The Best [Legal!] Nude Beaches in Florida

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A visit to a nude beach is a great way to relax and uniquely connect with nature. Nude beaches are popular with vacationers and locals alike in Florida, as the beautiful weather and pristine shorelines make it a great place to enjoy a clothing-optional experience.

With so many stunning nude beaches to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to visit. Here are some of the best legal nude beaches in Florida, boasting clear waters, stunning views, and plenty of sunbathing opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to soak up the sun or a lively beach to meet other nudists, these beaches have something for everyone. So pack your sunscreen and your sense of adventure, and get ready to explore the best nude beaches in Florida!

Note on Nude Beaches in Florida

There are only FOUR official nude beaches in Florida, where going clothing optional is allowed. Those beaches are parts of Haulover Beach, Blind Creek Beach, Playlinda Beach and Apollo Beach.

There are other beaches in Florida where people do remove their clothes or go topless only, but these aren’t officially sanctioned as nude beaches, so we took them off this list.

The Effort to Create More Nude Beaches in Florida

There are organizations throughout the Sunshine State who are working on creating more official clothing-optional beaches where people can recreate in the buff.

They’ve pooled resources to hire legal reps and lobbyists to work with state representatives to revise codes that would allow state park officials to designate some areas as clothing optional.

These groups would like to discourage people from taking off their clothes at beaches that aren’t official, as this hampers efforts to create more legal nude beaches.

So, here are the four beaches you CAN take it all off in Florida. Make sure you follow proper nude beach etiquette when visiting these beaches!


If you’re heading to a nude beach, here are some items you’ll want to have!

  1. A Turkish towel. These quick-drying, super comfortable and absorbent towels are my very favorite
  2. A sun hat. Even though I love feeling sun on my skin, I also love keeping it out of my eyes. A sun hat for us is a MUST.
  3. Mineral sunscreen. As nudists, we have to make sure we do NOT damage our skin if we want to do this for the long haul. Mineral sunscreen is better for your body and the environment.
  4. Face sunscreen for sensitive skin. I just LOVE this face sunscreen, which is light and easy to apply
  5. Beach chairs. Beach chairs that are easy to pack and carry are definitely essential for nudists!
  6. Soft-sided cooler. If you want to bring snacks and lunch to the beach, we recommended a soft-sided cooler
  7. Portable beach umbrella. Beach umbrellas are super popular for nudists. They keep you out of the hottest rays of the day
  8. Sarong. If for some reason you need to cover up quickly, a sarong will do the trick
  9. Insulated water bottle. You can bring cold drinks like iced tea to the beach with an insulated water bottle

Haulover Beach

Haulover nude beach in Florida
Haulover-Beach-high-rise-buildings” by Elmschrat is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Haulover Beach is a favorite among nudists and non-nudists alike. The beach is a mile long and averages 60 feet in width, making it one of the largest nude beaches in Florida.

Located in Miami, this beach has plenty of parking spaces close to the shore, full facilities, and an area for camping.

Lifeguards are also on duty during the summer (typically between Memorial Day and Labor Day). The sand is a natural tan color, and visitors can enjoy swimming and beach activities such as volleyball and beach volleyball.

Almost four-tenths of the beach in the north is designated as a nudist zone where bathing without clothes is permitted. The beach offers a dog park, so bring Fido and stroll on the Biscayne Bay pedestrian tunnel.

You may rent whatever you need on the beach, including wheelchair access. One may rent chaise lounges and have a cocktail while gazing at the hundreds of naked people running down the coast.

This beach hosts some of the most entertaining beach volleyball competitions and naked drum circles worldwide. Explore the nearby tennis center, golf course, and kite flying area, or go boating and picnic on this family-friendly nudist beach.

Learn more about Haulover Beach.

Check out the map below to find a place to stay near Haulover Beach in Florida:

Blind Creek Beach

Visit Blind Creek Beach on Hutchinson Island, Florida, to experience a natural, rural nude beach away from the crowds and noise of the city for a weekend.

This 36-acre beach is a little piece of heaven, but it’s hard to get to because it’s located eight miles from the Jensen Beach Causeway, which connects Fort Pierce and Jensen Beach.

Soak in the peace of this legal naturist beach as you take in the sights of its stunningly beautiful dunes, crystal-clear seas, lush greenery, clean sand, and craggy coastline.

If you’re a nudist just starting, you should check out this topless beach in Florida, as it tends to be less crowded than other Florida beaches.

Sea creatures, including hermit crabs, loggerheads, and green turtles, are all possible sightings on this beautiful beach.

No modern conveniences, such as public bathrooms or beachside eateries, can be found at this pristine retreat.

Learn more about Blind Creek Beach.

Use the map below to find places to stay near Blind Creek Beach:

Playalinda Beach

The National Parks Service manages two of Florida’s premier nude beaches, Playlinda Beach in the south and Apollo Beach in the north, near Canaveral National Seashore.

Playlinda Beach is 24 miles long and resembles ancient Florida, with sea oats, beach sunflowers and berries on the dunes.

Enjoy the blue ocean and rich sand on this beachfront beach. Check before leaving swimwear on an unauthorized nudist beach. On this Florida nude beach, nudists assemble from Parking lot 13.

For animal viewing, follow the signs from Titusville to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Rocket launches at the Kennedy Space Center attract visitors to this beach. To enjoy the beach, avoid the space center.

Tired of sunbathing? Start the 13-mile Klondike beach route trek from Titusville near parking lot 13 to New Smyrna Beach in your robe.

Hikes require day permits! Visit Eddy Creek lagoon in Playalinda Beach’s wilderness. Kayak and watch manatees in shallow waters from the viewing platform.

Learn more about Playalinda Beach.

Check out the map to find places to stay near PlayaLinda Beach:

Apollo Beach

Canaveral National Seashore, photo courtesy National Parks Service

Apollo Beach is a popular clothing-optional beach in Florida, and it can be found on the Atlantic coast, south of New Smyrna Beach and within the Canaveral National Seashore.

One of the few topless beaches in Florida, this 5-mile length of white sand is naturally ornamented with lush flora, a paver base with crushed coquina, and stunning clear blue seas, making it a sanctuary for nudists.

Near Parking Lot 5, there are nudist areas. One of the nicest naked beaches in Florida may be reached by following the signs to the north of the beach and crossing a ramp from the parking lot.

If you’re looking for a great nudist beach in Florida, go no further than Apollo. Here, you may surf, sunbathe, or stroll down the shore while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Take the natural route from Parking Lot 3 to observe nesting turtles along the beaches during the summer months. It’s not uncommon to spot pelicans and tortoises on this beach.

Also, the boat ramp is another must-see when visiting Apollo Beach. From November to April, manatees may be seen migrating through Mosquito Lagoon. Please dress appropriately before visiting the lagoon.

There are public restrooms and drinking fountains on the beach, but no food vendors. Five designated parking areas are available in the Park. There is a parking and entry cost for everyone over 16.

During the busiest months of the year (November through April), the parking lot fills up more quickly.

Learn more about Apollo Beach.

Check out the interactive map to plan your trip to Florida! All the beaches are marked with the star 🙂

Other nude beaches to check out:

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  1. Has it occurred to you that you are inciting people to commit an illegal act (nude use of an area not designated for that purpose)? You might want to rethink this blog post.

    Here’s another reason this post should be reconsidered. I’m a native Floridian and a member of three groups working hard to establish legit, legal CO beaches in this state. When people read this, act on it, and cause a public disturbance or get arrested, it destroys months, if not years, of our hard-won progress. The public’s perception of ethical naturism is harmed as well.

    Please take this blog post down or at least revise it to include only the recognized clothing-optional beaches: Haulover, Blind Creek, Apollo, Playalinda, and Cypress Cove.

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