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Want to Try a Nude Hot Springs? Our Top Tips and Hot Spots

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Soaking in a nude hot springs is one of our very favorite things to do. These clothing-optional facilities are relaxing and free from idle chit-chat. We’ve found that nude hot springs are one of the best places to start the nude lifestyle with your significant other.

They can be less overwhelming than nude resorts where everyone wants to talk to you and be your friend.

Nude hot springs value serenity, connection with yourself and nature, and the healing benefits of the water.

We’ve been going to nude hot springs for years and have some tips as well as suggestions on our favorite spots.

Our Favorite Travel Tips:

Benefits of Soaking in a Nude Hot Springs

I started my journey into nudism by visiting hot springs in California, most notably, Harbin hot springs. I loved the peaceful serenity of this resort nestled in the scrub oak north of San Francisco.

There were pools of various temperatures, a restaurant, camping and lodging, and unpretentious guests. People of all shapes and sizes wandered around nude, and I felt comfortable in my own skin.

When you soak without the constraint of clothing, you allow your skin to benefit from the mineral-rich waters. Plus, soaking in the buff is more hygienic than swimwear, which can trap detergents, lotions, oils, and bacteria.

Here are some of the benefits to clothing optional hot springs:

Physical Relaxation:

  • Your muscles relax in the warm water.
  • The buoyancy alleviates joint stress.
  • Improved blood circulation helps in muscle recovery.
  • Hot and cold plunges are great for your vascular system, and feel incredibly refreshing

Skin Health:

  • Direct contact with mineral water can nourish skin.
  • Potential for reduced skin inflammation.
  • Soaking in sulfur-rich waters may help with certain skin conditions.

Mental Well-being:

  • Spa-like environment promotes stress relief.
  • The practice can support a positive body image.
  • Engaging with nature can increase feelings of well-being.

Social Experience:

  • Opportunities for socializing in a non-judgmental space.
  • Community atmosphere with other like-minded individuals.
  • You don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to! Many nude hot springs have “silent” pools, where you can soak in peace

Etiquette for Nude Hot Springs

When visiting nude hot springs, your awareness and adherence to etiquette are crucial for ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone involved.


  • Always bring and use a towel to sit on for hygiene and as a matter of respect.
  • Avoid staring at others or making them feel uncomfortable; always respect people’s privacy and personal space.
  • Do NOT take out your camera and take pictures. You might be kicked out of the resort!
  • Most nude hot springs we’ve been to do not allow phones near the pools where people are naked
  • Don’t talk to people unless you are in a “talking pool”, and you’re invited to speak to someone. Many people go to hot springs resorts for serenity and alone time

Hygiene Practices:

  • Before entering the water, make sure to shower. Most nude hot springs offer showers right next to the soaking tubs
  • After soaking, rinse off again to remove any minerals or bacteria from your skin.
  • Don’t use a natural hot springs as your own personal bathtub. We saw one man standing in the hot springs soapy and shaving his head. Disgusting!
  • Don’t wear lotions or perfumes. Make sure you rinse these off in the shower beforehand!

Pets and Kids:

  • Please don’t let your dogs run wild if you’re at a natural, hike-in hot springs. Keep them on leash and close to you
  • Children are allowed at most clothing-optional hot springs. Make sure your children are well-behaved and not too loud, as many people go to hot springs to relax

Types of Nude Hot Springs

clothing optional hot springs off Highway 395 in California
clothing optional hot springs off Highway 395 in California

Not all clothing optional hot springs are created equal. There are rustic natural hot springs that require a hike, or there are hot springs resorts with well-maintained pools.

Natural hot springs are a wonderful experience, but they often strike us as dirtier than maintained pools. If you choose to hike into a hot springs, make sure there’s plenty of water flow through the springs and that the water isn’t stagnant. Just imagine all the other sweaty hikers that didn’t shower before entering the springs. Stagnant water can also breed bacteria, so be aware. One main benefit of natural hot springs is that they are free!

Resort hot springs are the ones we prefer because we know the water is being cleaned and tested regularly. Plus, these hot springs encourage showering before entering the pools, and its a social expectation to do so. We love that Harbin hot springs puts hot showers right next to the pools to make it easy. Clothing optional hot springs resorts can be expensive, though. Harbin is $50 per person for 24-hours, while Breitenbush is over $100 per person, and includes three meals.

So, You Want to Try a Nude Hot Springs? Check Out These Popular Destinations

In your search for relaxation and a unique experience, consider visiting some renowned nude hot springs across the United States. These destinations offer you the chance to soak in natural, mineral-rich waters, free from the constraints of clothing.

Nude Hot Springs to Visit in the United States

Certainly! Including Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon and Orient Land Trust in Colorado, here’s an updated list of popular clothing-optional hot springs in the United States:

  1. Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon: A remote retreat and conference center located in the Cascade Mountains. Breitenbush is known for its serene environment and naturally occurring hot springs, offering a clothing-optional experience in a holistic and sustainable setting. We’ve been to this hot springs resort many times, and love its circle tubs and meadow pools. Plus, three vegetarian meals are included per day!
  2. Orient Land Trust (Valley View Hot Springs) in Colorado: This unique location is more than just hot springs; it’s a nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary. Valley View Hot Springs at Orient Land Trust offers a variety of natural soaking options, and clothing is optional throughout the preserve. Read more about nude destinations in Colorado here.
  3. Esalen Institute Hot Springs in Big Sur, California: Offers a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean from its cliffside hot springs. It’s part of a holistic retreat center with limited public access for night bathing. We haven’t tried this because as a member of the general public, you can only go in the hot springs at 1am with a reservation!
  4. Deep Creek Hot Springs in Southern California: Nestled in the San Bernardino National Forest, offering a natural, secluded environment for those willing to hike to its location.
  5. Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon: Situated over the North Umpqua River, these hot springs consist of a series of small pools in a beautiful forest setting.
  6. Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, New Mexico: A Japanese-style spa with private outdoor hot tubs where clothing is optional, though it’s not entirely clothing-optional.
  7. Harbin Hot Springs in Northern California: A non-profit retreat renowned for its hot, warm, and cold spring pools amidst a natural setting.
  8. Orr Hot Springs Resort near Ukiah, California: Known for its secluded and serene atmosphere, offering a variety of thermal pools. We’ve been to this resort many times and love that its nestled in the redwoods. You can either camp or stay in one of the rooms. There’s a communal kitchen on site for cooking.
  9. Sierra Hot Springs in California: Nestled at the edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sierra Hot Springs is a tranquil oasis that invites visitors to immerse themselves in its soothing thermal waters. This clothing-optional retreat, located near Sierraville, California, is famed for its serene, forested surroundings and offers a variety of pools with differing temperatures to cater to every preference. One of our top favorites!
  10. Saline Valley Hot Springs in California: Tucked away in the remote and rugged Saline Valley, part of Death Valley National Park, the Saline Valley Hot Springs are a hidden oasis in the midst of a vast desert landscape. This secluded spot is known for its stunning natural beauty and serene environment. The hot springs feature several pools with varying temperatures, allowing visitors to find their ideal level of warmth and comfort. The journey to Saline Valley Hot Springs is an adventure in itself, requiring a drive through challenging backcountry roads, making it a destination for the more intrepid traveler.

Each of these hot springs offers a unique experience, blending the therapeutic benefits of mineral-rich waters with the freedom and natural connection of a clothing-optional setting.

Tips for First-Timers

Visiting a nude hot spring can be a liberating experience, but knowing what to bring and managing your expectations are essential for a comfortable visit.

What to Bring

  • Towel: A towel is necessary for sitting on and drying off. You can also use it for coverage when out of the water if you’re more comfortable.
  • Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is crucial, so bring a water bottle. Hot springs can lead to sweat and dehydration.
  • Flip-flops or Water Shoes: Protect your feet from hot surfaces and rough terrain around the spring.
  • Kindle: For hanging out and reading near the hot springs

We Hope You Enjoy Nude Hot Springs!

We really hope you like nude hot springs as much as we do. It’s our all time favorite thing to do!

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