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Temptation Caribbean Cruise Review: Why I Loved This Naughty Caribbean Cruise

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My partner Leroy and I went on a Temptation Caribbean Cruise in early February of 2020, the very first time Temptation offered one of these exotic trips. It was one of the most fun “naughty” experiences I’ve had, with beautiful ocean-view rooms, great restaurants, and a rollicking, adventurous crowd.

In this Temptation cruise review, I’ll tell you guys all about what I liked and didn’t like on this adults-only cruise. Hopefully, it will help you make a decision on whether this cruise is right for you!

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What is the Temptation Caribbean cruise?

Two people high above the pool on a Temptation Caribbean cruise
Temptation Caribbean Cruise in 2023

If you haven’t heard yet, Temptation is a topless-optional resort located in Cancun, with the We’ve also been to visit this candy-colored resort perched right on the ocean, and enjoyed its topless pool, variety of restaurants, hot tubs and dance nights.

Temptation Cancun Resort organized its first Caribbean cruise in the winter of 2020, and also had a cruise in 2022 and 2023. The next Temptation Caribbean cruise you can book is in 2024.

There’s so much to do on one of these adults-only cruises, from nightly entertainment, to an r-rated red room, to topless pools and hot tubs, to nightly dance parties, to fancy dinners and sexy workshops.

It’s just the ticket to spicing things up in your relationship, whether you want to stay PG or go completely X-rated. For this reason, I think a Temptation Caribbean cruise is great for any type of couple at any stage in their exploration of everything naughty.

The people are super friendly, open-minded and high-energy, and you won’t be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do.

What Happens on a Temptation Cruise?

So much happens on a Temptation Cruise! I’ll go over a few bullet points here so you know what to expect.

Topless Pools and Hot Tubs

woman standing in front of a topless pool on a temptation Caribbean cruise

When we went on the Temptation Caribbean cruise in 2020, there were a variety of topless pools and hot tubs to choose from. However, in 2022, 2023 and in 2024, there is a clothing optional area, too, so you can take everything off if you dare.

We noticed the pools and hot tub were all night energy and VERY full, making it hard to relax in the main hot tub at night. These areas had a “spring break” feel, with loud, pumping DJ music and people partying and dancing. We actually didn’t hang out at the sexy pool very much as it was so loud.

There was a quiet pool in the Solarium, though, which was smaller, with a hot tub. We went into those pools when they weren’t too crowded. Now, the quiet pool and jacuzzi are the clothing optional areas, which wasn’t a part of our cruise in 2020.

The R-Rated Red Room

We also went into the R Rated Red Room to see what that was all about. This room was where Temptation held the sexy workshops, with teachers covering a range of topics, from sexual hypnosis, to sexual touch, to how to have anal sex. There were so many interesting forums!

At night, the r rated red room turns the party into a sexy party, with naked couples on beds.

My only complaint about the R Rated Red Room is that the people tending the area (changing sheets, offering towels and condoms, etc) were ALL MEN, and it seemed like they hadn’t seen people having sex before. They were all staring, and it actually made me so uncomfortable that I left and didn’t do much in that room.

However, this was 2020 on Temptation’s very first cruise, and of course, I hope they have fixed this issue by now.

When we talked to other younger couples, we noticed they seemed to just have sexy experiences in bed in each other’s rooms rather than going to the R Rated Red Room.

Keep in mind that the R Rated Red room is COUPLES ONLY, which is really nice!

Sound exciting?? Just click here to book your room on the next Temptation Caribbean Cruise!

Spicy Workshops

Temptation brings top sexologists to lead sexy workshops

We absolutely loved the spicy workshops that came with the Temptation Caribbean cruise. We learned all sorts of things, and even watched while a woman demonstrated how to properly “grind’ her husband.

The renowned sexologists who lead these amazing spicy workshops change with every cruise, so be sure to check your itinerary before you go. Temptation will also provide you with a paper itinerary so you won’t miss your favorite sessions.

Theme Nights

The theme nights on a Temptation Caribbean cruise change for every cruise, but you can expect some super fun costume-play onboard one of these adults only cruises. Once Temptation releases the themes of these nights, you can make sure you pack the right party gear! There’s definitely a kick-ass night life scene on these cruises!

What We Loved About the Temptation Caribbean cruise

an entertaining session on one of the temptation cruises
The entertainment was top-notch

There’s a lot to love about Temptation cruises. Here are a few main points that detail what we liked the best.

The People

Four people on board a Temptation caribbean cruise
Here we are hanging out with another couple

The open-minded, friendly people were my very favorite part of the Temptation Cruise. There are people on various levels of their erotic journey, from most people who are just going topless to full on swingers. When we went on an excursion, here are some phrases I heard from other guests:

“You feel sexy because there are so many body types – it’s so non-judgemental!”

“We love dressing up and being looked at and complimented.”

“It’s nice looking at members of the opposite sex without your partner getting angry.”

“It makes you desire your own partner more.”

“It’s a huge self-esteem boost.”

You seriously hear SO many stories and perspectives on a cruise like this. One night, we dined with people in ther 60s and 70s who live in a swingers resort in Florida, and constantly have “play parties” at each others homes.

We also met a couple who had met at a swingers club when married to other people. They fell in love, divorced their partners and have been together ever since!

The Excursions

Another one of my favorite parts about Temptation Cruises are the amazing excursions you get to go on. Our boat stopped at both Grand Cayman and Cozumel. At Grand Cayman, I swam with huge sing rays. At Cozumel, everyone gathered at this huge beach resort where there was a beach party with food, alcohol and dancing.

Leroy and I decided to take out a Hobie cat and we sailed back and forth out in the warm Caribbean waters.

For me to have fun relaxing on a cruise ship, I need to have access to excursions. Just wandering around a ship all the time without access to the water is a little boring to me.

The Gym

I also loved that the Royal Caribbean cruise ship had a full-on gym. There were classes offered, but I didn’t attend any of those. I mostly spent time going on the cardio equipment and lifting weights. Both Leroy and I were glad there was a gym onboard!

Temptation uses a different company now for its cruises called the Celebrity Summit, also a gorgeous ship!

The Bars and Lounges

a beautiful outdoor bar on a Temptation Caribbean cruise
One of the lounges on the Celebrity Summit ship

The cruise ship we went on in 2020 was by Royal Caribbean, and had plenty of bars and lounges. There’s a beautiful ship-top sky bar where you can get a view of the entire ship, the sky and horizon. There was also a cool nautical-themed bar we really enjoyed, and a bar in the middle of the cruise ship where you could look up about six stories!

The ship Temptation now uses is the Celebrity Summit, by Celebrity Cruises.

The Accommodations

There are several types of accommodations you can choose from if you attend a Temptation cruise. We had an oceanfront room with a balcony, and I can’t imagine staying anywhere else. There were also cheaper options that didn’t have an ocean view, but I think that would make me claustrophobic.

The Entertainment

We loved the entertainment nights on the cruise ship. From live music, to dancing, to comedy skits, there’s something going on in the concert hall every night for entertainment. We had a great time!

What Does it Cost to Go on a Temptation Caribbean Cruise?

The cruise ship that's used for the Temptation cruises
The Celebrity Summit docked

There are a variety of price points for the Temptation cruises depending on what type of room you book and your beverage package. Here are some examples of how much the price can vary:

  • Penthouse Suite: $20,341
  • Ocean View Stateroom: $2,800
  • Interior Stateroom: $2,200

Click here to check out the room options on a Temptation Caribbean cruise.

Your room will come with the Classic Beverage Package, which includes:

  • Cocktails, spirits, and liqueurs
  • Domestic and international beers
  • Wine by the glass
  • Bottled still and sparkling water
  • Fresh squeezed juices
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Fountain sodas / Coca-Cola freestyle beverages
  • Premium coffees and teas

Is the Temptation Caribbean cruise for couples only?

No! Anyone can go on the Temptation Caribbean cruise. You just have to be over 21.

Keep in mind that the R-Rated room is couples only, though.

Some of the sexy workshops are also couples only, so just take note to make sure you read through the itinerary before you go.

Looking for something more? Check out our article on nude cruises here.

What is the Average Age for the Temptation Cruise?

Woman standing in front of a picture of a Temptation cruise ship
The author about to get on a Temptation Cruise

When we attended the Temptation Cruise, we boarded the boat in Tampa, Florida. As we waited at the cruise terminal, I was a little bit shocked at how OLD everyone seemed. At first, I thought we were in line for the wrong cruise! However, as soon as we got aboard my fears were assuaged.

Sure, there were plenty of people in their 60s and 70s, but there were also lots of young couples in their 30s-50s. We didn’t see as many younger couples in their 20s.

Throughout our few days jaunting around the Caribbean, we met such a wide variety of people, from super attractive young people to much older full-time swingers that even lived at swingers resorts!

I really enjoyed the diversity in age and types of people on the Temptation Caribbean cruise. What I loved the most was that this is a no holds barred type of crowd. You can ask ANYTHING sexual you want of most couples, and nothing is out of line. I love the openness and honesty of this crowd, even if you don’t want to partake in any of the more naughty behaviors.

All in all, it’s hard to estimate the average age of those onboard a Temptation cruise, but if you are expecting or wanting a crowd full of 20-year-olds, you will be disappointed.

Should You Go on a Temptation Caribbean Cruise?

If you want a really fun time with an open-minded, friendly crowd, I’d highly suggest a Temptation Caribbean cruise (click here to book your room!). I really can’t imagine being on a “normal” cruise after this – it would seem so boring!

There are a few instances in which this adults-only cruise might not be for you. If you’re an avid nudist, you might be bummed out that there aren’t more clothing-optional areas. We actually prefer clothing optional to topless, as EVERYONE has to be vulnerable not just the women.

If you are REALLY into swinger stuff, this cruise is probably too basic for you. I’d say the majority of people on the Temptation caribbean cruise are not swingers, but there are enough swingers to have fun if you are into that sort of thing.

If you don’t like loud music and partying, this cruise might not be for you. If this is your personality type, I would recommend the Desire Pearl resort, which has a pool and a laid-back, relaxing feel.

However, if you love cruises, the Caribbean, dancing, sexy workshops, entertainment and good food, I would highly suggest trying out one of the Temptation cruises.

We had so much fun, made good friends, and can’t wait to book our next Temptation cruise!

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