the jacuzzi area at Desire Pearl

Desire Resorts: Which Sexy Mexico Retreat Should You Choose?

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Are you looking to spice up your relationship by heading to an adults-only sexy resort?

Staying at a Desire resort in the Mexican Maya Riviera might be right up your alley. There are TWO resorts to choose from: Desire Riviera Maya and Desire Riviera Maya Pearl, which are both couples-only and clothing optional.

We’ve visited both of these resorts and while both are sexy and oriented toward the lifestyle crowd, they have very different vibes.

One isn’t better than the other, though, it just depends on what you are looking for. In this article, we hope to show you the difference and similarities between Desire Maya Riviera and Desire Maya Riviera Pearl Resorts in Mexico.

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What Are Desire Resorts?

The pool area at Desire Riviera Maya, one of the Desire resorts in Mexico
The pool area at Desire Riviera Maya

Imagine a sexy seaside resort where pretty much ANYTHING goes. You and your partner can let loose and explore your wildest fantasies – from hooking up with other couples, to engaging in threesomes, to having an erotic massage. Or, you can sit back and just watch all the action: no pressure!

These luxurious vacation spots located between Cancun and Tulum are designed for couples looking to explore their sexuality. Both resorts are couples only and clothing optional, with sexy pool games, theme nights, a multitude of restaurants, non-motorized water sports, and endless drinks.

There are two Desire Resorts you can choose from: Desire Riviera Maya Resort and Desire Riviera Pearl Resort. Both of these exotic compounds are situated in the sun-kissed stretches of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, and are about a half-hour drive apart. Each resort has its own vibe but both deliver the perfect mix of romance, adventure, and unadulterated fun.

Here’s what you’ll find at both resorts:

  • Pools and hot tubs
  • Sexy theme nights and activities
  • Non-motorized water sports (At Desir Riviera Maya)
  • All inclusive, with lots of restaurants and bars to choose from
  • Sexy r-rated rooms
  • Room service
  • Spa treatments
  • A variety of rooms to choose from
  • A gym

Let’s not forget about the erotic part of these resorts. Desire Resorts cater to open-minded couples. Whether you’re interested in voyeurism, exhibitionism, swinger-ism or just enjoying a sexy, vibrant atmosphere, Desire Resorts have got you covered.

We found other couples at these sexy resorts in Mexico to be respectful of boundaries, playful and engaging. You can pretty much achieve any fantasies at this resort, or just enjoy your partner.

Anything goes!

Desire Maya Riviera Pearl Resort: Our First Stop

The pool at Desire Pearl resort
The pool area at Desire Pearl

Our first stop on our tour of Mexico’s Desire Resorts was Desire Pearl, which is so close to Puerto Morelos that you could easily walk down the beach to this quaint Mexico town.

Desire Pearl is the epitome of luxury and tranquility, with 88 gorgeous rooms at a variety of price points. Since this trip was paid for by The Original Group (Desire’s owners), they gave us a large ground-level suit with a private hot tub and outdoor loungers.

Keep in mind that BOTH Desire resorts are all-inclusive, with a variety of restaurants and bars to choose from.

When we got to our room, we found a chilled bottle of champagne and our towels folded into the shape of swans. The room was well-appointed and beautiful, just a short walk away from the pool, beach and restaurants.

Desire Pearl: The Resort

The main focal point of Desire Pearl is the large pool, which is surrounded by comfortable loungers and palm trees. It’s just steps away from the beach, so you can hear the Caribbean Sea crashing to shore nearby. The main pool is also where all the fun daytime activities happen, and it’s totally clothing optional along with the nearby large hot tub.

Desire Pearl has a clothing optional beach and beds to lounge in
Photo I took at Desire Pearl beach area

Desire Pearl also has a more shallow whirlpool, which is surrounded by beds with soft white sheets, a place where sexy stuff happens and is encouraged.

The clothing-optional beach offers a relaxing place to read, lie in bed, or play in the waves.

Overall, the grounds of Desire Pearl were luxurious and upscale, with a relaxing vibe. This is a good sexy resort to visit if you’re looking for a quieter vibe.

Desire Pearl, like its sister property, provides an all-inclusive experience with four upscale and casual restaurants. We loved the morning buffet with beautiful ocean views, and getting dressed up to dine out at night.

Desire Pearl: The Sexy Factor

the jacuzzi area at Desire Pearl
This is one area at Desire Pearl where sexy stuff is allowed

We’ve only visited Desire Pearl one time so only have that experience to rely on. When we were there, the crowd was mostly older and we didn’t really find anyone sexy. HOWEVER, this could totally change depending on when you go, and who is there.

Desire Pearl does have an R-Rated sex room, erotic massages, and public sex going on, but it was WAY less than what we saw at Desire Riviera Maya resort.

Desire Riviera Maya: Our Day Trip

The upstairs jacuzzi lounge area at Desire Riviera Maya
The Jacuzzi lounge at Desire Riviera Maya

Due to the fact that I was on a media tour of the Desire Resorts, the Original Group sent us to their sister location for a day pass.

Desire Riviera Maya is a little bit north of Desire Pearl, and felt smaller, with way more people. We also found that the beach wasn’t quite as nice.

However, Desire Riviera Maya had an energetic and playful vibe, and the clientele was closer to our age and more attractive. But like I said above, the “people factor” can change on a daily basis, and it’s hard to judge after just a visit or two.

Keep in mind that if you are staying at one of the Desire resorts, you can easily get a day pass to visit the other one!

Desire Riviera Maya: The Resort

outside seating area at Desire Riviera Maya resort

Desire Riviera Maya resort is a couples-only resort right along the Caribbean Sea. This property caters to sexually adventurous couples who are looking to expand their horizons.

This Desire resort is slightly larger than its sister property, with 114 rooms and suites. Plus, there’s a pool, restaurants and bars, and a clothing-optional beach.

One main difference is that Desire Riviera Maya has a rooftop jacuzzi and lounge area where things get REALLY spicy around the happy hour time. We saw a lot of wild sex acts happening in this rooftop area, we could only imagine what happened in the R-rated room later in the evening!

Since we only had a day pass, we just experienced the 5-7pm timezone in the hot tub before heading back to our room at Desire Pearl.

However, we loved this rooftop area as it had sweeping views of the beach and sea.

Desire Riviera Maya: The Sexy Factor

The playroom area of Desire Riviera Maya
The playroom area of Desire Riviera Maya

During our short time at Desire Riviera Maya resort, we found it to be way sexier and more of a party atmosphere than Desire Pearl. Some people like to go back and forth between the two resorts depending on their frame of mind and what type of environment they are looking for.

Desire Riviera Maya was full of younger, attractive couples who were looking to get wild and frisky.

Desire Resorts: Location and Accessibility

The beach area in front of Desire Pearl

Desire Resorts’ two properties are nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. These couples-only, all-inclusive resorts are located within proximity to some of the region’s most iconic destinations, such as Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, and Cancun.

Both resorts are close to Delfines Beach, Arrecife de Puerto Morelos National Park, West Coast of Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancun, and Punta Nizuc National Park nearby.

The resorts pride themselves on being easily accessible, especially for international travelers. Cancun International Airport, which serves as the primary airport for travelers to Riviera Maya, is conveniently close. This allows guests to easily make their way to their desired Desire Resort location with minimal hassle.

In terms of transport options from Cancun Airport, guests can choose between:

  • Car rentals
  • Taxi services
  • Airport shuttles
  • Private transportation providers

Located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos functions as the perfect location for visitors to experience and explore the best of both worlds. This charming town is known for its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and local shops, allowing guests to immerse themselves in Mexican culture.

Accommodations at both Desire Resorts

The Desire Suite at Desire Riviera Maya
The Desire Suite at Desire Riviera Maya

Both Desire Riviera Maya Resort and Desire Pearl offer a variety of accommodations at various price points.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort has rooms ranging from garden-view and ocean-view rooms, to larger rooms with jacuzzis, and gigantic Desire suites.

Desire Pearl mostly offers suites, some with plunge pools. Aside from suites, there is one smaller oceanview room for a slightly cheaper price.

Amenities and Services

Both Desire Riviera Maya Resort and Desire Pearl share some amenities in common.

Spa Riviera Maya Services

The spa area at Desire resorts includes couples massages

For example, both Desire Resorts have wonderful spas where you can get massages, facials, and more. We were actually surprised that the couples massage is EROTIC, and you choose which parts of your body are off-limits to the masseuse. But if you want it all, you get it all.

We chose a milder version of the couples massage and enjoyed the steaming jacuzzi with champagne and rose petals afterward.

The spa facilities were incredibly luxurious and peaceful.

Fitness Center

Both of these adults-only resorts have fitness centers where you can exercise during your stay. There are even exercise classes if that’s what you love.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort offers a steam room and spa, which Desire Pearl doesn’t have.

Swim Up Bar

Both resorts have swim-up bars, which are super fun on a hot day in the Mexican Maya Riviera. Desire Riviera Maya has a swim up bar in the rooftop lounge and jacuzzi area as well.

Room Service

If you don’t want to leave your comfortable room, both Desire resorts offer room service, making it easy to grab a delicious meal or drinks. You might be partied out, or just enjoying a little extra time with your partner.

Non-Motorized Water Sports

Both Leroy and I love going out on the water when we stay at seaside resorts. We were bummed Desire Pearl didn’t have water sports, but you can take out different equipment at Desire Riviera Maya, including kayaks, windsurfing boards and hobie cats.

Dining and Drinking Options

One of the restaurants at Desire Riviera Maya

If you love dining and drinking, then Desire Resorts are for you. Both resorts offer a variety of restaurants, from more casual spots to upscale experiences.

Here’s what you’ll find at Desire riviera maya resort:

  1. El Arrecife: This is an international buffet-style restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch. For dinner, it transforms into a different themed restaurant each night, offering a range of international cuisines.
  2. Sahló: Sahló is an aphrodisiac-themed restaurant that serves dinner only. It offers a sensual dining experience with its unique menu designed to stir up passion.
  3. Tentazione: This poolside bar and grill offers a buffet lunch and afternoon snacks. It’s an ideal place for a quick and casual meal during the day.
  4. Unik Gastrobar: This spot offers a wide selection of creative cocktails and a delicious fusion menu that mixes local ingredients with global flavors.
  5. Melange Bar: While not a restaurant, Melange is worth mentioning as it’s the place for nightly entertainment and late-night snacks.
  6. Romantic Dinner by the Sea: For an additional charge, couples can arrange a private, romantic dinner on the beach.

And here are the options at Desire Pearl Resort:

  1. Aphrodite: Named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite serves up a delicious buffet for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, it becomes a delightful spot for an à la carte menu.
  2. Pearl: This is the signature restaurant of the resort, serving dinner only. Pearl offers an enticing blend of sensual aphrodisiac cuisine that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.
  3. Jade: This is Desire Pearl’s newest restaurant that brings Japanese flavors to the Caribbean Sea
  4. Agave Lounge: A cozy outdoor setting for savoring a variety of finger foods and premium alcoholic beverages.
  5. Lush Pool Bar: Offering a great selection of cocktails, juices, and soft drinks, the Lush Pool Bar is perfect for a quick drink while you relax by the pool.
  6. The Wet Spot: This casual bar serves refreshing beverages during the day, perfect for a quick drink while enjoying the beach.
  7. Romantic Dinner by the Sea: For an additional cost, couples can indulge in a private, romantic dinner on the beach.

Inclusive Activities and Entertainment

You definitely won’t be bored whether you’re visiting Desire Riviera Maya or Desire Pearl resorts. Both have similar entertainment and activity options.

  1. Themed Nights: Each night, the resort hosts different themed parties that allow you to dress up and express yourself. Themes may include anything from sexy lingerie to tropical luau.
  2. Entertainment: Expect a variety of live shows, bands, DJs, and performances that cater to the adult-only, sensual atmosphere of the resort.
  3. Workshops: Desire Resorts often host workshops and events aimed at enhancing intimacy and connection between couples. These can include erotic workshops or sensual fitness classes.
  4. Water Sports: Non-motorized water sports like kayaking and snorkeling are often available, providing a fun way to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea.
  5. Pool Games: Participate in fun and provocative pool games. These are often a highlight for guests, providing an exciting and flirty atmosphere. This also includes clothing optional pool volleyball games
  6. Spa: Both resorts offer spa services for an additional fee, allowing guests to indulge in a variety of treatments, from massages to facials and more.
  7. Yoga Classes: Morning yoga sessions are often available for those looking to start their day with some relaxation and stretching.
  8. Fitness Center: For those who like to keep up their workout routine while on vacation, the resorts have a fitness center with a variety of equipment.
  9. Clothing Optional Areas: Both Desire Resorts have designated clothing-optional areas, including the beach and pool, allowing guests to experience a sense of freedom and excitement.
  10. Discos/Nightclubs: Both resorts have their own nightclubs, where you can dance and party until the wee hours of the morning.

If you want to go off-property and do something like snorkeling or scuba diving, Desire Resorts can help you organize these types of activities. There’s a beautiful reef that extends past both resorts, perfect for seeing underwater fish and coral.

Which Desire Resort is Right for You?

Lounge beds at Desire Pearl
Lounge beds at Desire Pearl

Desire Resorts are a fantastic choice for couples who are looking to explore their sexuality and connection. However, with TWO resorts to choose from, it can be hard to know where to go.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort is the wilder of the two, with crazy sexual activities happening throughout the day up in the Jacuzzi lounge area. This resort has a more playful and party vibe and scene, plus a younger and more attractive crew.

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, on the other hand, promises a more secluded and luxurious experience with the added benefit of a personal butler service if you upgrade to a fancier room. This resort has a more relaxing vibe and an older crowd.

Both Desire Resorts cater to couples over 21; however, the average age of guests tends to be around 40. That’s what we found at Desire Riviera Maya, and the crowd trended older at Desire Pearl.

If you’re already staying at one Desire Resort, you can purchase a Day Pass to experience the other property for $150 USD per couple. This option allows you to explore both resorts and choose the one that best caters to your preferences and desires.

Whichever Desire Resort you opt for, you’re sure to have a wonderful, passionate time with your significant other.

What’s the Vibe at Desire Resorts?

Jacuzzi lounge at Desire Riviera Maya
Jacuzzi lounge at Desire Riviera Maya

The vibe is different depending on which clothing-optional resort you choose. Both are “lifestyle friendly” and cater to straight couples looking to broaden their horizons.

You will find adventurous and friendly couples at both resorts. We never had a hard time striking up a conversation. Both resorts are elegant and all-inclusive, with a playful vibe.

At Desire Resorts, couples can be as free and open as they choose. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid-back, with lots of opportunities for connecting with other like-minded couples. The resorts are known for their unique sense of community, so guests can expect to forge lasting connections with fellow travelers.

While nudity is not mandatory, it’s worth noting that most of the resort areas are clothing-optional, so you’re going to see a lot hanging out. However, rest assured that clothing is required in the main dining areas to maintain a certain level of decorum and hygiene. Sex is only allowed in certain parts of these resorts, so you won’t be confronted with sexual activity around every corner.

Our favorite part of going to resorts like these is the people. Nothing is off limits in the conversations, and you learn a lot about relationships and sexuality.

What to Expect When You Visit Desire Resorts

When visiting Desire Resorts, guests can anticipate an exciting and tantalizing experience. These adult-only, clothing-optional resorts cater to couples over the age of 21. The average age of couples at the resort is around 40, but ages may vary.

Upon arrival, the friendly customer service will help set the tone for a memorable stay. The resorts offer various amenities, including:

  • A beautiful beach with cabanas and loungers
  • A spacious pool
  • A relaxing spa and gym
  • Upscale dining options

Guests can choose to be naked in most areas of the resort, but clothing is required in the main dining areas. For first-time visitors, it might take a few hours to become comfortable with experiencing and engaging with others in the clothing-optional environment. Sexy stuff is only allowed in certain parts of the resort, so make sure you know the rules!

During the evening, the resorts come alive with sexy entertainment such as theme nights, erotic massages, and a Sin Room for those feeling adventurous. The nightly events add an extra layer of excitement to the resort experience.

Overall, visitors to Desire Resorts can expect a truly unique and pleasurable vacation that blends relaxation, sensuality, and socializing in an inviting atmosphere. Just remember to keep an open mind and enjoy the experience.

And remember: have fun!

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