towels are my very favorite
  • A sun hat. Even though I love feeling sun on my skin, I also love keeping it out of my eyes. A sun hat for us is a MUST.
  • Mineral sunscreen. As nudists, we have to make sure we do NOT damage our skin if we want to do this for the long haul. Mineral sunscreen is better for your body and the environment.
  • Face sunscreen for sensitive skin. I just LOVE this face sunscreen, which is light and easy to apply
  • Beach chairs. Beach chairs that are easy to pack and carry are definitely essential for nudists!
  • Soft-sided cooler. If you want to bring snacks and lunch to the beach, we recommended a soft-sided cooler
  • Portable beach umbrella. Beach umbrellas are super popular for nudists. They keep you out of the hottest rays of the day
  • Sarong. If for some reason you need to cover up quickly, a sarong will do the trick
  • Insulated water bottle. You can bring cold drinks like iced tea to the beach with an insulated water bottle

Staying hydrated is essential when spending time outdoors, so be sure to bring plenty of water or other refreshing beverages. You might also consider packing a cooler with some light snacks, fruits, or sandwiches to enjoy throughout the day.

Even though you’re at a nude beach, it’s wise to have a cover-up or some form of clothing with you in case you need to visit nearby facilities or interact with other beachgoers who may not be comfortable with nudity.

Lastly, entertainment is key for a relaxing day at the beach. Bring a good book, a portable speaker for music, or even some simple beach games like frisbees.

And remember: Have fun!

Oregon Nude Beach Weather Considerations

When planning a visit to an Oregon nude beach, such as Collins Beach and Rooster Rock State Park in the Columbia River Gorge, it’s essential to consider the weather. Since Oregon’s climate is known for its unpredictable nature, here are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing the perfect day for your outing.


While Oregon summers can be warm, there are still some cool and overcast days. Make sure to check the forecast before heading out, aiming for a day with a comfortable temperature for sunbathing and swimming nude. You’ll appreciate a sunny day with temperatures in the 70s or 80s, especially when basking on the sands or taking a dip in the water.


Both the Columbia Gorge and the Sauvie Island area can be quite windy, which isn’t ideal when you’re nude. Wind can lead to sand blowing around, causing discomfort on your exposed skin. Check the wind forecast before venturing out and avoid windy days. A gentle sea breeze can be pleasant, but strong gusts could put a damper on your nude beach experience.

Sun Protection

Remember, when you’re enjoying your time on a nude beach, more of your skin will be exposed to the sun. Be sure to bring sunscreen and apply it every couple of hours, including places that might not typically see the sun.

We always try to sit in the shade or wear a light wrap to avoid sun damage. Or, you can try to avoid the peak UV and take a naked stroll in the later hours of the day.

We Hope You Have Fun at Oregon’s Nude Beaches and Hot Springs!

Oregon only has a couple of popular nude beaches to enjoy, but we have plenty of spots in other states for your to check out. See these posts for other clothing optional areas to enjoy:

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