heated pool at Glen Eden nudist camp

How to Behave at a Nudist Camp: Your Guide to Proper Nudist Etiquette

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If you’ve never been to a nudist camp before, you might be wondering what type of behavior is deemed appropriate. As someone who’s been to quite a few nudist camps and seen stuff that was marginal, I wanted to provide a resource for first-timers.

When visiting a nudist camp, there are certain rules and etiquette that need to be followed so everyone has a good time and feels comfortable. For example, nudist camps are typically non-sexual, and you must carry a towel with you at all times.

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Overall, visiting a nudist camp can be a unique and liberating experience for those who approach it with an open mind and willingness to follow the rules and etiquette. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re wondering how to behave at a nudist camp.

Respect Other Nudists

nudist couple sitting on a nude beach

When visiting a nudist camp, it’s important to remember that everyone there is naked, which means people are vulnerable and exposed. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure everyone stays happy and comfortable.

  • Do not stare or gawk at other nudists. This is considered rude and invasive and one of my biggest pet peeves when I’m at a nudist resort as the only young-ish female there.
  • Keep conversations respectful and appropriate. Avoid making comments about someone’s body or appearance. Also, avoid talking to someone who seems to be enjoying a relaxing moment and having some alone time. I’ve had a lot of unwanted attention and conversation when I’m at a nudist colony, which is quite annoying.
  • Do not take photos or videos of other nudists. Typically, when you visit a nudist resort you are required to put a sticker over the camera parts of your phone. You can use your phone around the pool at in other nude venues, but you must NOT take pictures.
  • Be mindful of personal space. Do not invade someone’s personal space without their permission. Keep your distance in the hot tub, at a restaurant or in the pool. Getting too close to other naked people is just icky behavior.

Remember that everyone at the nudist camp is there to enjoy the freedom of being naked without judgment or harassment. By respecting the privacy and comfort of others, you can help create a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Observe Camp Rules at Nudist Colonies

heated pool at Glen Eden nudist camp
The heated pool at Glen Eden Nudist Camp in California

When visiting a nudist camp, it is important to follow the rules and regulations to ensure that everyone has a good time. While some nudist camps may vary in their rules, there are some commonalities among the nudist resorts we have visited.

  • Keep your phone camera lenses covered. Most nudist resorts provide stickers where you can cover both your front and back lenses.
  • Always carry a towel with you. You are expected to sit on a towel when you’re in a chair, chaise lounge, at a restaurant or using the equipment at the gym. No bare butts allowed!
  • Do not engage in any sexual behavior or activities. Nudist camps are not places for sexual encounters. If you want sexual places, check out our review of Sea Mountain Resort in Desert Hot Springs here.
  • Be mindful of noise levels and avoid disturbing other visitors. If it seems like people are having a relaxing time in the pool or hot tub, don’t shout loudly to your friends on the other side of the pool.
  • Do not bring glass to the pool. We’ve seen people bring glass bottles to pools all the time, and this just isn’t cool. What if you break the bottle and get glass everywhere in a place people are walking around barefoot? Just bring cans or a refillable water bottle.

Make sure you read the rule sheet that a nudist resort hands out when you sign up. Usually, the office staff will go over some of the main rules with you.

Avoid Sexual Behavior at Nudist Resorts

Sitting area at Cypress Cove nudist resort in Florida
Sitting area at Cypress Cove nudist resort in Florida

Nude resorts are not a place for sexual activity. If you want to engage in this sort of thing, you can go to a lifestyle resort, like Sea Mountain Inn or Desire Maya Riviera. Nudism is way different than the swinger lifestyle, and you must respect that.

Most nudist camps have strict rules against any sexual activity, but you can do anything you like back in your own room or RV.

Even keep public displays of affection with your partner down to a minimum. A quick hug or kiss is fine, but don’t be sitting in the hot tub making out.

It is important to remember that nudist camps are places for relaxation and enjoyment of nature, not for sexual behavior. As I said before, you should seek out a lifestyle resort if you’re after the more sexy side of nudist resorts.

Practice Good Hygiene

Having good hygiene is a must if you’re wondering how to behave at a nudist camp.

Here are our tips:

  • Shower before you enter the pool or hot tub. Please, people, take a shower before you get into any communal water space. Nobody wants to swim with your fecal matter. Most nudist camps offer showers right next to the pool facilities, so there is no excuse.
  • Bring a towel. Always bring a towel to sit on to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Nobody wants to put their butt where you put your naked butt. Be considerate!
  • Don’t enter the pools if you have diarrhea. Please don’t go in the water with other people if you have a gastrointestinal illness. This is just basic common decency and courtesy if you’re wondering how to behave at a nudist camp.

In addition to these tips, it’s important to be mindful of your personal grooming habits. Keep your nails trimmed and avoid wearing heavy perfumes or colognes that may bother others. We’ve been at clothing-optional resorts before where the scent of perfume is overwhelming and disgusting. Please, don’t wear this to the pool areas!

By practicing good hygiene, you can help create a safe and welcoming environment for all campers at the nudist camp.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Valley View Clothing Optional Hot Springs in Colorado

Since you’ll be naked when at a nudist camp, it’s important to keep the weather in mind. We always look at the weather forecast before deciding to go to a particular clothing-optional resort.

Make sure the weather will be warm enough for you to enjoy lounging around the pool, swimming and going in the hot tub. However, if it is nasty outside, you can typically go into the lounge areas of nudist resorts, which offer dancing, pool tables, games and more. You can also eat at the restaurants in the buff.

It’s important to remember that even on hot days, it’s still possible to get sunburned or dehydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, and take breaks in the shade when needed. We typically spend the hottest parts of the day in the shade, and then we hang out in the sun around the 5pm hour, or when the sun isn’t as strong.

You can also wander around the nudist camp wearing sun clothes, and then take them off right before you get in the pool.

Be Conscientious with Your Camera

How to behave at a nudist camp definitely means putting your camera away. Most nudist resorts will offer stickers to put over your cell phone camera lenses. Please keep those stickers on when you are visiting a clothing-optional facility.

Even taking photos of the scenery can make people uncomfortable if they’re not sure where you’re pointing your smartphone, so it’s best not to take any photos at all.

If you do get permission to take photos or videos, be sure to respect the wishes of others. Don’t take any photos or videos of people who don’t want to be recorded, and don’t share any photos or videos without permission.

Don’t Initiate Unwanted Conversation

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a nudist camp and had an old guy talk to me. No, I don’t want to talk to you! Please don’t initiate a conversation unless it looks like I am interested in conversations. This is a biggie when it comes to how to behave at a nudist camp.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves and sometimes I don’t think people know how to behave at a nudist camp.

While nudist camps are often seen as a place for socializing, it’s important to remember that not everyone is there to make new friends.

Avoid initiating conversations with people who seem uninterested or preoccupied. It’s important to read body language and respect boundaries. If someone seems uncomfortable or disinterested, it’s best to give them space and allow them to approach you if they want to continue the conversation.

If you do have to initiate conversation, wait until there is a social gathering, like a community dance, BBQ, game night, or something along these lines. People who attend social gatherings are more likely wanting to socialize and make friends.

Additionally, it’s important to avoid topics that may be sensitive or controversial. Politics, religion, and other divisive topics should be avoided to prevent conflicts and discomfort. We’ve heard men loudly talking about politics in hot tubs at nudist resorts, and this is just plain irritating and uncomfortable.

It Can Be Okay to Wear Clothes Sometimes

A sign pointing to a clothing optional beach area ahead

While some areas of nudist camps tend to be NUDE ONLY, such as the pool and hot tub areas, you can wear clothes in other areas if you wish.

If you feel more comfortable, you can wear clothes in restaurants and bars, the gym, and playing sports like Pickleball. Although we have seen people playing pickleball and tennis in the nude.

Some nudist camps require clothes in the restaurant areas, while others do not, so its important to know and follow the rules like we mentioned above.

It is also important to note that some people may feel more comfortable wearing clothing, especially if they are new to the nudist lifestyle. It is perfectly acceptable to wear clothing if it makes you feel more comfortable, and nobody should pressure you to remove your clothing if you are not ready.

Ultimately, the nudist camp experience is about being comfortable in your own skin and respecting the choices of others. You’ll ultimately find that being nude is very liberating and non-judgemental, which is why we love to go to nudist resorts.

Make Sure You Sit on a Towel

If you’re wandering around a nudist resort in the buff, it’s important to always carry a towel around with you. This is proper nudist etiquette if you’re wondering how to behave at a nudist resort.

Since you won’t be wearing any clothing, it’s essential to bring along a towel to sit on. This will help keep the furniture and common areas clean and sanitary for everyone to use.

At some nudist resorts, you may be required to bring your own towel to sit on at restaurants and bars or in any other common area. You should also sit on a towel if you visit the sauna.

When choosing a towel, make sure it’s large enough to cover the surface area you’ll be sitting on. A beach towel is typically a good choice. You may also want to bring along a smaller towel to use as a barrier between your skin and any surfaces you’ll be touching, such as exercise equipment.

Remember to always keep your towel with you and use it whenever you’re sitting down. This will help maintain a clean environment.

Don’t Stare

One of the most important rules of nudist camp etiquette is to avoid staring at other naked people, as tempting as that might be. If you stare at someone, that person might feel uncomfortable or even violated.

Remember, everyone is at the camp to enjoy the freedom of being naked without judgment or harassment.

If you find yourself staring at someone, try to redirect your attention elsewhere. You can focus on the scenery, engage in conversation with others, or play a game of pickleball or ping pong to keep your mind occupied.

Conclusion on How to Behave at Nudist Camp

Please remember to keep these ideas in mind if you are visiting a nudist camp for the first time. Following nudist camp etiquette is important so everyone feels safe and comfortable.

And men, please remember not to talk to much younger women if you aren’t invited. This is my BIGGEST pet peeve about nudist colonies.

By following these simple guidelines, you can enjoy a relaxing and respectful experience at a nudist camp.

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