Naked Beach in New Jersey: Where Can You Go to Go Bare?

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Not every state allows you to strip down buck naked when you visit the beach. In fact, there are only 11 states total in the United States where beach-goers in the buff are allowed.

Even then, nudity is often restricted to specific areas, where it’s more about enjoying nature au naturel than anything else. 

The Garden State is one of those 11 states that let you bare your bum (and every other inch of skin you own) in select spots. However, there is only ONE legal naked beach in New Jersey.

That being said, we are also going to include some nude resorts in this piece so you have options if you’re dying to take off your clothes.

Monmouth County

Located about an hour and a half away from New York City is Monmouth County, New Jersey. This county hugs the east coast, and it’s here that many beaches and their beachgoers call home. New Jersey doesn’t necessarily flaunt it, but you can flaunt your own body on these nude beaches where nude sunbathing is permitted. 

Unlike other destinations where beaches tend to be quieter during the week, New Jersey beaches are busy all day long. In the middle of the day on a Wednesday, you may find a good portion of the nearby residents sunning topless or simply enjoying a cool breeze without a shred of clothing on at this nude beach. 

Monmouth County also includes the Gateway National Recreation Area, a small peninsula known for its sandy beaches. Fort Hancock is located here as well, along with Gunnison Beach and Sandy Hook Beach. Much of this land is tended to by the National Park Service but park visitors are welcome.

Gunnison Beach – The Only “Legal” Naked Beach in New Jersey

gunnison beach is a well known naked beach in new jersey
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It’s well understood among New Jersey residents that Gunnison Beach is a nudist-friendly destination. The open and relaxed atmosphere sheds as much pretense as the visitors do clothing. Plus, the motto here is “Get naked or get lost.” 

With that said, most newcomers to Gunnison Beach are allowed a first visit clothed. After that, you’re expected to join the customs or leave out of respect for those who take advantage of this nude beach. Gunnison Beach is located in Highlands, New Jersey, near the Sandy Hook/Gateway National Recreation Area. 

Gunnison Beach is also one of the largest beaches on the east coast. It’s said the beach was named after Captain John Gunnison after it was discovered in the early 1980s. Gunnison Beach’s natural seclusion lends itself to an atmosphere of baring it all and being confident in your skin. It’s also one of the only nude beach destinations considered to be a gay beach as well.

Though there are many family-friendly beaches in New Jersey, Gunnison Beach is probably not the best place to take your children. Thousands of people visit this nude beach each year, many of them taking a naturist approach with their families, but not everyone is accustomed to such traditions.

We recommend visiting Gunnison Beach first before exposing your family to the bare bodies that fill the east coast sands. 

Though it’s the only nude beach that’s officially recognized, there are many unofficial nude beaches you can visit in New Jersey as well. Let’s continue our list with more nudist beaches.

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Nude Resorts in New Jersey

If you want to be nude, don’t despair that there’s only one naked beach in New Jersey.

We’ve rounded up some other top spots where you can go bare!

Sky Farm

Located in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Sky Farm lets you do all the basking you want without requiring a single stitch of clothing.

This self-proclaimed nudist resort includes many amenities, from pools and hot tubs to saunas and plenty of entertainment. Themed dinners and nude yoga help you connect with your peers as you get to know one another on a skin-deep level. 

Unfortunately, walking onto Sky Farm’s property doesn’t guarantee you entry. Sky Farm is a members-only resort that allows guests on a limited basis. Your best bet to getting a day pass is a personal invitation from a current member. Sky Farm also considers itself to be a family-friendly nudist resort that’s open all year round. Here, you’ll find nude sunbathers aplenty.

If a membership at Sky Farm sounds like fun to you, book a tour and inquire about joining. Staff will also be on-hand to answer your questions, albeit in the buff. After all, what’s not to love about 36 acres of beautiful New Jersey land to enjoy as you bare it all?  

Goodland Country Club

Boasting themselves to be “one of the oldest nudist parks in the country,” Goodland Country Club offers several accommodations, from swimming pools for topless sunbathing to camping grounds where you can park your RV. Clothing is optional around the entire club, which calls Warren County home.

Check out a piece of nudist history when you visit Goodland Country Club, where public nudity is a common thing.

Swimming in the pool, relaxing in the sauna, and enjoying the on-site whirlpools require nudity, but you’re welcome to strip down as much or as little as you’d like. Towels are provided to sit down as part of sanitary measures at Goodland Country Club. Respectful behavior is encouraged and expected, though an open attitude makes this club a friendly place to visit. 

Goodland Country Club does not allow dogs. However, you can stay at several cabins or campsites overnight. There are picnic areas to eat at and endless hours of badminton, ping pong, and basketball to play as you take it all in au naturel. 

Rock Lodge Club

Advertising “family-oriented naturism in northern New Jersey,” the Rock Lodge Club incorporates over 140 acres upon which you can become one with nature. While swimming, dancing, hiking, and having fun au naturel, you can connect with other naturists wanting to let it all out. 

If you’re looking for a lakeside private naked beach New Jersey, this one might be for you.

Rock Lodge Club is located in the Hardyston township of Sussex County. Begun in 1932, this naturist club continues to spread a welcoming way of life with each visitor who applies to join the club. In fact, there are regular get-togethers, from “Coffee Klatch” on Sunday to potluck dinners and parties. 

If you’re wondering, Rock Lodge Club is actually a nonprofit membership organization. Alongside leading a life of little in the way of clothing, members contribute to several funds dedicated to preserving the environment. Visit the Rock Lodge Club’s website to learn more about this environmentally-conscious, self-confident nudist club.  

Closed Nudist Resorts on the Jersey Shore

New Jersey used to be home to more nudist-friendly beaches. If you’ve heard of Higbee Beach or Sunshine Park, know that these destinations no longer officially welcome nudity. 

Higbee Beach

This Jersey beach was founded as a naturist destination in the 1960s. Up until recently, it was a clothing-optional beach that welcomed visitors from all states and walks of life. Higbee Beach is located on the Delaware Bay side of Cape May County. 

Many people considered Higbee Beach a gay nude beach, one that was welcoming of many people even if they didn’t have clothes on. However, that all changed in 1986 when the lower township passed an ordinance banning nudity on the beach. The state supports this ruling and passed a similar law in the 1990s. 

Some speculate that it was a ticket written by the lower township captain Martin Biersbach that brought the beach to the attention of the authorities. Either way, this swimming beach is no longer considered nudist-friendly, though many still visit and pay homage to the old ways. 

Sunshine Park

This nudist-friendly park suffered a similar ending as Higbee Beach. This naked beach in New Jersey, located near Mays Landing, opened over a century ago and would attract hundreds of families ready to bare it all as they enjoyed life. In 1983, however, the park closed. 

All those memories of nude sunbathing, swimming, and playing tennis and mini golf became just that once the gates closed at this in-the-buff park. When in operation, the park offered cabins for overnight stays as well as a sauna and volleyball games to pass the time. 

Best Beachside Views in New Jersey 

Whether you bare it all or not when you visit the beach, there are many places you can visit to experience the water. Here are just a few common favorites among the locals: 

  • Harvey Cedars Beach
  • Asbury Park Beach and Boardwalk
  • McCabe Avenue on Bradley Beach 
  • Long Branch Beach
  • Seaside Heights Beach 
  • AC Beach 
  • Island Beach State Park
  • Brick Beach 
  • Ortley Beach near Tom’s River
  • Wildwood Crest Beach 
  • Point Pleasant Beach and Jenkinson’s Beach

If you’re looking for naked beaches in New Jersey, there are specific spots where you’ll want to go. Check out our list of those in-the-state-of-nature beaches that let you come as you are, with nothing on but your birthday suit.

New Jersey Nude Beach Etiquette

When you visit a beach in New Jersey, here are a few things you should do whether it’s nudist-friendly or not: 

  • Be considerate when stripping down in front of families or small children 
  • Wear sunscreen 
  • Relax
  • Fill up any holes you dug 
  • Play games in a designated area away from sunbathers
  • Avoid bringing cameras or taking pictures 

But don’t do these things, no matter which beach you visit:

  • Pee in the ocean 
  • Play loud music
  • Spray sand or sunscreen on others
  • Walk on other peoples’ towels and belongings 
  • Steal 
  • Smoke
  • Touch or feed the wildlife
  • Litter
  • Participate in excessive PDA 
  • Bring your dogs 

Play by the rules as you go au naturel to take in the relaxing benefits of these in-the-buff beaches.  

Laws About Nudity in the Garden State 

As a state, New Jersey includes many ambiguous laws on its books that deal with nudity. Basically, there are unofficial nude beaches along the Jersey shore that the state allows each municipality to deal with on its own. This can often result in some confusion as the rules and regulations may change depending on the latest rulings. 

As we go over some of the best naked beaches in the Garden State, remember that it’s best to avoid taking pictures at any of these destinations. Protect and respect the beachgoers around you.

That means handling your liquor responsibly and avoiding bringing any glass jars to the beach.

You should also know that if you’re new to a naked beach in New Jersey, you won’t be pressured into stripping down on the spot.

However, if you return to the beach and still wear your clothes, your fellow beachgoers might take offense. And yes, they’re likely to remember you as many New Jersey residents frequent these types of beaches regularly.  

Final Tips

Taking it all in without a single stitch on in New Jersey is possible if you know where to go. We hope this article has helped you find the best spots where you can strip down and enjoy life the au naturel way. Next time you visit New Jersey, look up these nudist-friendly destinations and put one on your itinerary. You won’t be sorry! 

Use the map below to book an awesome stay near Gunnison Beach in New Jersey!

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