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Nudist Resorts in Arizona for Basking Under the Sun

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Known to many as the Copper State or the Grand Canyon State, Arizona brings the heat year-round with tons of sun exposure. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for ways to expose yourself to enjoy the Arizona heat, you’re not alone.

There are plenty of nudist resorts in Arizona you can visit in this sunny state.

Just because Arizona experiences higher temperatures than most other states doesn’t always mean nudity is welcome in every resort.

It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re in the know before you show up in the buff. Plus, you can always spend a day visiting the clothing-optional resort to see what it has to offer. 

El Dorado Hot Springs

Travel about 40 miles west of Phoenix to the city of Tonopah, where the El Dorado Hot Springs brings you some of the best views in the state. This hot water spa is fed by an underground natural spring. Small clothing-optional pools dot the property at this nudist resort in Arizona, in addition to the large communal pool area where most unclad residents congregate. 

El Dorado Hot Springs is also home to the Old Tonopah Post Office. Did you know that this post office has its own natural mineral water shower and clothing-optional soaking hot tub? This hot spring also hosts Motel California. 

The many pools at El Dorado Hot Springs allow visitors to enjoy intimate relaxation as well as join the community for more social events. The rustic hot springs spa offers private au naturel bathing that offers health benefits to give you a more positive outlook on life.

Check out these mineral springs in your birthday suit for a truly unique experience.  

Wondering what to bring to a nude resort? Check out our nude resort packing list here!

Mira Vista Resort

The grounds at Mira Vista nude resort in Arizona
The grounds at Mira Vista nude resort

Mira Vista Resort calls Tucson home. This 30-acre property has been in business for a century now, which means you’ll be participating in a legacy of leaving it all behind to experience Arizona in the buff.

This is one of the best nudist resorts in Arizona, and houses plenty of adobe buildings reminiscent of cultures that perhaps took the exposed human body as a normal occurrence.  

Get away from the scorching heat with a visit to the Mira Vista Resort where the nudist lifestyle is the norm.

Read our review of Mira Vista Resort here.

Shangri La Ranch 

The Shangri La Ranch located near Phoenix in New River, Arizona, is one of the most popular clothing-optional resorts in the state. Advertised as a family-friendly facility, this nudist resort requires an hour’s drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport before you can expose it all. 

Rustic and inviting, the Shangri La Ranch lets you experience naturist life at your own pace. There are rental units available for staying overnight, as well as camping available if you like to rough it in the buff. No photography or videography is allowed while on the Shangri La Ranch. 

Shangri La Ranch is much more than just a resort. You can also enjoy several activities on the weekend, from live bands and karaoke to cookouts, theme parties, and full-course dinners. The Bare Buns Cafe, like the Shangri La Ranch itself, has over 60 years of history within it. Join other naturists as they play water volleyball, tennis, horseshoes, and basketball. 

Hike the trails in your birthday suit and come back to the pool area and sauna for some rest and relaxation. You can choose from lodge rooms, cabins, or even hook up your RV with full facilities. There’s even a clubhouse and children’s playground to keep the au naturel fun going at the Shangri La Ranch.

Arizona Sunburst Inn

Located just 15 minutes from the Sky Harbor Airport is the Arizona Sunburst Inn. This men-only gay resort offers rooms with private baths, queen-size beds, and refrigerators to help you make the most of your time away. While there are no pets allowed, Arizona Sunburst Inn provides on-site massage therapy and a continental breakfast. 

Take advantage of clothing-optional sunbathing and swimming at this nudist resort. Men can spend some time getting away from the rigors of life while relaxing in the spa where disrobing is welcome. 

Alternatives to Nudist Resorts in Arizona

If you find yourself with nothing to do and nothing on, Arizona offers a few alternatives to nudist resorts. These opportunities don’t cater to the R&R you’ll find at the resorts above, but they do embrace the naturist way of life. 

Bartlett Lake

If you enjoy nude swimming and sunbathing in lakes of cold waters in the middle of a stunning desert environment, Bartlett Lake should be at the top of your itinerary.

Located in the Tonto National Forest, this nudist hot spot in Arizona is well-established and offers day visitors plenty to enjoy in the state of nature. 

While not an official nude resort, you can spend some time on a the beach at Bartlett Lake basking in the buff.

Magic Circle Nudist Camp

The Magic Circle Nudist Camp sits on 450 acres of BLM public land right off Highway 95. Here, nude camping is legal and you can stay for a single day or up to seven months at a time. This family-friendly destination lets you camp wherever you want without having to pay a membership fee. 

Because this land belongs to the BLM, you will have to pay the ranger an entrance fee. However, there are plenty of amenities within the nudist camp. These include a camping area with large tents and over three miles of hiking trails. 

Each week, there are various activities you can participate in. Breakfast is served at the main camping area, in addition to Saturday night movie viewings, Zumba and yoga classes, and holiday get-togethers for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Annual 5K Bare Burro Race

In partnership with the Olive Dell Ranch, the annual 5K Bare Burro Race takes place near the end of April and this year, it’s the 14th anniversary of such an event. This nude 5K race falls on a Sunday, but the entire weekend is a celebration fit for those without clothes. 

In the past, this three-day weekend of “sun and fun and runs and relaxation” attracted over 350 people who enjoyed plenty of events. Friday night is line dancing lessons and karaoke, while sports and the Naked Beer Mile Fun Run happen on Saturday. Join in the naked revelry of the Naked Astronauts theme party Saturday night before the race starts. 

The 5K Bare Burro Race takes place on Olive Dell Ranch’s private property. This means nudity is allowed and even encouraged any time you’re on the grounds of the ranch. If you’d rather enjoy the state of nature with fellow naturists, this 5K run might be the event you need to expose it all. 

Tanque Verde Falls 

East of Tucson sits the Tanque Verde Falls, a nudist hike where walking around stark naked is more common than a pair of sunglasses in Arizona. Tanque Verde Falls is part of the Saguaro National Park known for saguaro cacti, among many other things. If you want to find a great place to disrobe and be in nature, Tanque Verde Falls is the place to do it.

These natural falls allow you to go about your day in the state of nature. Whether you hike a few trails, swim in the natural pools, or stand in bare-naked awe of the vibrant scenery, Tanque Verde Falls has it all. The best part is that these falls are a popular destination.

A Few Notes on Scantily-Clad Etiquette at Nudist Resorts in Arizona

As you peruse the perineum nudist resorts of Arizona, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to naked etiquette. Most nudist resorts and communities don’t require you to wear a garment, towel, or robe, but etiquette dictates you bring something with you to sit on.

In most cases, if you forget your towel, these nudist resorts have you covered. 

Some resorts may also ask you to wear a modest covering as you move throughout the nude environment. It depends on what rules and regulations each location has set up to keep everyone respectful of one another’s privacy, even if you’re baring it all. 

Stark Naked in the Grand Canyon State

Sign in a tree, a state home to many nudist resorts in Arizona

Most nudist resorts in Arizona are associated with pleasant weather conditions and fair temperatures. When you’re in the Grand Canyon State, however, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind before you take in the tranquil desert surroundings au naturel. 

Never underestimate the power of sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if you have a tan or not, those potent UV rays will pinpoint their heat onto any exposed skin. Bare it all where you’re welcome to, but don’t leave your nude skin in the raw when it comes to sun protection. 

Final Tips

There are many ways to enjoy Arizona, even if you want to bare it all. Pack your birthday suit for these nudist resorts and check out the other events and communities that welcome similar-minded (and unclothed) individuals. Just remember to mind the saguaro cacti!

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