Topless Pools in Vegas: Your Guide to the City’s Best Adult-Only Escapes

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Las Vegas’ pool scene offers a unique twist with its topless pools, combining the city’s lively ambiance with a touch of European sophistication. These adult-only areas provide a relaxed yet refined setting, featuring luxurious amenities like private cabanas and live DJ entertainment. Ideal for both Vegas veterans and newcomers, these pools offer an upscale, respectful environment for those seeking a more liberating poolside experience.

Keep in mind that some topless pools in Las Vegas refer to themselves as “Euro pools. ” Many of them are seasonal, so check out their schedule before booking your trip.

Through our research, we’ve found that many pools that were previously topless-optional has shut down. The popular Sapphire Pool and Dayclub is not opening in 2024.

Top Vegas Topless Pools

In Las Vegas, you can find luxurious pools that allow topless sunbathing. Over the years, the number of topless-optional pools in Las Vegas has decreased, but there are still some places to try!

Mandalay Bay’s Moorea Beach Club

Moorea Beach Club is an upscale, adults-only pool lounge located in Las Vegas, known for its topless optional policy. Situated in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, it offers a sophisticated European beach club experience, complete with luxurious amenities. Guests can enjoy high-end comforts like cushioned chaise lounges, personalized attendants, and a serene environment away from the typical Vegas hustle. With its exclusive setting, Moorea Beach Club caters to those seeking a more relaxed and refined atmosphere.

The club features dipping pools, comfortable daybeds, and opulent cabanas and pavilions equipped with modern amenities for privacy and relaxation. The pool lounge’s decor strikes a balance between elegance and tropical allure, with lush landscaping that complements the stunning views of the beach area. Moorea Beach Club is a perfect retreat for adults looking to unwind, soak up the sun, and enjoy a more secluded poolside experience in the heart of Las Vegas.

The Lexi Euro Pool

topless optional swimming pool in Las Vegas surrounded by palm trees and cabanas
Photo Credit: The Lexi Las Vegas

The Lexi Las Vegas offers a unique slice of paradise right in the buzzing heart of Vegas. It’s not your typical oversized Vegas hotel; with just 64 rooms, it promises a cozy yet upscale experience. Plus, this is one of the first cannabis-friendly hotels, with marijuana use permitted on one of the floors.

At the heart of The Lexi’s charm is its gorgeous European-style pool. The Lexi’s website doesn’t say anything about the pool being topless-optional, but several reviews on TripAdvisor mention this aspect.

The pool deck has been beautifully redesigned, complete with posh cabanas that set the scene for an absolutely luxe lounging experience. With cool DJs and live acts bringing the vibe, this pool isn’t just about taking a dip—it’s about soaking up the vibrant, sophisticated side of Vegas life.

Wet24 Pool & Bar– The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Skypod

WET24 Pool & Bar at The STRAT takes the Vegas pool scene to new heights—literally. Perched 25 stories above the Strip, this adults-only spot is all about blending chill vibes with epic views. Imagine lounging poolside, the Las Vegas skyline stretching out before you and the mountains framing the perfect backdrop. It’s not just a pool; it’s a rooftop retreat where the music’s always good thanks to live DJs setting the tone.

Here, the daybeds are plush, and the cocktails are as refreshing. Although this is a seasonal topless-optional pool, some reviewers said hardly anyone is topless, so you might feel like they odd person out.

European Pool At Wynn/Encore Las Vegas

The European-style (topless optional) pools at sister resorts, the Wynn and Encore in Vegas, are your slice of tranquil luxury amidst the city’s buzz. These topless-optional pools have a chill vibe; no party scene here! Nestled within stunning gardens, this spot is all about serene vibes and soaking up the glorious Nevada sunshine in style and privacy.

You’ll find comfy daybeds and luxe private cabanas; each decked out with all the perks you need for a perfect pool day. The staff is super attentive and ready to pamper you with cool drinks and tasty bites.

Sea Mountain Spa and Day Club in Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Sea Mountain Resort

Sea Mountain is on the spicy side of adult entertainment in Las Vegas. This resort is not topless, but a nude “lifestyle”, or swingers resort. If you are craving some nude sunbathing and swimming and don’t mind a sexy atmosphere, Sea Mountain could be your jam.

However, you’ll get way more than you bargained for if you’re just expecting a nude scene. You might see way more sexual activity than you might be comfortable.

If you’re open-minded and into meeting fun couples, than this resort could be for you.

Rules and Etiquette at Topless Pools

When visiting topless pools in Las Vegas, it’s imperative to follow the specific rules and social etiquette to ensure a comfortable experience for yourself and others. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  1. Learn the Pool Policies: Before diving in, make yourself familiar with the pool’s rules regarding attire and behavior. Each venue may have different guidelines.
  2. Age Restrictions: You must be at least 21 years old to enter topless pools. If alcohol is served, the age limit may be higher, so it’s best to confirm ahead.
  3. Photography: Generally, cameras and smartphones are a no-go. Respect everyone’s privacy and keep your devices away.
  4. Conduct: Maintain a respectful demeanor at all times. Inappropriate behavior can lead to ejection from the premises.

Remember, these pools are about relaxation and enjoying the Vegas sun. Stick to the guidelines; you’re all set for a tasteful and enjoyable time.

Seasonality and Best Times to Visit

Las Vegas is known for its vibrant pool scene, and if you’re looking to enjoy the unique experience of a topless pool, there are specific times of the year when you’ll want to plan your visit. Generally, pool season in Las Vegas begins in March and continues through October, with the prime time falling between May and September when the temperatures are warm.

  • Spring (March to May): The season kicks off with milder weather, making it a pleasant time for pool-goers who prefer to avoid the scorching summer heat.
  • Summer (June to August): If you love the sun, summer offers peak temperatures, perfect for sunbathing and joining in the lively pool party atmosphere. This is when pools are at their busiest.
  • Fall (September to October): As the heat eases, the crowds begin to thin out, offering a more relaxed experience. Aim for an early fall visit for an ideal mix of comfortable weather and fewer guests.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best Months: May to September for warmer weather.
  • Quieter Times: March, April, and October might offer a more laid-back atmosphere.

When planning your day at one of the topless pools, like those found at the Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay, consider that the vibe can differ throughout the day.

Privacy and Photography Policies

When you’re soaking up the sun at a Las Vegas topless pool, it’s crucial to respect privacy, so it’s common for these venues to strictly enforce a no photography rule. This means:

  • No Cameras: Whether it’s your smartphone or a DSLR, taking photos or recording videos is prohibited.
  • Privacy First: The atmosphere at these pools values discretion, emphasizing a private experience for all guests.

Lastly, should you witness any behavior that goes against these policies, it’s within your rights to alert security or pool staff. They are there to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone.

Remember: while you’re enjoying the unique Las Vegas pool scene, being considerate of others’ privacy makes the experience enjoyable for all.

Remember to check the respective pool’s event schedule in advance, as parties are subject to seasonal availability and can also be private events. With themed affairs and special guest appearances, your experience at these venues is sure to be memorable.

Amenities and Services

When you venture to a topless pool in Las Vegas, expect more than just the opportunity to soak up the sun sans swimwear. These establishments offer a variety of amenities designed to ensure your comfort and enhance your poolside experience.

Comfort and Relaxation:

  • Daybeds: Reserve a spacious daybed for your relaxation, often featuring plush cushions for the ultimate lounging experience.
  • Cabanas: Equipped with flat-screen TVs and offering privacy, cabanas are your little slice of heaven by the pool.
  • Lounge Chairs: Some topless pools offer lounge chair rentals, which are often cheaper than cabanas and day beds.

Food & Drink:

  • Poolside bars serve a variety of refreshing cocktails and beverages to keep you hydrated in style.
  • Gourmet bites and full menus are often available, allowing you to indulge in delicious food without leaving the comfort of your sunbed.

Remember, these services are usually for guests aged 21 and over, underscoring the adult-oriented nature of these venues. Always check in advance for specific amenities at the pool you plan to visit, as offerings can vary between locations.

Whether you’re looking to party or just enjoy a peaceful afternoon, the amenities at Vegas’s topless pools are tailored to create a memorable experience.

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